Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The state Lynching of another innocent Black man

The state Lynching of another innocent Black man

No rest til we bring some justice, death to this system and those who oversee it

We shouldn't be mourning for Troy Davis, we should be burning!

"Things have happen to me in my 29 years that I could NEVER imagine would happen to me. So when I say "I am Troy Davis" it's much more than being symbolic or empathetic. This is reality. A reality for black males in particular. It's easier for me to step outside of my door and guaranteed myself the death penalty or life in prison then it is to guaranteed myself a seat in a four year collage. How can we not feel powerless knowing that our reality does not have to be like this?"

"I just need to say this now: Dear white people saying, "we are all troy davis," no, no you are not. You have racial privilege. Just like I do. Troy Davis was black, and he got slaughtered because he was black. He was black in a white supremacist state that targets black people. You will never be Troy Davis. You will never be black. Nor brown, nor red, nor yellow. I love that you care. But, no. You ain't all troy davis. But you can make Troy Davis's spirit live forever if you tear that system down. Fuck the USA. Imperial Beast."

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