Monday, November 30, 2009

San Diego GRRRL Fair 2009


Cop Watch L.A. and the Scorpion Collective will be tabling.

There will also be a Cop Watch L.A. Presentation and Know Your Rights Training Followed by Film Screening.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Photos from Roldolfo Montes de Oca Tour for El Libertario (Anarchist Newspaper from Venezuela)


At Mao's Kitchen in Venice


With Betita Martinez


Eating some Thai Food with compas from the collective

X-Vandals needs you!!!! (for real)!!!!

"In the same way that we refuse to sell our land to the foreigners, even though they offer a good price; we refuse to sell our creativity to the colonialist, no matter what they pay" - Filiberto Ojeda Rios

"the guerrilla fighter needs full help from the people of the area. This is an indispensable condition" - Che Guevara

X-Vandals has joined this (inter)net thing called Sellaband as an X-periment to see if a legitimately underground/anti-corporate/revolutionary/conscious people of Color band/group/collective can make a (real) dent on the currently (still) corporate controlled music-industrial-complex, and perhaps even help to hasten it's downfall/demise.....

The way it (basically) works is that X-Vandals has set an amount/budget that we need to reach to not only record/mix/master/manufacture/release our next full length record/CD, but ALSO to promote/push (the hell out of ) it in a "competitive" way..... Remember, we are STILL battling them mega-million/billion-dollar-major-label-machines that rule the radio/tv/media/etc!!!!!

And anyone who is interested in helping us reach our goal (and join us in fighting our battle!) contributes money/dinero (from $10 up) to "the X-Vandal cause" on Sellaband:

Remember, we are not just tryna promote/push our MUSIC (or our band), but also our MESSAGE (to the masses/massive)!

i think that all the folks/compas/peeps who "love" Hip Hop and want Hip Hop (and music in general) to be revolucionario (and really real) again, gotta be willing to put their money where their mouth(s) is in terms of supporting legitimately INDEPENDENT/ANTI-CORPORATE/UNDERGROUND/CONSCIOUS/RADICAL HIP HOP (and music in general) that want's nothing and ask nothing of the corporate culture vultures..... and is seeking to make (a) real change.... from the bottom up!

Obviously, nobody has to do/give anything (if they don't want to), but if, by chance, you DO want to, then, straight up, now's the time!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

End the Torture of Oso Blanco



Sisters and Brothers,

Indigenous Political Prisoner Oso Blaco has been beaten, tortured, and had his native rights broken. Oso Blaco (along with his cellmate) was humiliated in an unprovoked act of terrorism, carried out by prison authority.


-Sinapu, Arcata Anarchist Black Cross

-Mapache, Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross



On November seventh, two thousand nine (11.07.09) at the hour of 11:00am myself and my cellmate were assaulted by Lt. Galletta and Lt. Sassaman and many staff (at Lewisburg Prison). We were shot and gassed with a Rapid Fire pepper-ball gun – same as a paint ball gun but with pepper agent powder inside not paint. Then we were sprayed with oc agent a lot. I cuffed up and was being shot and gassed anyway. My cellie Coyote hardly had time to cuff up and they started shooting us in the cell. It was very painful then they stopped shooting so my cellie came to the door and cuffed up. They put us in a freezing cold cell and they then came and rushed in (goon squad) the cell and took us to a mop closet where they forced my head back as the guard was digging his fingers under my side jaw bone, pulling my head back, and 7 or 8 were holding my arms and legs – they squirted hot water on my face and up my nose. I let out a native war cry scream and yelled to all the men here to stay strong! This was all on camera. They then took me on camera to the four point cell where it’s very cold and stripped me naked and put very, very, very tight restraints on me. Locking the belly chain and black box cuffs down to the bone. I told Lt. Sassamen what, “What you're doing to me is a violation of the U.S. Constitution, a violation of my human rights! It's wrong and evil what you are doing to me!” All on Camera. Sovereign Cherokee Nation citizen have the full protection of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Then they held me down on the cement table and PA Potter cut off 4 inches of my ponytail braid. This is and illegal act and crime committed against an enrolled Native American! To cut off part of my ponytail. And a great insult!

We were left in separate freezing cold cells in tight restraints cutting into our wrists for 9 hours. After the 4th hour a dark Lt. A Spanish Lt. came and told my cellie across the hall we were being charged with assaulting Lt. Galletta, that he was in the hospital and the FBI would be coming to see us. And he gave me a false charge – write-up for a weapon.

The sun went down and the cold cell had its large window 2 feet by 3 feet wide open and its Nov in PA. I was laying on the floor with these cuffs and belly chain and shackles cutting into me. So I prayed in Cherokee – “CREATOR why is this happening? I have done nothing! Why are you letting my oppressor hurt me with out cause and torture me?" A few minutes later, they came and let me out of restraints, and told me I was going back to the cell. It was full of about 50 pepper-ball rounds and OC Agent. One young guard said in a low voice, “They messed up doing this to you guys.” He said he is tired of this place and he is going to quit his job. The next shift staff who took our cuffs and restraints off 9 hours later looked at my hands ballooned up and looked at each other – with a shake of the head and one said, “Who did Chubbuck piss off?” asking the other guard. The guard just looked away shaking his head. I have at least 20 witnesses. It was unprovoked 100 percent. I have statements.

-Oso Blanco

NYM: No Olympics on Stolen Land! Send the Olympic Torch Back to Europe!

The Native Youth Movement (NYM) is Native Peoples Liberation Movement, fighting for our People, our Land, and our way of Life.The Native Youth Movement is in the midst of becoming a Grand Council of Young and Old (Veteran/Battle Tested) Warriorz alike. A Warriorz Society with the Young Warriorz serving as the Physical protectors, and the O.G.s (Original Guerrillas) as the Advisor Warriorz, giving direction through lessons, age old teachings, previous battles, and from the Spirits and our Ancestors, who have passed on this responsibility of defending our Indian way.
NYM is a Unity point for Young Warriorz from many organizations, Nations, and Societies throughout Turtle Island. We receive our direction from our true elders, those who left our instructions in the rocks, the stars, songs, War stories and way of life that we must insure continues forever. NYM is a part of the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, when all of our Nations will once again unite and Take Back our Land, and the Youth will once again be the majority of our populations, that time is now. This Unity and true power scares our enemy so much they will not stop until they feel we are no longer a threat to their evil and devilish crackah ways.

call to Indigenous People and Supporters

Send Olympic Torch back to Europe!

Confront Invasion: Protest 2010 Olympic Torch Relay

106 Days of Action!

have this in common. We have a common oppressor, a common exploiter and
a common discriminator. But once we realize that we have a common
enemy, then... we can unite--on the basis of what we have in common... "-
Malcolm X

Indigenous Sisters band Brothers of the North, what the invaders
call KKKanada, for the next 106 days the Olympic Torch will run our
Great Lands. The Olympic torch, a flamed staff that represents white
supremacy, is running through Indigenous Nations and Territories,
symbolizing their theft and dominance of our Lands and Ways. For 106
days every Indigenous Nation in these Lands has the opportunity to talk
to the world about your issues and show Unity between all Nations here
who have a common oppressor, and common Invader, KKKlanada
(“Canada”). Let us Unite voices and show the World we are a Proud and
Independent People who will never Surrender our Lands.

Not only is the Torch running our Lands, they are also going to get
Native people to participate in their evil ceremonies, KKKanada wants
the world to think Native people are compliant and even eager to be
assimilated into the white way of life.

We call on all Native Nations of the North to show the World we are
Strong and Dignified People, the Survivors of a 500-year old Holocaust
that has taken 250 million Indigenous lives, whose Lands are illegally
occupied and destroyed, who are a People who will never accept defeat.

Ever since their Invasion we have resisted, as this is written
Indigenous People are Blockading roads to prevent destruction, Original
People are still living on the Land not dependent on the Invading
governments for survival, only needing clean Land, Air and Water for
Sustenance. The goal of the Invaders is to make us fully dependent on
them to survive, giving us no choice but to live white, when we refuse
we are arrested or murdered.

This is a unification call to the Proud and Strong Nations of the
North, the Songhees, Kwakwaka'wakw, Nuu-chah-nulth, Halkomelem,
Cowichen, Tuchone Tlinget, Inuit, Innu, Onondoga, Oneida, Seneca, Mohawk,
Cayuga, Tuscarora (Six Nation Conferderacy), Annishinabe, Cree, Algonquin, MikM’aq, Maliseet, Wabanaki, Siskita, Dakota, Nakota, Stoney, Dene, Gwich’in, Tahltan,
Gitsan, Wetsuitan, Haisla, Nisga, Sekani, Dakelh, Tsimshian, Nuxalk,
Heiltsuk,Tsilcotin, Secwepemc, Nlaka’pamux, Okanagan, Ktnuxa,
St’at’imc, Stolo and all unmentioned Nations .

When the Torch passes through your Lands and communities, this is
your opportunity to let the world know what is happening in your Land,
tell them the true story and the real relationship between the Invaders
known as KKKanada and your Indigenous Nation. Let the world know the
Land and Water can never be sold, Natural Law is more powerful than
man-made law, they fear our Unity. Plan some form of action when the
torch passes your area, stop it or chase them to the edge of your Lands
and let the next Nation pick up where you left off. No evil Invader
Torch on Native Land!


From October 31 2009 - February 12 2010, the Olympic Torch Relay "A Path
of Northern Lights" will be traveling across Canada. The Olympic
Resistance Network, based in Vancouver Unceded Coast Salish Territories,
is calling on and encouraging our allies to coordinate efforts in over
2000 communities to oppose and resist the Torch Relay.

On October 31, over 400 people gathered to oppose the Torch Relay launch
in Victoria. An Anti-Olympics Festival and Zombie March, organized by
No2010 Victoria, succeeded in disrupting the relay. Security personnel
were forced to extinguish the torch, load it in a van, and reroute it in
order to reach the Legislature. (Visit http://no2010victor or
http://olympicresis for videos)


The Olympic torch is a propaganda tool that promotes gentrification,
repression and environmental destruction. The origins of the Torch Relay
lie in the dark history of the 1936 Games in Berlin, where it was devised
as a means to spread Nazi fascism and to promote the Third Reich. (See
Globe and Mail article here: http://no2010. com/node/ 1113)

The 2010 Olympic Torch Relay is a $25 million publicity stunt to promote
the Olympic Brand, particularly its top sponsors. The Royal Bank of Canada
and Coca Cola are the main sponsors of the 2010 Torch relay. RBC is the
top financier of the environmentally devastating Alberta Tar Sands, while
Coca Cola has been responsible for health degradation as part of the junk
food industry, massive depletion of groundwater and toxic waste pollution
in India, and involved in hiring paramilitary groups to violently repress
union organizers in Colombia.

It is becoming increasingly evident that far from being simply about
sport, the 2010 Olympics is rooted in displacement, corporate greed,
militarization, and repression. While Olympic corporate sponsors are
getting bailed out, Indigenous lands are being stolen, more people are
becoming homeless, thousands are losing their jobs and access to public
services, the environment is being destroyed, and civil liberties are
being eroded as over a billion dollars are being sunk into security and
surveillance measures. While people suffer consequences, the public money
invested by the city of Vancouver, the city of Whistler, the B.C.
government and the Canadian government is now nearing $7 billion.


This Torch Relay will be the longest in-country relay in Olympic history,
giving us the chance to make some anti-Olympic history! You might be
opposing the Torch due to the rally call No Olympics on Stolen Native
Land! Remember the Torch does not represent a sacred fire, it is a
destructive force. Or you might be protesting the Torch because of the
impacts of its corporate sponsors on your community, such as the link
between the RBC and Alberta Tar Sands. Or you are generally concerned
about the overall negative impacts of the Games such as homelessness,
misdirected public spending, attacks on civil liberties, and the general
oppression and repression it represents.

There are many reasons and many ways to oppose the Torch, so whatever your
reason might be, get out there and be visible! Create a leaflet and make
some placards, and you and your group can protest along the Torch route
and hand out information to those along the sidelines. You can lead a
march to disrupt and detour the relay, as Victoria organizers successfully
did without arrests. Setup a blockade through your community and stop the
torch from going through and spreading its false propaganda. Hold
educational events prior to and after the Torch going through to spread
awareness about the impacts of the Olympics (you can contact
olympicresistance@ for educational materials to assist in this).
Do whatever makes the most sense for your context; most important is that
you organize something!

==> If you are organizing an event or action in your city, town, or
community please email us the details at olympicresistance@ so
we can compile the information and build strength and unity in our efforts
by having this information available on our website.

Basic torch route

Nov 16 - Nov 28, 2009: through Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Islands, and New
Brunswick: Sydney, Whycocomagh, Port Hawkesbury, Truro, Paq'tnkek,
Antigonish, Halifax, Bear River FN, Lunenburg, Charlottetown, Moncton,
Sussex, Saint John, Fredericton, Esgenoôpetitj, Grand Falls, and others.

Nov 29 - Dec 11, 2009: through Quebec: Rimouski, Baie-Comeau, Les
Escoumins, Saguenay, Lévis, Saint-Georges, Black Lake, Victoriaville,
Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Trois-Rivières, Longueuil, Kahnawá:ke,
Beaconsfield, Mont-Tremblant, Montréal, Laval, Gatineau, and others

Dec 12, 2009 - Jan 4, 2010: through Ontario: Ottawa, Pikwàkanagàn,
Akwesasne, Kingston, Tyendinaga, Peterborough, Toronto, Hamilton, St.
Catharines, Six Nations, Brantford, Oneida, Leamington, Windsor, Sarnia,
London, Stratford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Barrie, Huntsville,
Temiskaming, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Red Rock FN, Kenora, and others.

Jan 5 - Jan 20, 2010: through Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta:
Winnipeg, Sioux Valley Dakota, Regina, Moose Jaw, Swift Current,
Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Moosomin FN, Edmonton, Wetaskiwin, Red Deer,
Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Calgary, Canada Olympic Park, Stoney Nation, and

Jan 21 - Feb 11, 2010: through BC: Golden, Cranbrook, Nelson, Trail,
Osoyoos FN, Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon, Revelstoke, Salmon Arm, Kamloops,
100 Mile House, Williams Lake, Prince George, Smithers, Gitanmaax, Fort
St. John, Terrace, Bella Bella, Powell River, Sechelt, Squamish, Whistler,
Lil'wat, Merritt, Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and others.

* Full route information:

Complete listing by day:
http://www.vancouve dl/00/68/ 42/-/68420/ prop=data/ 119u8t6/68420. pdf

Interactive Map:
http://www.vancouve en/torch- relays/olympic- torch-relay/ the-route/ interactive- map/-/58040/ 17ckajb/index. html

Provincial and Territorial Routes:
http://www.vancouve en/torch- relays/olympic- torch-relay/ the-route/ provincial- and-territorial- routes/-/ 58046/wk4d42/ index.html

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oakland - BART Pigs Again

"crime pays when pigs die"--Christ On A Crutch (1991)

Victory “A Day of Remembering”/L.A. Panther Marvin Jackson passed

Victory “A Day of Remembering”

Honors those who survived the December 8, 1969 LAPD SWAT Team attack against the HQ of The Southern California Chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

When: December 8, 2009
6:00pm – 10:00pm

Where: Southern California Library for Social Change and Research
6120 S. Vermont Avenue .

Viewing Documentary Film
“41st & Central”
Greg “G Bone” Everette

Eye Witness Accounts
Forum and Discussion

For more information
(323) 799-8409
(323) 294-8320 Ask for Freeman


L.A. Panther Marvin Jackson passed

My People;
Today started out like any other day, until I found out that my friend had left me.

Many of you knew that Marvin Jackson and I were among the original Black Panthers from Southern California. This post is not just about a Panther, it is more about my brother and my friend who was a Panther.

Marvin My Brother - He was so considerate, kind and supportive of all my good times and bad times. We shared so much; we communicated often and sincerely cared about what each one was going through. No matter the situation, we were there for each other either in person, email or by phone. He is my brother, because he helped to shape me into the woman I am today. He is my brother, because he loved me without crossing the line that most male and female friends eventually cross, only to realize they have messed up a beautiful friendship. He is my brother because I was comforted by his faith in me.

Marvin became ill many years ago, I decided to organize an event so that he would know how many his comrades, friends and family members loved him unconditionally. The event was a great success, the one thing that I will always remember was my oldest daughter (The shy one) stepped into the circle with Marvin at the center and said, "I love you because you have always been here". Marvin participated in every phase of my children's lives.he is and will always be Uncle Marvin!

Marvin My Friend - I am guilty of adding gray to his hair, yet he never complained. I know I had a real friend in Marvin; he was always there for me, no matter the risk! I thank my God Allah, for blessing me with such a great friend, I pray that Allah will give him the greatest reward and bless him with paradise!

Marvin, I never thought that last night would have truly been your last night! I never thought that on this day, that you would leave me, I never thought that I could hurt so much as I do now, I am so lonely, I just never thought that I would not be able to speak with you, to share a joke, or plan with you. I miss you so much.

Marvin, I can still remember when you decided to ask Veronica to marry you, and how we ransacked my house, looking through my many crafts to make her something unique. I know it was a transaction for her to know the folks in our circle. You made a great choice, my brother and Veronica; I thank you so much for sharing him with us!

Marvin, we were family, we still had a lot of things to do... You haven't held my grandbaby yet! She needed to be blessed by your presence in her life. Rashida is presenting a paper in New York in the Spring; you are so supposed to be around to share this moment.

I am not ready for this.. It hurts so much....I know that you have been sick for some time, I know that I must let you make your transition... But brother please let me hold on to you just a little while longer.

I Love you my Brother, friend and Comrade

Talibah Shakir

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Former BART officer's trial is moved to L.A. County

Former BART officer's trial is moved to L.A. County

The trial of a former San Francisco Bay Area transit officer who was videotaped shooting an unarmed man in a New Year's Day confrontation will be moved to Los Angeles County because of intense media coverage, the Associated Press is reporting. Here's the full story:
The trial of a white former San Francisco Bay Area transit officer charged in the killing of an unarmed black man will be moved to Los Angeles County because of extensive media coverage and other possible distractions to trial participants, a judge in Oakland ruled Thursday.
The decision by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Morris Jacobson comes a month after he decided the murder trial of Johannes Mehserle would be moved out of that area.
State court officials recommended Los Angeles and San Diego counties to the judge as possible sites for a trial.
Mehserle, 27, is charged with fatally shooting Oscar Grant, 22, at a Bay Area Rapid Transit station in Oakland on New Year’s Day. The incident was video-recorded by several bystanders, shown across the Internet and subsequently used as evidence in a preliminary hearing last spring.

“We must recapture our heritage and our identity if we are ever to liberate ourselves from the bonds of white supremacy. We must launch a cultural revolution to unbrainwash an entire people.”El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X)

Friday, November 20, 2009

LEAD Event at Chuco's Justice Center

LEAD Event Saturday at Chuco's Justice Center!

Cop Watch L.A. will be tabling



Building taken and renamed Carter-Huggins Hall at UCLA! Expropriate and Liberate!,0,1019118.photogallery?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MostEmailed+%28L.A.+Times+-+Most+E-mailed+Stories%29

An Occupation Statement
November 19, 2009 by occupyuci

On 19 November at approximately 12:30 AM students occupied Campbell Hall at UCLA. The time has come for us to make a statement and issue our demands. In response to this injunction we say: we ask nothing. We demand nothing. We will take, we will occupy. We have to learn not to tip toe through a space which ought by right to belong to everyone.

We are under no illusions. The UC Regents will vote the budget cuts and raise student fees. The profoundly undemocratic nature of their decision making process, and their indifference to the plight of those who struggle to afford an education or keep their jobs, can come as no surprise.

We know the crisis is systemic – and that it reaches beyond the Regents, beyond the criminal budget cuts in Sacremento, beyond the economic crisis, to the very foundations of our society. But we also know that the enormity of the problem is just as often an excuse for doing nothing.

We choose to fight back, to resist, where we find ourselves, the place where we live and work, our university.

We therefore ask that those who share in our struggle lend us not only their sympathy but their active support. For those students who work two or three jobs while going to school, to those parents for whom the violation of the UC charter means the prospect of affordable education remains out of reach, to laid off teachers, lecturers, to students turned away, to workers who’ve seen the value of their diplomas evaporate in an economy that ‘grows’ without producing jobs – to all these people and more besides, we say that our struggle is your struggle, that an alternative is possible if you have the courage to seize it.

We are determined that the struggle should spread. That is the condition in which the realization of our demands becomes possible.

To our peaceful demonstration, to our occupation of our own university, we know the University will respond with the full force of the police at its command. We hear the helicopters circle above us. We intend to learn and to teach through our occupation, humbly but with determination. We are not afraid. We are not going anywhere.







A certain small group of students is doing what it can to slander the occupation that occurred at Campbell Hall. CYNTHIA, a junior politician careerist bent on control, has helped to spread rumors that the occupation was carried out by mostly "older white males." This rumor is absolutely without truth - the occupation was in fact planned and carried out by more minority students than whites -- but is that important anyway?

The building was liberated and barricaded to keep the police and administration out while opening the space for student and youth autonomy. The building remained porous and was in fact, for the first time ever, under complete autonomous student discretion. Prior to the final meeting which destroyed the occupation, a rush of students had come in to the building creating an incredible energy of activity, excitement and anticipation. Friends were made, the building re-decorated, and the bathrooms were declared gender-neutral: while there was a general feeling of defeat on the outside from the day's protest, inside Carter-Huggins Hall there was a revolution.

A meeting was called to discuss the occupation and was held in the building's stairwell. It was derailed by student leader saboteurs who were threatened by the autonomy granted to students by the liberated space. It was and remains a concern that the building chosen for occupation provides services to minority students (whom the saboteurs condescendingly view as societal handicaps). Well, this concern is actually quite ridiculous - the space was opened to all students and youth regardless of their status as UCLA customers, and for 24-hours too, without the old hourly limitations of the building under university control. It is important to check race, class and privilege, we don't deny this, but this is not what went on - the meeting devolved into mere race-baiting in an attempt by the saboteurs to take power of the occupied building. And they succeeded.

The student government leader, CYNTHIA, left the meeting 1/2 way through after using all of her time inside to change the positive horizontality of the building in to a hostile-bureaucracy. On her way out of the building CYNTHIA desecrated the legacy of Bunchy Carter and John Huggins by tearing down for the second time the banner declaring the hall Carter-Huggins Hall. After she tore down the banner, it was brought to our attention that she and her cronies had earlier sabotaged an attempt at direct action by a separate autonomous student group. The group had planned for months to storm the regents meeting at Covel Commons. CYNTHIA and her gang of movement-police linked arms in DEFENSE of the regents meeting, taking a load off the police, and thwarted the student group from rushing in to Covel.

These so-called student leaders swear they know the correct and objective form of protest. There is no respect for a multiplicity of tactics. By the time of time of the meeting, power had already been taken away from the university without asking permission from administrators or student leaders (are these even different categories?) and was redistributed horizontally. Unfortunately this freedom brings about the possibility of usurpation by those used to power, used to hanging above everyone from their ivory tower. These people thrive on the status quo, its their realm, and they always want to drag back those who escape.

There are CYNTHIA's everywhere who make up and direct the movement-police to be encountered at any site of struggle. Occupation takes power and immediately destroys its concentrated form. Beware of bureaucrats, occupy everything!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Day in South Central

A Day in South Central

Darryl learns how to ride a bike

Samy gets a piercing

Pig Harassment

January 24th, 2010 2nd Annual Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair


Crisis Fest at UCLA

Cop Watch L.A. will be present at Crisis Fest

Crisis Fest Events

(will be updated as MORE events are confirmed)


(Decision to move made in solidarity with unions and student groups' decision to move tent city ALSO to Wilson Plaza. We want to be there for the hundreds coming in from across California that night!)


FREE FOOD & HOT DRINKS ALL NIGHT (thanks to our unions!)

All bands play for approximately 45 mins. unless otherwise noted.

5PM: Dobrega (music: electronics project)

Banner, Flyer and Poster Making Begins (All day event)

Literature Table with Zines, Articles and other info on the budget cuts (All day event)

530PM "Latin American Poetry Reading:
Spanish & English Translation,
Lectura de Poesias Latina Americanas: Espanol / Ingles"
(Poems Provided / Poemas Suministrados)

Screen Printing Workshop (some materials provided but bring your own if you can!)

6PM: Dodgeball Match #1

"Protest Poetry of the World at Large" (Some poems provided, but bring copies of your favorite poets' works to share with the group. Afterwards we will write our own poems to disseminate.)

6:30PM "The K-12 Resistance" (Discussion)

"How to Make Vegan Desserts" (Workshop, samples provided)

7PM Naima Earth (experimental/jazz band)

"An Absent Future?: The International Student Movement" (Discussion)

7:30PM "Third Worldism and the Global 60's" (Presentation / Discussion)

8PM Costa (d.j.) DANCE LIKE MAD! (goes till 930pm)

"How to Get Involved in Community-Powered Radio" (Workshop / Discussion)

8:30PM GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Short presentations & open discussions on 4 of the broader issues: race, war, capitalism & the future of the student movement.

9-930PM GENERAL ASSEMBLY continues.

930-10PM GENERAL ASSEMBLY continues

10 PM In Sepia (Band)

"The Struggle of Undocumented & AB540 Students" (Discussion)

11PM: Midnight Radio (Band)

"Vows on a High Place: A Ritual Without Spirituality" (Ritual)

12:01 AM YOUR acoustic performance / generalized jam session

Dodgeball Match #2

Confirmed performances with unconfirmed times:

* Ultimate Frisbee
* MORE Workshops & Discussions



If you need support or want to see your event posted up here, just email and we'll be glad to help.

Drug & alcohol free

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Congreso Nacional Indigena

Cop Watch L.A. Presentation and Know Your Rights Training at East L.A. College Thursday 11/12/09

Cop Watch L.A. Presentation and Know Your Rights Training at East Los Angeles College
Thursday 11/12/09

History of Cop Watch and police terrorism
Know Your Rights training and How to organize a Cop Watch in your community
Film Screening

The class info:

Chicana/o Studies 02: The Mexican-American in Contemporary Society
Profe Ruben Mendoza
Thursdays, 3:30 - 6:40
Room C-2.5B (in the bungalows just west of the new multistory parking lot)

East Los Angeles College
East Los Angeles College - 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez - Monterey Park, CA 91754

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Join the Native Youth Movement Online Community

Join the Native Youth Movement Online Community... its like the NYM version of Facebook.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Federal judge denies bail for Homies Unidos co-founder

Supporters of a Los Angeles gang intervention leader accused of conspiring to kill a gang member are continuing their fight. A federal judge denied bail for a second time to Homies Unidos co-founder, Alex Sanchez. Following his arrest in late June, he remains locked up in a federal facility in LA. Leilani Albano has more on the story.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday the 13th Show: Boom Boom Kid at the KIWA Cultural Center


Rabia Al Sistema from South Central added to the lineup

Friday, November 6, 2009

On Burn Out

On Burn Out

by Joaquin Cienfuegos

Saying you're burnt out of the movement is an excuse, and is a statement based on the privilege one has in a "First World country." The people in power are waging war on the people all over the world and on the oppressed here within the empire. The oppressed have no choice, death, prison, slavery or freedom. We have to fight!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cop Watch L.A. Presentation and Know Your Rights training at Gardena Youth Build Tomorrow

Cop Watch L.A. Presentation and Know Your Rights Training

Friday Nov. 6th 10am-12pm

17216 S Figueroa St
Gardena, CA 90248-3023

Multi-purpose room