Sunday, October 28, 2007

SCAF against HR 4437

SCAF against HR 4437

There is a repressive atmosphere in united states today. The government has unleashed a full attack on the people.

From South Dakota banning abortion, to police getting off for murdering innocent children, to people's home being taken away because of gentrification, to the new racist and fascist HR 4437.

These new attack on immigrants is part of the whole agenda of the people in power and the capitalist system. It is to drive working class people of color who were forced from their homelands in Mexico, Central America, and South America in particular, deeper into the shadows. These workers make up the back-breaking sector in the working class – working the jobs nobody will take up under the worst conditions for the worst pay. This economy lives off the labor of immigrants who pick the food, make the clothes, clean the houses, and basically run society. This new law will create an atmosphere where if they do find a job, it would guarantee them super exploitation, and anybody who assists, fights, and stand in solidarity with them will be criminalized.

Today thousands of High School students walked out of their schools in some of the communities that would be most affected by this bill, in East Los Angeles, and South East Los Angeles. People are stepping up and taking bold actions against the direction that this society is taking – and demanding something else.

We have to build a movement where the most oppressed are leading and in the forefront of their struggles – and where we're relying on ourselves. We have to build a movement where our tactics are not just to react to this unjust system, but to replace it and build something much more better in its place.

As anarchists we believe that no human being is illegal, and want to live in a society where one country does not dominate, exploits, and conolizes people. Where borders were a thing of the past – and still people's cultures and particular histories are upheld.

The Southern California Anarchist Federation will be at tomorrow's march against HR 4437.

Our contingent will be made up by our communities, and we will be marching with the Port Trucker Association and the Youth Justice Coalition (two organizations we work with)

We will meet on Olympic and Hope at 10am.

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