Monday, April 27, 2009

Celebrate May Day. Potluck at MacArthur Park


Hang out at MacArthur Park to honor and acknowledge the way our communities have been historically silenced, while celebrating the struggle and resistance of various communities in places like MacArthur Park and all over the world.
This May Day, celebrate that you are a worker by hanging out with friends, having some food at the park, and relaxing.
Friday. May 1st 2009.6pm and on @ MacArthur Park. (corner of Wilshire/Park View)
Bring whatever you want/can to share with others.
We will have some food, and you can enjoy the different events that will be happening at the park that day. [Film, Skit, and Food Distribution by RAC, May Day 07 Story sharing/collecting by local community artists/activists, Music, and more.]

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