Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Gnawing Hunger For Justice

By Vagabond
Oscar Lopez Rivera POW by vagabond ©
Oscar Lopez Rivera POW by vagabond ©
Oscar Lopez River is a US held Puerto Rican Political Prisoner and Prisoner Of War. He has been in prison since 1981 serving a 70 year sentence for seditious conspiracy to overthrow the United States government. Over twelve of those years have been spent in a solitary confinement in a cell specifically designed for sensory depravation. Oscar was a member of the FALN – Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacíon Nacional – Armed Forces Of National Liberation a clandestine armed organization that fought to free the island nation of Puerto Rico from US colonial rule. The FALN took the position that the US has no jurisdictional rights or power over Puerto Rico and under UN Declaration 1514 a colonized people have to right to use whatever means they choose to extricate themselves from colonization, including the use of armed force.
Despite the nature of his conditions Oscar has remained steadfast to his ideals and has remained both politically and artistically active behind the walls. So it’s no surprise to many of us who know about Oscar that he has been keeping up with the Occupy Wall Street movement. It’s no surprise that he sent this message just yesterday about his decision to begin a hunger strike in support of the occupy movement… It’s no surprise that all these years in prison have not broken him, it’s no surprise that he remains defiant “from the urns of hell”…
“I’ll be fasting on the 10th of December – International Human Rights Day.  i’ll start it the evening of the 9th.  i’m inviting every person who loves freedom and justice and believes that a better and more just world is possible to join me. The person can fast for as long as s/he can.  The fast is in solidarity with the OWS movement and the celebration of international  human rights day.  If we are indignados, who believe in the power of righteous indignation,  we should be supportive of the OWS movement.  This movement has been able to galvanize the people’s righteous indignation and has successfully activated and mobilized a mass force that has shaken the foundation (Wall St. and Washington) of the one per cent that controls the wealth and the political power at the expense of the 99 percent that doesn’t have any wealth or any control of the political power.  The one percent is already using its muscle to try to repress the OWS movement and to disorganize it.  Our solidarity is crucial.  If you aren’t an indignado or occupier there is no good reason why you shouldn’t share your solidarity with the OWS.  If you want a better and more just world then you have to dare to struggle to make sure it becomes a reality.  At this particular juncture OWS represents the possibility of a movement for a better and more just world in the usa.  Show your solidarity and use the power of your righteous indignation to struggle for a better and more just world.  Join the fast or be an indignado/occupier.  En resistencia y lucha, OLR.”
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Comité Pro-Derechos Humanos
Oscar is not the only one who is making the connections between capitalism and colonialism… i’m working on a new film called PAWNSHOP DREAM that was inspired by another now former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner And Prisoner of War Dylcia Pagan. PAWNSHOP DREAM is an exploration of where capitalism and colonialism interest. Right now we have begun a campaign to try and raise funds to make the film… For more information on the campaign check out PAWNSHOP DREAM

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