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The RAC Food Program and You

The RAC Food Program and You

Comrades, Companoera/os,

The crisis, which drove many of our people from their homes to seek work so as to feed their families, has arrived here. Work is much harder to find, wages are not raised, workers are fired and more work is heaped upon those left who still have jobs.

In addition to the economic strain, migrants, and even those that resemble migrants, along with blacks and other people of color will be unfairly targeted and blamed. “They are taking our jobs,” it will be charged. “We are paying for Their children in our schools, hospitals, parks and jails.” This ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’ as if we are in some way different, in some way less, when it was our work, and the work of our brother and sister fellow workers, regardless of race or nationality or language, who labored and built all that we see. When it is our work and the work of our fellow workers which would and could labor and build a new world with new schools, new hospitals, new parks but no jails. A new world for all to see.

When there is little or no work we must turn to ourselves. This is the mission that our group, Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC) has undertaken since November of 2007 and continues every Sunday at 1:30 PM at the south-east corner of Wilshire and Parkview, in MacArthur Park with some 15 –20 members of our community helping to sort and package and distribute food, to over 150 people, that RAC members have solicited.

How can you help?

1$ buys a pound of beans at the grocery store. 1$ buys more than 2 lbs when we put our money together and purchase beans in 50 lb sacks. Same with rice. The purchase of corn in bulk will bring the same savings. Donate to the Food Program what you can and watch your dollar double.

Plastic Bags have to be purchased and this takes donated money away from the purchase of food. Save and bring your plastic bags on Sunday.

Help unload the trucks.

Help bag the beans and rice.

Notify us if you have fruit trees that can be harvested.

To donate to the RAC Food Program:

Pay Pal


Radio RAC LA
Tuesdays 9PM-12AM

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities' Food Program
Revolutionary Autonomous Communities' Food Program

The Revolutionary Autonomous Communities has created a food program where we are empowering ourselves and others to become self-sustainable.

The Food Program is a mutual-aid project where people are organizing and distributing food in their own neighborhoods. This is not charity, we do not believe that change will happen this way. This is self-empowerment, where working class neo-colonies are feeding themselves, and organizing to feed themselves.

We feel that this system is killing our people by what the corporations feed us or don't feed us. At the same time there is an abundance of healthy food that goes to waste. They would rather let food go to waste than allow the prices of food in the market to drop. Then they disconnect people (all indigenous and colonized people) from the land, which a free and independent people need to survive. They centralize power and resources in the hands of the few, this is how they keep oppressed people dependent on a white-supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist-imperialist system.

RAC's Food Program is a way that we can work with supporters and other organizations to feed healthy food to our communities. We want people to connect with each other, to pick up and distribute the food amongst themselves. We will support, help connect people and to supply whatever resources we can. Through this process our goal is to connect our communities and to take them back. Our overall goal is to regain our necessary connection to the land. We need land to survive, and the land belongs to us, not the colonizer. We want to relearn how to truly be self-sustainable.

Support our Food Program.

Help Pick Up Food.

Help Distribute Food in Your Neighborhood.

Donate to our Community Mutual-Aid Program.

Get Organized!

Take Back Our Communities and Take Back the Land!

All Power THROUGH the People!

-Revolutionary Autonomous Communities

You can join us every Sunday at 1:30 PM. Meet at the SE Corner of Wilshire and Parkview in MacArthur Park.

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