Friday, November 11, 2011

Cop Watch LA Presents: Mano Vuelta Film Screening and Presentation by Simon Sedillo


Cop Watch Los Angeles Presents:

Wednesday, November 16 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

at the Southern California Library: the People's Library

6120 S. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90044

+ Mano Vuelta Film Screening

“Contra el Silencio”
(26 Minutes) 2011 Playa Vicente, Veracruz, Mexico

The 10 year old son of community organizers and musicians in Playa Vicente, Veracruz, Elias Barradas , walks us through the 8th annual “Festival del Tesechoacan” as the fictional character “Sub – Lieutenant Coco”. While Barradas remains in character as Sub-Lieutenant Coco throughout the film, he takes us through different spaces and activities for organizing this tremendous traditional music festival. Elias reminds us in the film that culture, music, and media in the hands of communities are important elements of the resistance against the loss of identity and community roots.

"Oaxaca en Resistencia"

(30 minutes) 2011 Los Angeles Pueblo Nuevo, Oaxaca, Mexico
Since the 2006 Oaxacan Peoples’ Popular Assembly (APPO) uprising, the face and body of Oaxaca’s popular social movement has changed into many different projects, collectives, community organizations, strategies and struggles. Manovuelta’s films look at the movement from a different perspective and have been instrumental in identifying different personalities within the social movement who do not necessarily fit into the boxes assigned by foreign activists, journalists, academics, and intellectuals; from an entire family who participated as musicians at the barricades in the film “La Familia Raíces”, to a hip hop heroine and several young men who gain life-changing political formation defending their city in “Xip Xop Oaxaca”, and to the different projects from the traditional Son Jarocho music movement in Veracruz, Mexico. “Oaxaca en Resistencia” brings several Oaxacan and Veracruzan artists together with Xip Xop artists, barricaders from the neighborhood the film is set in, and chicanos and chicanas from all over the US to take one more collective look at the face of Oaxaca’s resistance.

with: Simon Sedillo

Simón Sedillo is a community rights defense organizer and film maker. He has spent the last 8 years documenting, producing and teaching community based video documentation in Mexico and the US. Through lectures, workshops, and short films, Sedillo breaks down the effects of neoliberalism, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and militarism on indigenous communities, immigrant communities, and communities of color in the US and Mexico.

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