Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pico Union Resisters turned over to ICE custody. CALL FOR SOLIDARITY!

Just got word from a lawyer supporting people being held for the rebellion, that 2 people have been turned over to ICE custody.

There's another brother who has ICE hold on him for a felony charge for allegedly shooting at police with a sling shot, "assault with a deadly weapon."

There are two more people facing assault on police officer charges.

There are people facing serious charges and possible deportation for resisting police terrorism and defending their community.

We're calling for people to stand with the Pico Union community and support any way you can.  We are calling for court support, and support for the families of those arrested.

We are also building a defense/bail bonds fund.  Those with ICE holds can't be bailed out until bond is requested when they're in ICE custody, if granted by them.

The families of those arrested should contact us to see how we can support them.

People can contact COP WATCH LA at 1-877-4-LA-1992

To donate $ to the bail fund go to and click on the "donate" button on top left to go to our pay pal account


-- Sent from the Revolution

From: Michael Novick
Date: Sep 9, 2010 12:19 PM
Subject: 2 charged with setting fire in street protest of Westlake killing
To: Joaquin Cienfuegos

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