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Build Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Opposition to the Nazis

Nazis are coming - Build revolutionary anti-imperialist opposition -     Posted by: "Michael Novick" antiracistaction_la
     Date: Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:34 pm ((PST))

The "National Socialist Movement" (NSM), a neo-nazi formation with a base in Riverside CA, has issued a call for a national gathering of their organization in Los Angeles, featuring a rally on the lawn of L.A. City Hall for which they have already applied for and received a permit, on Saturday, April 17. They will be bringing a substantial number of uniformed nazi thugs and boneheads from around the US as part of their so-called "Reclaim the Southwest Campaign" and pose a clear and serious threat of racist and sexist violence which always follows open nazi organizing. Two years ago, when a similar nazi group rallied in L.A. to commemorate the death of a founder of the racist Silent Brotherhood Aryan underground, several of their members were involved in a racist shooting incident on their way into town from the Inland Empire.

There will be a planning meeting for a revolutionary anti-fascist, anti-imperialist counter-mobilization next Sunday, February 28 at 12 noon at Chuco's Justice Center, 1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood (that's 2 blocks west and one block north of Florence & Crenshaw). It is important to develop a front or pole of opposition to the nazis that is based in revolutionary pro-liberation anti-imperialist politics, so that it is clear that opposition to the nazis is not a defense of the status quo.

Open nazis are not the main enemy in a struggle against colonialism, capitalism and imperialism, but they are a significant element, particularly in a period of ongoing economic crisis and political instability within the belly of the beast. The National Socialist Movement and similar open fascist forces are seeking greater political legitimacy as well as influence within larger white nationalist and reactionary social and political forces, such as the anti-immigrant movement, the "tea-baggers," and the re-emerging militia movement.

The NSM and similar nazi forces base themselves on two key elements: they present themselves as a para-military type operation prepared to use violence (and in fact are violence-prone, promoting racist, anti-immigrant, anti-gay and anti-communist thuggery and bullying), and they claim to be anti-capitalist and revolutionary (as Hitler did). Liberal-type opposition, which tends to portray them as "extremists," and to defend "multi-racial democracy and tolerance" within the existing system, essentially concedes these strong points to the nazis. It also relies on the police to "maintain peace," conceding the power of the state, which always protects the nazis in the name of "free speech." It is essential to expose the cowardly nature of the nazis as well as the reactionary, pro-imperial nature of their politics by manifesting an opposition based on pro-liberation, anti-colonial/capitalist politics, the right to self-determination and self-defense, and independent direct action.

Too often, even militant anti-racists, socialists and anarchists opposed to the nazis have operated without regard to questions of self-determination and international solidarity, functioning independently of the leadership of anti-colonial liberation forces. It is essential, here in Los Angeles, that opposition to the nazis be based on support for indigenous/Mexicano sovereignty, African liberation, and decolonization for Asian and other oppressed people. The provocation by the NSM provides an important opportunity to bring home the point that ANY revolutionary action and initiative must be based on such principles and on revolutionary anti-colonial leadership.

A little history is pertinent to the importance of organized anti-fascist action led by revolutionary liberation forces. In 1981, the Ku Klux Klan scheduled a rally in Washington DC to celebrate the election and inauguration of Ronald Reagan (who had announced his candidacy in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where civil rights workers Schwerner, Cheney and Goodman were assassinated by the KKK with police compliance). Massive community opposition by local Black DC residents, supported by a national mobilization by the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee, a group of European-descent anti-racists in solidarity with the Black liberation struggle, broke up the Klan rally and chased off the Klansmen. Here in Los Angeles in 1992, the neo-nazi Populist Party, fronted by pseudo-nationalist Robert Brock, put on a program denying Hitler's genocide against European Jews in south-central L.A., dishonestly claiming the participation of Prof. Jeffreys from NY and the local Committee Against Black Exploitation in the film industry. The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, supported by ARA-LA/People Against Racist Terror, called a counter-demonstration, exposing the lies propagated by both the nazis and the zionist Anti-Defamation League. The LAPD ran riot against community opponents of the nazi gathering, probably one of the factors that fed the '92 rebellion.  More recently, a counter-demonstration with leadership from the Black Riders Liberation Party and Union del Barrio silenced and neutralized a Crenshaw-area rally by the racist Minuteman group and their reactionary Black front-man attempting to provoke Black-Brown contradictions. These were important victories in which there was clear revolutionary internationalist anti-capitalist leadership.

However, there are other, less successful examples. In 1983, here in L.A., the nazis, the Aryan Nations, the Klan, and Metzger's White Aryan Resistance, were able to hold a triple cross-burning in the San Fernando Valley/Sunland area, with the complicity of the LAPD and the compliance of the racist zionist Jewish Defense League, which had advance intel on the time and place of the cross-burning. Several of the people involved later became fugitives as members of "the Order" Aryan underground, responsible for a number of racist killings and robberies. In Toledo, OH, 3 years ago, a nazi group called a pro-police rally and march in the Black community. Anti-Racist Action and local anarchists called a counter-action, but the principal response and opposition arose spontaneously from local Black residents outraged at the nazis and their police protectors. A mini-rebellion ensued, in which police brutalized community people and made mass arrests, out of which several people were eventually imprisoned on felony charges, despite ARA support for legal defense efforts. In Riverside CA last year, the NSM was able to hold a second rally, after their first one was broken up by militant opposition (while liberal forces held a counter-rally several miles away). At the second rally, police were in massive control, as the dominant anti-nazi forces accepted police "free speech" pens separating them from the nazis. The Brown Berets on the one hand, and direct action anarchist anti-fascists on the other, were isolated and either subjected to arrest (Berets) or marginalized (anarchists). The lessons from those experiences point to the need for united action based on international solidarity, respect for self-determination, solidarity and self-defense to lead the anti-fascist protests that are sure to emerge.

In the current period, the nazis are attempting to 'seize the time' of the deepening economic crisis of militarism, unemployment, foreclosures and austerity in education and social services to project themselves as a pseudo-revolutionary alternative to business as usual, by scapegoating African and indigenous people, migrants, Jews, LGBTQ people and the left. Opposing them means putting forward that authentic anti-capitalist revolution, anti-imperialist social transformation and decolonization is the only solution to the crisis of the empire. Such a pole of attraction can win over the poor and working people of all nationalities who are increasingly disillusioned with and frustrated by corporate domination and politics as usual.

All who are committed to joint anti-imperialist anti-fascist work, on the basis of international solidarity and support for self-determination and self-defense, are invited to participate in a campaign to shut down the nazis and send them packing, beginning with the planning meeting next Sunday, February 28 at 12 noon at Chuco's Justice Center, 1137 E. Redondo Boulevard, Inglewood CA (bordering south LA -- 2 blocks west of Crenshaw, one block north of Florence at West Blvd.). Please call Anti-Racist Action-LA/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART) at 310-495-0299 for more information. Below, FYI, are the 4 Points of Unity of Anti-Racist Action for those interested in joining ARA. If you want to call or FAX the city to urge them to pull the permit and shut the nazi rally down, the permit office's number is 213.486.0640 and their fax number is 213.486.0670. Mayor Villaraigosa and the city councilmembers' phone numbers can be accessed by calling 311.

In solidarity,
Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-LA/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART)

1) WE GO WHERE THEY GO: Whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we're there. We don't believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the nazis have the street!
2) WE DON'T RELY ON THE COPS OR THE COURTS TO DO OUR WORK FOR US: This doesn't mean we never go to court. But we must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.
3) NON-SECTARIAN DEFENSE OF OTHER ANTI-FASCISTS: In ARA, we have lots of different groups and individuals. We don't agree about everything and we have a right to differ openly. But in this movement an attack on one is an attack on us all. We stand behind each other.
4) We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. ARA intends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest and the most oppressed people. We want a free classless society. WE INTEND TO WIN!

Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART) PO Box 1055 Culver City CA 90232
310-495-0299 (click on "publication" for PDFs of "Turning the Tide" or to subscribe to the ARA E-News.

Native Youth Statement: Natives Celebrate Olympic Failure

Native Youth Movement

Statement to the Universe

War for Land and Freedom continues…

Indigenous Peoples are celebrating Worldwide after claiming victory over the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Invaders were warned not to enter our Lands and now they are to blame for the “worst Olympic games ever”. For the first time there is no natural snow in the host Olympic city, which sits on un-surrendered Indigenous Territories. 20,000+ tickets had to be refunded after the cancellation of many events because of no snow. A Georgian lugers’ name now stands alongside Harriet Nahanee and millions of other life forms that were killed for the Olympics. The bad outcome can be seen as a small taste to what awaits any investors, companies or civilian invaders* who enter Indigenous Territories.

Why we must Fight

Indigenous Objectives

We fight for Land and Freedom. The struggle for our Lands and way of life remains the exact same as when Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Tecumseh and Tupac Amaru were alive. The only thing different is the minds, the physical reality is that another group of humans are still imposing their beliefs and will on our Indigenous Peoples and Lands at gunpoint. Our Lands are occupied by invaders, raped for profit, war, entertainment and human comfort. The invaders have not stolen our land, the land is still here, under concrete or not, it remains, and as long as we remain we will fight to expel all invaders who destroy or seek to destroy it.

The invasion and continued occupation of our Indigenous Lands is not simply just another issue, it is the root cause of all problems. This occupation of our Lands must be the focus of education and discussion. If you are Native we need to constantly ask ourselves how do we get the invaders to de-occupy our Lands and rid our Mother Earth of these evil parasites. If you are a supporter you must ask yourself who’s Indigenous Territory you are illegally occupying and how can you help with the de-occupation of Native Lands by invaders? That should be our focus if you say you want to help the problems then address the root cause of what is actually causing the problems, which is this fake man-made colonial system of existence. This is not Canada, America, Mexico, or any other fake European neo-colonial country. Just as our allies world-wide are fighting to expel civilian, industrial and military colonialists from their lands, so are we.

They fear the Unity of Indigenous Peoples so much they denied representatives from dozens of Indigenous Nations ability to attend the Indigenous Peoples Assembly (hosted by the Secwepemc Nation in so-called British Columbia, kkkanada) and the 2010 Convergence, all because of a fake line put to divide our people. No matter what they attempt we cannot be stopped—our thoughts and prayers helped to make sure there was no snow and the Olympics were a sloppy failure at best. A message to the world was sent: We do not want mining, resorts, dams, power lines, highways, railways, cities, deep sea ports, fish farms, garbage dumps, industrial parks or any invasion military or civilian, in our lands which cause massive destruction to our Territories.

While kkkanada tried to show the world they are our friends, the Okanagan Nation set up a roadblock to defend their lands from logging destruction.

Only an hour away from Whistler, an Olympic venue, sits a new village, Sutikalh, established almost 10 years ago in the mountains of the St’at’imc Nation, to stop a $550-million ski-resort from being built into some of the last untouched pristine alpine valleys.

In the Tahltan Nation, a camp has been established to stop Shell Oil from drilling into their Sacred Lands, the Headwaters of 3 of the biggest Salmon bearing rivers left in the World.

The Secwepemc continue their decade long fight with sun peaks ski-resort, stopping Mining in the Headwaters of the Adams River watershed, which is, home to the largest sockeye salmon spawning grounds in the western hemisphere, as well as protecting sacred burial grounds from Trans Canada highway and CP railway expansions.

The Wet'suwet'en are fighting to stop two major pipelines from being built through their territory, as well protecting their Lands from mining and logging.

The Haudenosaunee People, a Six Nation Confederacy of the Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Tuscarora and Mohawk are relentlessly confronting encroachment, destruction and occupation of their lands.

Algonquins of Barrie Lake are fighting to stop logging in their Territory and save their water and way of Life.

Dene Nation is fighting the largest Industrial project in the history of humanity and the most destructive process known to man-kind, the Tar Sands.

Mayan People are fighting kkkanadian mining companies while villages are being destroyed and Indigenous Peoples assassinated daily.

In Grassy Narrows, Annishinabe have been fighting logging for years, halting their operations. In Northern Ontario, Annishinabe are also fighting mining from destroying the still pristine boreal forest.

Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon are also fighting kkkanadian mining and oil exploration having major clashes resulting in the massacre over 30 Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Peoples are fighting back with 24 police officers impaled and killed with Indigenous spears. Awajun and Wampis Peoples detained five employees from the Canadian mining company IAMGOLD, which did not have any authorization to enter their territory.

Lakota, Indigenous Peoples in South Dakota, so-called united states is continuing the fight for their Sacred Black Hills and to stop a kkkanadian mining company from drilling uranium in the Heart of Mother Earth.

Indigenous Land Fighters, coast to coast were targeted and harassed by integrated Olympic security unit (that has unified all military and police forces throughout kkkanada) for years prior to the Olympics. The head of Olympics security is Bud Mercer, the notorious redneck Indian hater who was an ERT (emergency response team) member that tried to blow up Indian people with a land mine. The explosion kicked off a shoot-out which saw the police (including mercer) shoot an excess of 77,000 rounds of ammunition trying to kill Secwepemc people in their own ceremonial grounds (Gustafsen Lake, 1995). This was the largest RCMP operation in kkkanadian history.

Indigenous Peoples from the Nations of the St’at’imc, Squamish, Secwepemc, Haida, Helsik, Mohawk, Tuscarora, Onondoga, Halkomelem, Mi’kmaq, Ktunaxa, Cree, Annishinabe, Kwakiutl, Tsimshian, as well as Indigenous Peoples from Oaxaca and other areas of so-called Mexico, and countless supporters have been the target of their billion dollar Olympic security budget. In an effort to intimidate and scare Indigenous peoples from fighting for our Lands. Fear tactics are of no use, we are over 500 years deep into this Resistance, we only continue to get stronger, we will never surrender or fall for their threats, lies or rumors. The man-made empires of the world are collapsing before our eyes. The fall of the white-man’s world is imminent.

We do not seek pity or recognition from the white-man, it is us who have the power of recognition and there is only one thing we recognize, that this man-made system is an enemy of all life and we will never stop fighting until it is rid from our beautiful lands. Our land is not for sale!

We Stand in Solidartiy with the People and Lands the Olympics will be Invading next, London and Sochi, we know the resistance will grow. We Stand in full Alliance with the Indigenous People of Tabasco fighting for their lands and against a massive 2010 colonial celebration in the south. To the brothers and sisters of the Tuhoe Nation, we send our War Cry of Unity to all of you fighting and being forced into the illegal white-mans court, you will be freed. Drop all charges of JR Valrey. To Gloria Arenas and Jacobo Silva we are elated to hear of your release from behind enemy lines, we demand the same for Leonard Peltier, John Graham, the prisoners in Atenco and Oaxaca, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Russell Maroon Shoats, the Move 9, Mapuche Warriors, and all those they fear, we look forward to meeting with you on the battlefield in unity against our collective enemies.

Indigenous Peoples, our Warriors of fighting age are the majority once again. We send our militant embrace to the Zapatistas, the Mapuche, Dineh, Kuna, Seminole, Nuxalk, Gitksan, Taino, Maori, Nasa, the Warriors of West Papau, Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines, and all Indigenous Peoples of the World fighting the enemies of the Earth. Let us Unite with the Plants, Animals, Wind, Sun, Air, Water and all Creation in a Warriors Alliance to fight for Life.

We are Earths’ Army. We will not stop until we Win. We will never surrender. Warriors Unite.

Native Youth Movement, Society of Warriors

Un-surrendered Mountains of the Northwest (check the video section to see more footage of Fight for Land)

For more information on the Indigenous Land Struggle

St’at’imc – Sutikalh

Okanagan – Facebook Brown Creeks Protection for our Watershed!/group.php?gid=318070971723

Tahltan – documentary Nigeria North

Gustafsen Lake Standoff

*settlers is not a correct term, it is very passive giving the impression that the occupation of our Indigenous Lands are okay, that the invaders occupation here is settled, done and agreed upon but it is not. Current day civilian invaders could still right the wrongs, support Indigenous Autonomy,

Join the Go Back to Europe Movement.Start a chapter in the area occupy.

I am anarchist, says Alicia Keys

Hmmm... always felt she was conscious on some level. Not sure what to make of this claim. She's got her history down right though.

I am an anarchist, says Alicia Keys

by Sean Michaels, Tuesday 15 April 2008 13.14 BST

It seems that Alicia Keys is not just an expert on "wreckless love," teenage affairs and fallin' for a special someone - she's also got the inside scoop on the conspiracy at the heart of American hip-hop.

Gangsta rap was a "ploy to convince black people to kill each other," the singer has claimed in an interview with Blender magazine. While most people see Ice T and Dr Dre merely as musicians prone to bragging about their sexual conquests, Keys insists they were instruments of mysterious puppetmasters who exist to perpetuate the rap community's strife.

Keys also asserts in the interview that the late-90s feud between east and west coast hip-hop was created by shadowy figures in government. The deaths of Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur were part and parcel of this plan, an attempt "to stop another great black leader from existing," she told Blender.

Keys isn't afraid of entering politics herself, presumably to put a stop to all this sort of thing. "Some of the greatest artists did their best work when they got political," she told Blender. "If Malcolm [X] or Huey [P. Newton] had the outlets our musicians have today, it'd be global. I have to figure out a way to do it myself."

The singer considers herself an anarchist, and indeed the New York police department revealed last year that they had Keys under observation in the lead-up to the 2004 Republican National Convention, fearing "anarchist actions".

Though there's no sign that Keys has joined a revolutionary commune or taken to donning a black balaclava, she has, er, donated a whole $500 to the US Democratic party. And what could be more anarchist than that?

Nevertheless, nobody should doubt the strength of Alicia Keys' convictions. Her fervour is symbolised in the pendant she wears around her neck. It's not a pretty star or a broken heart, a unicorn or a rainbow. It's instead an AK-47 machine gun. Made of solid gold. And, um, what does it symbolise? "Strength, power and killing 'em dead." Hurrah for speaking truth to power.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Olympics - Solidarity in the Kulin Nations (Melbourne, Australia)

Today in the Kulin Nations westood in solidarity with our brothers & sisters of the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples.
An over the top federal police presence guarded the Kkkandian embassy from my daughter & me. The heavens opened up heavy rain giving a strong affirmation for the kaupapa we were supporting.

Harriet Nahanee,warrior woman , you will never be forgotten, and the price you paid to defend your lands against the corporate circus of the winter Olympics. No Olympics on Stolen Native lands.
We handed out flyers & info & explained the contempt & lack of respect for Indigenous rights in Canada.
The struggle against the Tar Sands bears resonance for us in Aotearoa. The Royal Bank of Canada is advising Kea Petroleum (the pricks who want to rip up & rape the beautiful Tai Tokerau 4 oil & gas). No wonder Canada won't sign the declarationon the rights of Indigenous peoples. They are to busy facilitating& profiting from the exploitation & oppression of Indigenous people at home & around the world.

February the 13th was also a day ofnational action against the racist intervention in the NorthernTerritories, a marking two years since the states `apology' to thestolen generations in Australia.
The racist intervention in the northern territories continues, the racialdiscrimination act remains suspended. The right of IndigenousAustralians continues to be trampled on.

Aboriginal peoples are fighting back, The Ampilatwatja walk off, exemplifying aboriginal dignity & the struggle for self-determination.

We marched for therights of all Indigenous that are oppressed, we share the same enemies& the same lived experiences of colonialism & genocide. Against the odds we have survived.

Words of wisdom andfire from Uncle Bob Randall and Robbie Thorpe, Our Sovereignty, SelfDetermination cannot be denied. Indigenous peoples are on the move.Mother earth demands this and we are stepping up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On Studio Revolutionaries

Before we called out studio gangsters because these rappers wanted to make money off of the street culture and street politics but had no connection to the streets. In other words they had no street credibility. In my opinion, in these days we should call out those people with similar methods but who say they are revolutionaries. Today we have a new phenomenon, I call these people studio revolutionaries. These people intend to get paid in the name of the movement, but haven't done anything for the community. They are all just talk. Culture is important, and I don't intend to attack artists, I intend to eliminate those who sell out the movement and who are not willing to be accountable to the communities they say they speak for. Don't be fooled by these phonies with no revolutionary credibility.

Joaquin Cienfuegos