Thursday, December 11, 2008

LA Anarchist Bookfair: Statement of Purpose and Speaker Schedule and Bios

The 1st Annual Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair
December 13, 2008 from 11am - 9pm
at the Southern California Library
6120 S. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90044

There will be translation from English to Spanish.

We thank you all for taking part in this collaborative effort to create an alternative space in which to socialize & strategize, especially in the face of recent repression. The Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair is the next step in our city's establishment of a radical presence in Southern California. Organized by mainly Anarchists of color, the bookfair collective structured this event with the intention to make visible our shared histories and cultures of resistance. Organizing the bookfair has meant going beyond our neighborhoods and networks in our outreach so as to develope a popular regional resistance movement that actively challenges the violent, oppressive, and destructive systems of the state and capitalism. We hope that by opening a space that is respectful of all anarchist tendencies, we will aid in the creation of a collective vision of an anarchist alternative to authoritarian party-politics and organizations. The Anarchist Bookfair is a beginning marker of resistance, not an end.

--Anarchist Bookfair Collective 2008

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(Main Room)
Welcome / Danza Cuauhtémoc

(Main Room)
Local Histories
“Southern California Library and South Central Los Ángeles" by SCL Staff
The Southern California Library is a people's library dedicated to documenting and preserving the histories of communities in struggle for justice and using our collections to address the challenges of the present so that all people have the ability, resources, and freedom to make their own histories.
http://www.socallib .org

“Urban Zapatismo” by Sirena Pellarolo
Sirena Pellarolo is an activist-scholar, published poet and playwright and educator born in Argentina. Sirena works with the Eastside Cafe, El Sereno, an autonomous space in Northeast Los Ángeles, inspired by the Zapatista example of autonomy, horizontality and self-determination. She is currently walking the politics of resistance and creation with autonomous movements of the Americas (Chiapas, Los Ángeles, Argentina) from an observing participant perspective.

“Los Ángeles Anarchisms” by Hector and others

(Reading Room)
Anarchism & Economics
“Anarchism & Marxist Economics” by John Imani
Bio: A long time organizer, in the 1960s John helped organize a student strike at LACC with the Black Student Union. He is also a playwrite and journalist. He's a community organizer, identifies as an anarcho-communist, anti-authoritarian marxist and is currently a member of the Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, collaborating with the free food program on Sundays in Los Angeles' Mcarthur Park.

“Economic Crisis: Working Class Responses” by Gui Ford & Modesto Anarcho
Bio: "Modesto Anarcho" is a journal produced by the Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians (DAAA) Collective, based out of Modesto, California in the Central Valley. http://www.geocitie /

Militarizing the Border
“Contesting the Militarization of the Mexico-U.S. border” By Jose Palafox & Budge.
jose@akpress. org
Bio: Born in Tijuana, raised in San Diego. Jose has been involved in many DIY-political punk bands, currently working on a new music project, Baader Brains. His political work, writing & documentary film has focused on issues of migration, specifically relating to the militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border and the social movements along the California and Arizona border region. Jose has taught Chican@/Latin@ Studies and Sociology at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, Stanford, Mills College and U of San Francisco. He has been published in Social Justice, Covert Action Quarterly, ColorLines, Z Magazine, Borderlines, Shades of Power, Left Turn, and Maximum RocknRoll. He currently works in publishing at AK Press in Oakland, California. http://www.revoluti onbythebook. jose-palafox/
Burridge@usc. edu
Bio: Budge is a Ph.D candidate from Australia, now at the University of Southern California in the Department of Geography. He is studying direct action grassroots social movements in the Mexico-U.S. borderlands surrounding undocumented migration, and has been involved with No More Deaths/No Más Muertes and the No Border Network, as well as anti-immigration raid organizing in Los Ángeles.

Sustainable Architecture and Super Adobe
By Cal-Earth Apprentices. Ulises Ramirez
Ulises helped organize and establish the North East LA chapter of Food not Bombs in 2006. He is a core site apprentice at the Cal-Earth Institute of Earth, Art and Architecture and one of the organizers of the Los Ángeles Anarchist Bookfair.
http://www.calearth .org

(Main Room)
Latin American Radical Movements
“Expresiones Ácratas: Bolivian and Chilean examples” by Sara Ramírez Galindo.
Bio: Born in Puebla, Mexico, raised in Compton, California. Sara’s been active/organizing for about 10 years with community organizations, cultural centers, student groups, and anarchist collectives- including Casa del Pueblo, Mujeres Libres (Los Ángeles), APOC, and currenty with Amanecer: For a Popular Anarchism. Academically, she contributes to the study of Latin American Autonomous & Anarchist Social Movements- focusing on womyn, youth & people of color; art, muralism & performance in politics; and affection-based politics.

“Anarchism in Brazil: Past & Present” by Pedro de Sa.
Bio: Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Have been involved with anarchist organizing, publications and groups in Brazil since 1997. in 2001 migrated to the U.S. Was involved with community college student organizing, the IWW and anarchist groups in the Bay, like APOC and Furious Five. Is currently a rank-and-filer member of the ILWU, working in a warehouse, and a member of Amanecer: For a Popular Anarchism.

“Mexico’s Ediciones Antorcha” by Vlad.

Sirena Pellarolo
Sirena Pellarolo is an activist-scholar, published poet and playwright and educator born in Argentina. Sirena works with the Eastside Cafe, El Sereno, an autonomous space in Northeast Los Ángeles, inspired by the Zapatista example of autonomy, horizontality and self-determination. She is currently walking the politics of resistance and creation with autonomous movements of the Americas (Chiapas, Los Ángeles, Argentina) from an observing participant perspective.

(Reading Room)
How to Create a Cop Watch Patrol Unit/ Film Screening: "Todavia Estamos Aqui, Nunca Nos Fuimos. We're Still Here, We Never Left"
By Cop Watch LA Guerrilla Chapter and the Revolutionary Autonomous Communities
Bio: Cop Watch Los Ángeles Guerrilla Chapter states, "We're made up of individuals from different hoods, looking to build a base in our own communities while we help create a mass movement to stop police terrorism against our peoples."
Bio: The Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, "We are a revolutionary federation of community councils and liberated spaces based in occupied communities made up of oppressed people of color. We are a horizontal organization building self-sustainability and creating the structure, strategy, and program for change through direct participatory forms of organizing and a decision-making process based on consensus."

Self- Defense
By Tim Santos

Experiences of the Asian Hardcore
By Moritsugu "Mo" Nishida
Bio: Mo is a “Social Chemist,” Activist & Community Leader. He was one of the many Japanese-Americans that were sent to the concentration camps during WW2. He has been an active organizer in the Asian community and with Lil’ Tokyo 4 Peace, Asians for Jericho and Mumia.

(Main Room)
Food Not Bombs – Los Ángeles / Animal Liberation Press

(Reading Room)
APOC caucus
[An Anarchist People Of Color- only space]

Creating Your Own Media / Open Source Software
By IndyMedia-Los Ángeles' John Kawakami / Josh Haglund & Nick
Bio: John Kawakami is a computer programmer and participant in IMC. He is presently learning composting and photography. He lives in South San Gabriel.
Josh has been involved with the Food not Bombs movement for over eight years, and continues to host Los Ángeles FNB at his residence in Silver Lake.
Nick is originally an LA Food-not-Bomber, but moved to Berkeley a year ago to attend Cal, where he is involved in Berkeley CopWatch.

Games/Dating Game

(Out Front)
Lunch—By Food not Bombs

(Main Room)
ABCs of Anarchism / Anarchist Tendencies Panel

“Autonomism” by Revolutionary Autonomous Communities

“Anarcha-Feminism” by Liz Lopez

Bio: Liz helped organize the 1st Los Ángeles Really Really Free Market this year. She is a long-time member of LA Food not Bombs and one of the organizers for the Anarchist bookfair.

“Anarcho-Syndicalism” by Richard Modiano from IWW


bio: I've been a rank and file member of the Industrial Workers of the World since 1974 when I joined the New York City General Membership Branch. I worked at a furniture factory in Barcelona Spain in 1977-78 and joined the Confederacion Nationalista de Trabajadores/ Federacion Anarquista Iberica (CNT/AIT) that was re-constituted after the end of the Franco dictatorship. Presently I work building maintainance and belong to the IWW General Membership Branch.

“Anarcho-Punk” by William Faith
www.myspace. com/animamundi
Bio: Will forms part of the Los Ángeles anarcho punk collective Anima Mundi, Latin for “World Spirit.” Anima Mundi uses music as a primary medium to educate, challenge, question, expose, support, connect and inspire. Any profits generated by their work are channeled back into the different organizations they support, ranging from animal rights, vegetarianism, women’s issues as well as Permaculture.

"Anarcho-Communism" by Adam Welch
Bio: Adam Welch is born and raised in San Jose in the Bay Area and has been involved in social movement organizing for over 10 years in community struggles, at his community college student and with worker struggles through the IWW as well as others. He is 27 and lives with his partner and soon to be daughter/son.

“Green Anarchism” by John Zerzan
Bio:As a US-based anarchist and leading primitivist philosopher, Zerzan's works criticize agricultural civilization as inherently oppressive, and advocate drawing upon the ways of life of prehistoric humans as an inspiration for what a free society should look like.

(Reading Room)
Creating Anarchist Think Tanks
By Vlad

Rethinking National Liberation-Punjab as Case Analysis
By Harjit Singh Gill
harjitgill@gmail. com
Bio: Harjit Singh Gill is a graduate student in the field of social work in Oakland, CA. His workshop will discuss a historically neglected struggle for national liberation amongst the people of Punjab. Anarchism has traditionally had a weakness in analysis related to national liberation, but Gill hopes that through a re-evaluation of this case example, we can refine our approach and join in solidarity with oppressed people everywhere.

Chess Tournament For Anarchists
By D’Angelo

(Main Room)
Queer and Trans Communities of Color
“Trans & Queer Youth of Color” by Q-Team
Bio: Qteam is a queer and trans youth of color collective of individuals with complex identities rooted in various traditionally marginalized and oppressed communities in Los Ángeles. Qteam's founding members include youth who identify as immigrants, refugees, poor and working class, womyn (born and self identified), differently abled, and spiritual. Qteam exists to challenge and resist the many interlocking systems of oppressions through multi-issue, grassroots organizing. Qteam is committed to building and sustaining safe physical and political spaces for the empowerment of young people by advancing and supporting their natural leadership abilities through education and the promotion of wellness, self-care, love, respect and self-determination.

Lylliam Posadas & Manush
Lyl just returened from Ghana Africa, where she studied cultural anthropology as an undergraduate student at UCLA. Before going to Africa, Lyl volunteered at LA Food not Bombs and was an internet radio host for Kill Radio.

(Reading Room)
Indigenous Resistance & Self Determination

"Indigenous Resistance and Self Determination: A discussion and planning session on current Indigenous struggles, cultural survival, sacred places & sacred burial sites"
By Angela Mooney, Michael Paul Hill & Klee Benally and other presenters*

* Please note: Out of respect for the fact that this workshop is being held on Tongva lands, there will be space during the workshop for Indigenous peoples from Tribal Nations with traditional lands in the Los Ángeles area to speak about the issues facing their communities
Bio: Angela Mooney-D'arcy (Acjachemen Nation) from the United Coalition to Protect Panhe, a grassroots coalition of Native American Acjachemen people.
Bio: Michael Paul Hill is from the Chiricahua Apache Alliance, working as an Anti US/MX Border Wall and Indigenous Sovereignty and Human Rights Advocate at the national and international level. Michael is currently addressing militarization of the border by working with the Lipan Apache Women's Defense to stop the LA (A) Bookfair Workshop Presenters - Google Docsconstruction of a wall on Indigenous Peoples lands and territories.
Bio: Klee Benally (Dine') from Indigenous Action Media, Save the Peaks Coalition and the Taala Hooghan Infoshop, an indigenous-establis hed volunteer-run collective dedicated to creatively confronting and overcoming social and environmental injustices in Flagstaff, Arizona and surrounding areas. Contact: indig enous actio n@ gmail .com

Puerto Rican Liberation Update
By Lawrence Reyes
Bio: Lawrence Reyes participates with the Puerto Rican Alliance, an international organization seeking the complete de-colonization of Puerto Rico, self-determination and the release of all Puerto Rican political prisoners and all political prisoners.

Non-Violent Anti-Authoritarian Parenting
Ariel graduated student of the Center for Non Violent Education and Parenting
CNVEP does not use the word nonviolent in reaction to violence, but as a word that honors the connection with a child that respects the core dignity of the child as a full and complete human being. Therefore, the right relationship to have with a child is one that is built on respect and kindness towards the core feelings and needs of the child.

(Main Room)
Anarcha-Feminism/ Women’s Health / Riot Grrl
"Anarcha-Feminism" by Brigid Flaherty & Liz Lopez
Bio: Brigid is a professional activist in that she is employed by the Pushback Network to work for social change. For over 6 years, Brigid has worked to empower and support women and girls, gay and lesbian youth, and people living with HIV/AIDS. Brigid helped organize the 1st Los Ángeles Really Really Free Market this year.
Bio: Liz helped organize the 1st Los Ángeles Really Really Free Market this year. She is a long-time member of LA Food not Bombs and one of the organizers for the Anarchist bookfair.

“Riot Grrl” by Shannon

“Panochas Poderosas: Sexual Empowerment and Precise Anatomic Self-Awareness Workshop"
By Pati Garcia. Website: www.myspace. com/djpandulce and e-mail pandulce@gmail. com
Bio: Pati Garcia is a first generation Peruvian-Mexican Chicana of the San Gabriel Valley. Bodyworker trained in Shiatsu, Cranio-Sacral, Pregnancy, Women's Sacred Anatomy, and birth Doula, Pati brings people to a deeper understanding of self, therefore evolutionizing individuals' awareness and well-being. She's also a women's consciousness raising workshop leader and women's sacred anatomy teacher including self-examination guidance. Her passion is to provide accurate information so a woman can make informed decisions about her body. She provides non-judgemental natural healing support pre and post pregnancy and/or abortion for any woman who needs it.

Dannie Drake

(Reading Room)
Security, Rights, Surveillance & Intelligence Gathering
“Rights at the Borders and FBI Surveillance & Intelligence Gathering “ by Shahid Buttar from Muslim Advocates
Bio: Shahid Buttar is a civil rights lawyer, hip-hop MC, independent columnist, grassroots community organizer, singer and poet. Professionally, he directs a program combating racial & religious profiling at a non-profit legal advocacy and educational organization representing the American Muslim community. He also leads a U.S.-based organization supporting the Pakistani lawyers movement.

Ron Gochez
Bio: Ron is a Social Justice Educator/Community Organizer with Union Del Barrio- Los Ángeles and Frente Contra las Redadas- South Central

Activist Attorneys

Art & Resistance: Stencils, Puppets, and Presentation
"Subverting dominant media through collage" By Amitis Motevalli
Bio: Amitis Motevalli was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to the US in 1977. Motevalli states, “Being an immigrant in the US shows in my work a duality of culture, both natural and learned. In all of my work, I create a dialogue that critiques dominant views of oppressed people and culture in general”. Her work in art education is with youth who share a similar duality in vision. Motevalli has been active in creating social change with her students on issues of civil rights within the class through pedagogy or working with students and community to organize around issues that effect their quality of life and access to education.

Mauricio and Sergio

(Main Room)
Black Panthers and Anarchism
By Ashanti Alston, Shareef Abdullah, Roland Freeman, Wayne Pharr & Black Riders Liberation Party
Bio: Ashanti Alston Omowall is an "the @narchist Panther" activist, speaker, and writer, and former member of the Black Panther Party.
Bio: Shareef Abdullah http://diyzine. com/radioshareef .html
Bio: Interview with Roland Freeman com/watch? v=gOeBS-QIi8E
Bio: Interview with Wayne Pharr com/watch? v=m6mivp29Taw
Bio: Interview with Black Rider Liberation Party com/watch? v=ESpofM5Fj4E&feature=related

(Reading Room)
Creating Healthy Relationships
By Christine

Reserved for last-minute needs

(Main Room)
Anarchist People Of Color in Practice
This discussion will start with short presentations from indigenous/people of color members of the organizing collective of the Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair. Members from Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, Amancer, LA Food Not Bombs, Apex Union and others, will give a short presentation on the work that they're doing.

Omar Ramirez on Xicanx Anarchism
Bio: Omar Ramírez was born in East Los Ángeles, California in 1974. He grew up learning to document the contemporary Chicanx experience through several mediums (print/photography/ paint/film) . As an undergraduate student at California State University Northridge (CSUN), Ramírez became active through Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlán (M.E.Ch.A) and founded the ¿Y QUÉ? newsletter in 2003. Ramírez completed his 2008 M.A. thesis in Chicana and Chicano Studies entitled “Black Flag, Red Heart: A Study of Chicana and Chicano Anarchy.”
Victoria Gutierrez works with AK Press, and is part of Accion Zapatista, Radio Zapatista, Black Hole Collective and SouthWest APOC, for her bio you can ask her.
Ashanti Alston Co-Chair of Jericho, part of New York APOC, and member of Critical Resistance
Klee Benally (Dine') from Indigenous Action Media, Save the Peaks Coalition and the Taala Hooghan Infoshop, an indigenous-establis hed volunteer-run collective dedicated to creatively confronting and overcoming social and environmental injustices in Flagstaff, Arizona and surrounding areas.

(Reading Room)
Ending Coalitions, Building Communities / Human Rights Day
By Michael Novick & the Jericho Coalition
antiracistaction_ la@yahoo. com
Bio: Novick is a long-time anti-racist activist. He is editor of "Turning the Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action, Research & Education."
Michael participates in the Campaign for Community Control of Police in Los Ángeles.

Classical Anarchism
"Alchemy in Clarens: Reclus and Kropotkin & the origins of Anarcho-Communism"
By Dana Ward from Anarchy Archives.
http://dwardmac. dward
Bio: I am Professor of Political Studies at Pitzer College. My primary fields are political psychology and American politics. I am also responsible for Anarchy Archives, an online research center on the history and theory of anarchism

(Out Front)
Dinner — By Food not Bombs

(Main Room)
Popular Assembly


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