Thursday, February 7, 2008

Los Angeles is the Heart of the Revolution

Los Angeles is the Heart of the Revolution
-Joaquin Cienfuegos

The city of lost angels and fallen stars
Stray bullets, highways and stolen cars

The ruthless police but the people are strong
Our fires and uprisings give our people hope and keep them warm.

The fire gets so hot it melts the plastic off of Hollywood
At times it might be tough, but if it came down to it we learn how to survive in the hood.

We are rebels.
From Watts, South Central, Compton, Pico Union, Inglewwod, East Los, Hollywood, Long Beach, Skid Row, and everywhere in between
The streets aren't paved with gold, and the problem for us is the Amerikkkan Dream.

The Reality is:

You know the story, it hasn't changed
Only when we realize what time it is
We work on our aim and pump the 12 gage

We practice the art of warfare because it is being waged in our communities.

We know when to strategically retreat
LA is home to revolutionaries that never known defeat!

City of color, with struggle in our eyes and vision of freedom.
Turning our neo-colonies into liberated autonomous territories.

It's not the corporate media or the university,
But it's the streets that gives us the real story

We are peoples living, fighting, and surviving.
Running, loving, and dying.
Hiding, hustling and writing

We make history
And we change it with our fists
Politicians, pigs, sell-outs, gentrifiers, land-lords, developers, settlers, capitalists, poverty-pimps
We're creating our shit list

It will always be a land struggle
So, Black and Brown and all colonized people unite against the common enemy:
The State
This will always be Mexico and Indigenous land so tell the colonizer this isn't a debate

It's a revolution!

Perfect, like a clear sky in Los Angeles that lasts for a couple of hours after the rain.
Like an open shot, a molotov, a machete, a poem, a piece on an abandoned building
Destroying our mental and physical chains

The enemy knows the potential so they divide the Black and Brown
and Distract us with Hollywood Scandals
The Amerikkkan empire is the Belly of the Beast
But to the Left and to the Bottom is Los Angeles

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