Thursday, June 11, 2009

Links to Download the Film, "We're Still Here, We Never Left" / Link para bajar la pelicula, "Todavia Estamos Aqui, Nunca nos Fuimos"

Here are the links to download the film "We're Still Here, We Never
left" in its entirety, we hope folks can set up screenings and fundraisers
with them for their organizations and for our defense fund. We want people to
see it all over, we're are still open to going out to cities and different
places and speaking if that is possible and if that can be organized. If not,
then folks should still screen it.

If you want a physical copy of the dvd, let us know and we'll send one out
to you, please help with cost and shipping.


Also we encourage people to donate, whatever you can, to help the community programs of the Revolutionary Autonomous Communities.

You can send donations to
P.O. Box 292344, Los Angeles, Ca. 90029. USA

Also through PayPal on our blog:

English Version of film:

El link para bajar el documental entero en espanol / Film in Spanish

The Revolutionary Autonomous Communities is putting out a call
for their film, "We're Still Here, We Never Left" to be screened
your university, community center, church and anywhere else.

film documents the truth about the police repression on May 1st, 2007,
and also shows the growing popular movement in oppressed communities.

It has footage never before seen on the mainstream media.

We hope to create dialogue with the film, a space for popular education, and a

We want this film to be seen all over, in different cities and possibly
different nations.

The film will also ready for distribution.

Contact us at if you're interested in organizing an event.

"Todavia Estamos Aqui, Nunca Nos Fuimos"

Las Comunidades Autónomas Revolucionarias están
haciendo una
llamada para su película, "Todavia estamos aquí, Nunca nos fuimos"
que sea ensenada en su universidad, centro de comunidad, iglesia y en
cualquier otro lugar.

La película documenta la verdad sobre la
represión de la policía el 1 de mayo de 2007, y también demuestra el
movimiento popular que esta creciendo en comunidades oprimidas.

Tiene imagenes que nunca se han visto en los medios de comunicacion.

crear diálogo con la película, un espacio para la educación popular, y
un movimiento. Quisiéramos que esta película se vea por todas partes,
en diversas ciudades y posiblemente diversas naciones.

Tambien pedimos que manden una donacion para apoyar los programas comunitarios de las Comunidades Autonomas Revolucionarias

Pueden mandar donaciones a:
P.O. Box 292344, Los Angeles, Ca. 90029. USA

Tambien por nuestro PayPal en nuestro blog:

Nuestro correo electronico

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