Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Justice for Alex Sanchez!

From Homies Unidos Board and Staff:
To all our supporters, allies, community, and everyone in the movement,
The Homies Unidos Board stands united in full support, behind our executive
director, Alex Sanchez and his family. For the past 11 years, Alex has been
committed to helping bring about change in his community. He is an exemplary
leader, respected colleague and dedicated husband and father. Just as we are
confident in Alex's innocence, we are confident that Los Angeles and the
nation will remember that an indictment is an allegation only. As stated in
the FBI press release, "Every defendant is presumed to be innocent until
proven guilty in court." We have sought another path, a peacemaker's path, through intervention and
prevention, and we remain committed to it. We appreciate the tireless work
of peacemakers in all these arenas and the danger that sometimes accompanies
We thank our staff, partners, community allies and generous donors and
funders who have supported our work during the past 11 years and  encourage
you to remember the positive impact that Homies Unidos has had on  countless
lives and improvements in our communities.
In Alex's absence, board and staff will continue to lead these important
efforts and we ask for your support during this critical time.
THE FIRST STEP we must take
towards helping Alex is getting him released on bail.  
The bail hearing has been set for Tuesday, June 30th at 2pm. In order to do this we must present a strong case in
support of Alex's character, the work he's done, and most importantly prove that
he is not a "flight risk" or "danger to his community."
1.We need signed letters of support.  These letters
should focus on Alex's character, accomplishments and importance to his
community. We must refrain from bringing up any references to the apparently
organized effort to derail Homies and the broken system that has allowed for the
epidemic of gangs.  Keep the letters focused on the intent of getting Alex
out on bail. You should know that any letter you present to the court will
become public record.

-Please also contact anyone you might think to be a good candidate for support and urge them
to write a letter.  Public officials, community leaders, law enforcement...
2.We need assets as collateral for bail.  The court is most interested in this as they value property as insurance against flight risk. This is very important, as the alternative will probably be a large sum of money
that will be difficult to raise. So if any you would like to post a valuable asset as guarantee against skipping bail, please contact me and I will get you
in touch with the lawyer.  

Hi ______,

Because you know Alex Sanchez and have had a good working relationship with him through the _____________,  I wanted to request from you and_____, letters of character support speaking to Alex’s character.

We will be presenting them at his bail hearing next Tuesday, and will need them no later than Sunday evening June 28,2009.

A note about the letters of character support (see attached draft sample):

They will need to be hand-signed/dated
They will stay on public record!!!

They will need to be addressed in this way BUT Faxed/Mailed TO THE LAWYER: 
        Honorable Alicia G. Rosenberg
        United States Courthouse
        312 N. Spring Street, Courtroom D
        Los Angeles, CA 90012
        Re: Mr. Alex Sanchez Cr. 09-00466
        Dear Judge Rosenberg:

In the letter please mention how you know Alex and focus on Alex's character, accomplishments and importance to the community.

DO NOTS: blame the victim the cops, witnesses etc.; do not explain the event (that was already done in court, you will be insulting the courts intelligence and the ruling); do not tell (or imply) the court they were wrong; do not state anything you do not know first hand (unless you indicate the reliable source); do not embellish or fabricate (Judges "crap detectors really work well and that negate your letter by impacting your credibility and you will do more harm than good); do not use "informal" language or slang;
DO "type" (not handwritten) the letter and use good paper and address it correctly (with titles) and full address including the Chamber. Do include your full contact information including your phone number. Hand sign and date your signature.

IMPORTANT: We need to have all letters of support and collateral assets by Sunday evening in order to present them to the court before Alex's bail hearing.  

DELIVERY:You can either hand deliver them to one of the Homies staff or board members or messenger them to Kerry Bensinger's law firm: Bensinger, Ritt, Tai & Thvedt, 65 N. Raymond Ave, Suite 320, Pasadena, CA 91103 - fax 626-685-2562

OR bring your letter to CARECEN – LA Sunday evening June 28th, 2009 at 6pm
2845 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007
In the spirit of unity resistance and love,

Alex Sanchez from Homies Unidos arrested on racketeering charges (he is the director of the non-profit and former member of MS-13).

Justice for Alex Sanchez. Hearing at 2 at 251 temple street federal building. Pass the word. ftp!

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