Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Piece Cooperative

Piece Cooperative mission statement

The Piece Cooperative is a collectively owned project: we are worker owned and worker run.

We want to provide an example and model of how we can build and organize ourselves without having a dependency to capitalism, corporations, and all institutions of colonialism and white supremacy.

We want to create the process to build self-sufficiency while we fight for liberation. We do this through raising funds and creating opportunities for our communities while connecting people to resources and movements working to build a better world beyond capitalism.

We want to assist in building a base for a popular movement through education, grassroots media and movement building and disseminating revolutionary ideas, principles and vision.

We are part of different organizations and communities but through the cooperative we hope to strengthen those networks and continue to connect with others in solidarity and around a unity that is principled and real.


-raise funds
-build self-sufficiency
-connect people to resources
-share skill and information
-disseminate information and revolutionary ideas
-help create a culture of resistance and rebellion

www.piececooperative.org (a work in progress)

Merchandise: Dvd's, Cd's, Books, Oils, naural /organic medicine , Shirts, pamphlets Services: Shirt orders, silk screening, VHS/DVD-DVD/VHS Converter, Multiple DVD burner, website designer, mass copies, MMA training, Mutual Aid, sharing resources, barter, book distribution, access to computers for a donation, networking, nutrition/health info.

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