Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poems and Rants

Here are some of my poems. I will continue to add more in the future to this entry. For the feds, snitches and haters, (I know you read my blog too :) , don't bite my stuff!


Time is Fading

We're all made to think of time in the absolute
Not as it relates to me
And not as it relates to you
As it relates to all of us.

In the sense that soon, time will not exist
We only have a certain amount of time in our lives
So in the amount of time in my life I try not to waste it
But only kill it.

I sit, bored, as time makes me
I can't get enough hours in a day to construct the dreams
That my time has given me, in my existence and in my experience

Better yet, I reflect,
That brings me to the present,
Which will take me to the future
I try hard not to fall into the cliche and reassure myself, "That only time will tell."

I rather say
I am my own and choose my destiny
Why wait in my passive killing of time,
When time kills me in my passiveness

I'd rather write the future on the walls and on the chalkboards of abandoned schools
Missing the children who are learning history first hand
As they make it themselves,
And they fight off the authorities who would rather see these youth doing time

I walk my path, trying not to fall off
I didn't realize that time is not linear
In a sudden twist, I saw the darkness approaching rapidly
I've learned not to give in, from the greatest fighters

We won't let it go down like that,
Because if they had it their way, time would fade out!


Us and You

We descend onto you,
Like the future onto history and the present

There will be only us left,
and our dreams will be

The future is uncertain,
Yet we write it ourselves

Written in our blood, sweat, and tears

We are like locust in the Garden of Eden
Destroying traditional morality

So we can live in logic and conscience


How about it, Have a Molotov Cocktail

The smell,
So turbulent
So inspiring
So sweet, the smell

It hits you, hard, fast and smooth
Sounding like a rebellion
In your head and in your hood
Excites all the senses

You'll never experience anything else quite like it

So how about it?
Have a molotov cocktail

Incite your senses
Indulge yourself with class consciousness

Revolt! Now

40 ounces of Freedom


Death to Amerikkka!

We are the makers of history motherfucker,
This is how the story goes

Everybody knows
Yet not everybody knows where their oppression is coming from

We all know things are wrong
So we need to start shooting bullets from our 44's, AK 47's and even our own tongues
Put theory to practice as written by Mao Tse-Tung

We have to train physically, militarily, and politically
Organize the hood, which are the neo-colonies

We learn as we walk, organize where we're at
From the cell bloc to the street block
Otherwise this machine will never stop

We analyze history, we plan, we strategize!
We fight back! We build liberated zones.

We make ties: Brown, Red, Yellow, Black
We send the honkies home!

No more lies,
telling them to become white allies

From feudalism, to imperialism to communism
We're in a sprial in history

We want to be free!

Our children don't need to suffer,
No more death, no more living in misery

The self-organization of our people's will struck the biggest blow
Learn from the people and serve the people
And if you gotta, then throw stones

If they tripping, then send the motherfucking honkies home!

So it's more than taking a stand
The motherfucking question is about land

Check the contradictions,
It's like someone getting defensive for calling out a white man
Then calling me a reverse-racist
Lets face it,
Who got the institutional power
Lets take it to the streets, no need to struggle from the ivory tower

We're stronger than their institutions and their military
Defend yo' self, so it's a tech-9 and knowledge that I carry

We master self-defense, and they intend to control us through their tricks and their psychology

If I believed in evil, I would have to call it Amerikkka,
If I believed in evil, I would have to call it Amerikkka,
If I believed in evil I would have to say it's the power structure and history of Amerikkka

Take back your community
It's about autonomy and self-determination
All oppressed people liberation
Direct Action as a tactic, taking over their radio and tv stations

Yeah I said it, Revolution!
They might call me a terrorist because they're scared of us
But fuck them, send them our regards from C-Dub Guerrillaz and RAC
I'm talking about self-defense
Buck! Buck!
So if you gotta then throw stones
And bring the motherfucking war home!

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