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East L.A. Undersiege: Justice for Salvador Zepeda

Tuesday, ELALopezMaravilla



18 year old salvador zepeda, was gunned down and tortured

4 houses away from his home

To the east not even 3 blocks away the CHP Station to the north less then 4 blocks

Central Station of the Great Empire Sheriffs Dept.

A small community stands alone surrounded by freeways and main streets eastern

And floral. As you drive by and blink you would miss it

Predominately Chicano Latino families.

The chilling story of a young man in his early

Thriving years of life are gone. Loved by many, known as a young man that was seen as a happy Go lucky kid, had no priors of violence.

I stop and wonder why was he killed so brutally

What could he have done? As the palabra went out into the streets and the community.

..."The neighborhood is hot, worse then a fire cracker". Don't go there!

The stories got worse as I attempted to find out who is this young man who are his

Parents and worse of all I felt in my gut a great injustice being committed. I wasted no

Time and began’ to call my sources many eager to find out and assist.

Nearly 2 weeks went by

I finally received some good leads and decided to go in myself..............

It was true and much more.

I saw the flowers and the love of a community standing in mourning for this young man. As I parked those standing near moved quickly and began walking away,

I called out and they kept moving fast,

I knew this was not a natural way to perceive someone asking them to come. So I followed them and said I want to help you, I am not your enemy here is my card I need to speak to the family.

Immediately after they opened up I was asked to come in.

I Felt the spirit of the young man and others about, but a peace that I had finally found

The place I had been looking for.

A beautiful family the room filled with young women and children, sad

And in question, their eyes red filled with tears mourning for their lost.

The mother I could see was strong and in pain full of questions and desperate

For answers. Others were not certain if I was a spy

Or if in fact I could assist. The stories that came to my ears were confirmed,

And horrifying

This community is under siege

And not by another gang. Nor is this place in another country of war this is here in the USA Califas. EAST LOS ANGELES

A small community in an unincorporated place.

The face of the children in fear, the women concerned and nearly paralyzed, fumed with anger of Injustice.

One young lady stated, " They Come Every Day with their helicopters and sweep the streets beat on our young People, we are all traumatized".

The children once would say hello to the police are now in fear and you could see they

Are confused and do not trust them".

The East Los Angeles Sheriff Dept is holding this community hostage.

An unarmed young man had been harassed by one sheriff in particular,

Witness’s state that the young man was

Eventually gunned down, tortured and beat this young man Salvador Zepeda... eyewitness testify that 16 people were

Arrested as of today, on trumped up charges. Some cannot be located.......

This is an Urgent Call For Help" those of us that know of someone pls.

I need you to help us Help Them..... There have been continued sweeps,

Harassment, beatings and arrests to date.

Sheriffs continue to drive by and mock the death of the young man.

There is fear in the small streets

Of East Los Angeles. Not Iraq!!Our back yards.


Please contact me:

562 472-8394

Just phoned me minutes ago to run this tragedy of Salvador Zepeda down to me.
She explained to me what the people told her which seems to be a different story from what the paper states.
I am overwhelmed with anger and grief.
I would like to turn this anger into a positive energy and assist these people.
I am including those of you I think can be of assistance in one way or another.
We need to help these people organize.
We have the skills and combined we have the necessary tools and contacts.
1. Get list of murders by Los Angeles Sheriff department
2. Set up a meeting with all community members
a. Compile witness statements
b. Make list of demands
3. Get record of sheriffs who were involved in shooting
4. Contact ACLU
5. Contact Sher riff Baca and set up meeting
6. Contact Molina and set up meeting
7. Organize a town hall meeting

Gina DeBaca
-Mother For Justice-

1 killed, 1 hurt in shootings in L.A. County

On Sunday, deputies shoot, kill a man who pulled a handgun on them in East L.A. On Saturday, police shoot, wound a man during an altercation at a South L.A. liquor store.
By Yvonne Villarreal
December 1, 2008
Three unrelated shootings involving officers occurred in Los Angeles County over the weekend, leaving one man dead and another seriously injured, authorities said today.

A man, identified by the Los Angeles County coroner's office as 18-year-old Salvador Zepeda Alarcon,was killed today in the 800 block of Humphreys Avenue, near Folsom Street in East Los Angeles after L.A. County Sheriff's deputies responded to a report of shots fired, said Sheriff's Deputy Oscar Butao.

The officers were traveling west on Folsom Street when they saw the man running east. Deputies got out of their vehicle and ordered Alarcon to stop, Butao said, but he ignored their instructions, drew a handgun from his waistband and pointed it at the officers.

The deputies fired several rounds at the man's chest, Butao said. Alarcon was pronounced dead at the scene, Butao said.

In a separate incident Saturday night, LAPD gang officers in South Los Angeles pulled over two males outside a liquor store at 98th and Main streets. After the stop, the officers followed the men inside the store, where an altercation ensued, said Los Angeles Police Officer Norma Eisenman.

One of the officers fired his weapon, striking one of the men, who was taken to a nearby hospital and is in stable condition, Eisenman said. One of the men had a handgun. Both men were arrested.

The officers were not injured. Police did not release the name of the officer who fired his weapon.

In an unrelated incident Saturday night in San Pedro, two patrol officers saw two men walking near 3rd Street and Grand Avenue. One of the men appeared to be carrying a rifle partly concealed under a garment, LAPD Lt. Jim Cummings said. As officers approached, the men fled, and police pursued them.

The man suspected of carrying the weapon stopped, turned around and pointed it at the officers, Cummings said. Officers fired but did not hit the man, he said. The man dropped a rifle. He was arrested and is being charged with attempted murder of a police officer, Cummings said. The second man is still at large. Police did not identify either man.

The two officers were not injured in the incident. Further details were not immediately available, police said.

Villarreal is a Times staff writer.

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