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Anarchist Book Project

They are also looking for people to help with translation of the book from English into Spanish,
if people can help contact Nathan.

A call for submissions to my fellow Anarchists,

Arash Karimi and I are working on an anarchist book project. This is a call for submissions as roughly half the book is going to be dedicated to essays written by comrades like yourself. If you would like to submit something or if you know of anyone who would be interested in this project, please get in touch. There really isn't going to be any hard submissions guidelines. Just make sure the essay is relevant to anarchism and get your essay (at least a first draft, but specify that it is a first draft) to us by January 2010. Length isn't really an issue and the topic could be virtually anything. The IWW, Emma Goldman, Solidarity, Education, Anarchism Vs. _________, Contemporary anarchism, Tactics, Workers self-management, or Permaculture, are just a few example topics. I won’t guarantee that your contribution will be accepted (we will be using collective decision making in the essay acceptance process) but I will insure that your name is given credit in the book. Probably in some sort of special thanks page. So, if you are interested or you know of anyone who might be, please get in touch with us. Also if you happen to visit the Facebook page and you see that someone has said they are going to write an essay with your topic or a very similar one already, don't worry about it. there is no guarantee that they will even actually send us that essay and if if they do, there is no guarantee that you can't do better than them. Also, we might accept two or more essays that cover any single topic. If your essay does not get into the book, Arash and I have been talking about starting a journal/magazine about anarchism after the book takes off. With your permission we might want to use your essay for that project if it does not get accepted. The journal is still in the hypothetical stage so we can't even guarantee entry into that project but I think if the book is successful, there would be little to no reason not to green light that project.

Also, if you have any experience with book publishing, marketing or promotion please get in touch with us. really if you have ANY advice we would greatly appreciate it.

Here are some links so you can get in touch with us and also be updated with the project,
Anarchist book project page (recommended):

Arash’s Facebook Page:

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Beyond Revolution:

If I've sent this message to you before or if you are not an anarchist or do not wish to contribute, I do apologize for bothering you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Peace and Solidarity,
Nathan Revercomb (Beyond Revolution)

Reply to "Crtical Analysis of the Left" from Jose Palafox

“Never mind what’s been selling, its what you’re buying…”
--Fugazi (1990)

Comrade Joaquin,

Revolutionary Greetings! I think the questions, analysis, and critiques
you put forward here are complex and yet very necessary for all of us to
grapple with. Thank you for starting this important conversation.

I wish I had more time to respond here. I don't. However, I do think it’s
important to make two quick points here.

The first thing that struck me in your piece is the discursive position in
the essay. The essay uses very vague and broad terminology (e.g., "the
Left today", "the movement", "the people" etc.) This assumes that you
think everyone understands and/or agrees with your conceptualization of
this terminology. Personally, I prefer to make my points from the specific
to the general, that is to say, inductive thinking (as opposed to
deductive thinking, from the general to the specific).

For example, if you are discussing and analyzing the role of "Left"
praxis--the theory that is informed by their social practice--why not tell
us exactly what you mean: Who are they? Where are they (geographically
speaking)? What are their "political line(s)"? Are they Maoist? Are they
liberal-pragmatists ? When are these social movements taking place (the
particular historical juncture)? And finally, Why? Why are they "Left" (or
what makes them “Left”) and more importantly, who decides? Do you decide,
or is it a particular historical-material ist understanding that leads you
to that conclusion, and if so, what is it?

Tell us homie.

Secondly, I think I found myself disagreeing more not with what was said,
but with what wasn't. Many of us can deconstruct the shit out of anything.
The point however, as Marx reminds us, is to go beyond interpreting the
world and to instead change it. For that, I think we need to un-think,
rethink, and re-imagine new vision(s) of the society and world we wish to
live in. To put into practice a new cosmology/epistemol ogy that goes
beyond dichotomous thinking (e.g., "Left" and "Right"). To reflect on how
we will build a world in which many worlds fit in, as our compas south of
la frontera falsa remind us all the time.

The few times I have heard you speak, I heard you address the problems you
come up against in your community and some possible solutions for us to
think/act upon. I wish we could have engaged more with the ways in which
you come to understand your praxis: How? Why? What? etc. (I think its
important to speak from the "Where", i.e., from what positionality) . One
of the reasons that I suggest this is because different socio-political
groups--from the liberal Democratic Socialist of America, the N.P.I.
Complex, to the cult-group, the Revolutionary Communist Party--will and do
continue to put forth their programs. The question is what are we--in our
colectivas, in our barrios and migrant camps, in our university student
groups--doing and are willing to do?

In one of her critiques of the Civil Rights Movement, the late Ella Baker
said: "There is a lot of mobilizing but not enough organizing". I think
she was trying to warn us of not always focusing the CRMs' political work
on the spectacle: the marches, the speeches to the press, the one-day
protests. Ella Baker saw the need for these tactics and strategies,
however, she also saw the importance of the slow, tedious, and long-term
organizing with and for black folks' struggle for Civil Rights. This meant
having a political sensibility of how to work with and learn from the
specific communities (e.g., Birmingham, AL. etc.) while also keeping in
mind the particular historical juncture they were in.

The disasters of the 20th century cry out for non-eurocentric and
decolonial thinking/being. Can we produce a radical anti-capitalist
politics, and if so what might that look like? Is it possible to
articulate a critical cosmopolitanism beyond nationalism and colonialism?
Can we produce knowledges beyond essentialist and narrow-nationalism and
eurocentric fundamentalisms? I think about this a lot lately. Hope to talk
in person about this with you sometime soon. Un abrazo.

palante, Jose Palafox

Rapper Gets 2 Years for Cop-Killing Song

by Jeff Douglas / cwla Tuesday August 11, 2009
A Florida rapper is sentenced to two years in prison for a song called ‘Kill Me a Cop’ that he produced as a teenager.


Authorities say 20-year-old Antavio Johnson raps about killing two Lakeland, Fla., police officers in the tune, which cops found on MySpace while surfing for gang-related activity.

Johnson pleaded no contest to two counts of corruption by threat of a public servant and was sentenced to two years in prison last month. He was already in jail on a cocaine charge at the time. …

Singing about killing a cop was not Johnson’s first mistake. Pleading guilty and not hiring a lawyer were. Just ask Ice Cube and N.W.A., who sang ‘%#@* tha Police’ as a form of police protest more than 20 years ago.

Back in 1988, N.W.A had everyone from the FBI to the Secret Service breathing down its neck and lawsuits galore. If someone could have figured out a way to charge the group with a crime, lock ‘em up and throw away the key, I’m sure it would’ve happened.

According to the Daily Beast, Johnson was trying to make a similar lyrical protest when he wrote ‘Kill Me a Cop,’ about two police officers who harassed him.

The song announced: “Im’ma kill me a cop one day.” It called out two specific officers by name, both of whom would be shot with a “glock” in the “dome” if they ever “get my timing wrong.” The best part is not the snappy lyrics. If you Google this kid’s name, you’ll see that he’s a self-proclaimed Christian rapper.

Anyway, did Johnson deserve a two-year sentence for some stupid lyrics he wrote as a teenager? No, of course not.

Should we be surprised that a judge would hand down such a harsh sentence? No. Not at all. To quote professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.: “This is what happens to black men in America!”

After all, there’s some real irony here. This case is not about free speech and it’s not about a legitimate threat to a police officer’s life. It’s about Johnson and the N.W.A. and Gates and countless others who have been complaining about an unfair justice system for decades. At the root of this system is institutionalized police harassment of black people.

But wait a minute, you say. Shouldn’t Johnson get some punishment for making a specific threat at these cops? Yes. If you threaten a cop, there should be consequences. But two years in jail for a song that was never played on the radio? This sounds like more injustice and harassment to me.

Did we accuse John McCain of war crimes for singing “bomb, bomb Iran?”

It’s not about a crime, it’s about the authority and attempts to silence protest. And until something changes, people like Johnson will be rapping and singing about police harassment for decades to come.

The good news is this young man has a lawyer now and the ACLU at his back. He could get his sentence knocked down or thrown out in an appeal.

I posted the song below. Hope I don’t get arrested for it.

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Critical Analysis of the Left: Lets Clean House!

Critical Analysis of the Left: Lets Clean House
By Joaquin Cienfuegos


In a recent conversation with a compa, we discussed the movement internationally and here within the Empire. We compared. Things are intensifying around the world, due to many different factors, including fundamental contradictions of capitalism, and indigenous people in particular and oppressed people as a whole own conscious struggles to be free. Here in the u.s. we have much work to do, and as my comrade I was talking to put it, "We have to clean house!"

I wanted to write this piece as a means to raise some discussion over some of the key problems with the Left today. We should always be critical, and people should analyze things for themselves always in the sense of where we are at, and where we need to go, so we don't become stagnant. This is just one particular analysis of the movement and Left today, and how some forms of opportunism and liberalism manifest themselves. I want to to be as honest as possible, in terms of our collective experience, otherwise we will continue on and not really call things as they really are, therefore continue to allow these things to happen. There are definitely too many phonies running around acting like they're down for the people but only looking out for their own interests and will be quick to snitch, betray, and sell you out. This is also to combat and the struggle against these behaviors, this is not an attempt to point the finger at anyone. We cannot blame the people for 500 years of colonialism, we have to attack the system, the real problem that we are facing and that is killing us at this very moment.

We have to begin to take things more seriously, because our enemies are definitely serious. In Los Angeles they've already begun to lock individuals up or attempt to keep them busy fighting off their cases, bogging them down in their courts, jails, prisons. We definitely have a different situation here within this beast of u.s. imperialism, where we have an uphill battle to lay down the foundation for a popular movement, with all the 1st world privilege, and colonial
mentalities. As capitalism continues to crumble, we have to expect for capitalism to tighten their grip around our necks and the fascists will continue to attack our communities, colonies, and neo-colonies.

I think there are two things that are becoming more apparent in the Left today: one we are seeing clear lines being drawn (meaning we are seeing people's true colors come out) which is good in the sense that alliances are being made based on principled unity, and two we are seeing people who would rather attack and make enemies with other oppressed people or people in the movement than go after the real institutional enemies of the people in terms of the system as a whole. I think some of these things are necessary due to the times we are living in, but we definitely will have to deal with them. It is part of the process for revolution.

So in essence I put this out there for the purpose of raising dialogue, and hoping to continue to make a reality the new world in our hearts.

Lets Clean House.

Identifying and combating problems in the movement today:

Political Careerism

I think, personally, one of the biggest forms of opportunism today is political careerism, where people use the grassroots and larger movement to build their own networks for their own future political career in a sense. The most popular case of this is of course the Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who was a member of Casa, a Marxist-Leninist Chican@ organization. Now, Villaraogosa has single handedly attacked all poor people and people of color by hiring more police and funneling more city funding to local law enforcement. As well as gentrifying oppressed communities displacing families, and pushing people into the streets and prisons.

We have to be careful of folks who intend on following the footsteps of people like Villaraigosa, and are building for their future as a politician. These folks usually like to play all sides, have their hands in everything, and be known in every circle of activists, organizers, and even radicals, because they want to use these networks for their careerist intentions. These people today will lie, fake smile, and bamboozle their way into a leadership position today. Many of them have one foot in the movement today and the other they have inside the establishment and its institutions, in other words they already have a relationship with the state. Sometimes with the police, district attorneys, and many local politicians, to have their foot in the door already.

Another form of this opportunism we can see inside the Non-Profit Industrial Complex, where many political careerists hope to build up their networks and hold leadership positions already. There are also just many who use the movement for the benefit of their own career in general. Non-profits, however, have hired many people of color and who in other sectors of work would not have a job, but looking at the role that the Non-Profit Industrial Complex plays in guiding the struggle in a direction that is not a threat to the state because their funding in large comes from the state itself. We have many recent examples where these people have not been honest to the communities they "serve" in terms of their real relationship they have to the state apparatus, and in many key times of repression they have sold out the more radical segments of the movement.

Celebrity Culture

Another way some use the movement, is to promote themselves, build themselves up as a activist celebrity, build their own "legacy," and many times it is because they also want to get paid. This society is ingrained in a celebrity culture, where they put up people on a pedestal if they're "famous" and every facet of their personal life gets revealed to the world. The movement does not exist in a vacuum so therefore it is going to be affected and influenced by the larger society. So people will look to build up these activist/anarchist/and movement celebrities themselves. This is part of the social conditioning and colonialism of building up personalities and not empowering individuals to realize their own potentials as revolutionaries and as human beings. This is not to say we shouldn't celebrate our revolutionaries, our victories, our communities and individuals who have made that "revolutionary sacrifice," what I'm being critical of something completely different.

What I am discussing is not the individuals, but the culture in general, that is what we have to struggle against. We cannot blame the people for being colonized and conditioned a certain way. There are those however that wish to get paid, that is okay as long as some of that is getting back to the oppressed communities and the revolutionary movement. The real issue is the liberals, who have no other way to build a legacy or are good at anything else so therefore they seek to do that for themselves in the movement. So what we have instead of a real movement is these folks taking the struggle in a direction of personality cults in a sense, and we lose sight of the people who are the real makers of history always. The people are smart though, and they can tell who is real and who is fake, and they'll ride with the ones who will have their backs. They can tell when they are being used, and I have trust them to know what is in their interests, and they will learn through their collective experience.


Self-Righteous behavior is too common in the activist circles today, where they divorce themselves from the oppressed communities because the activists see themselves as better. This is an elitism, that comes from being separate from the oppressed communities, where activists see themselves as above "the people," because they see that they have the correct language, the correct internal behavior and practice.

All oppressed people have been socialized and colonized under this White-Supremacist-Patriarchal-Heterosexist-Capitalist-Imperialist system, so even the activists are going to carry some baggage from the system even though they say otherwise. We have to understand that we are living in unhealthy conditions, and these conditions are brought with us into the movement. The difference is where someone is constantly dealing with these unhealthy behaviors, accepting constructive criticism, and challenging themselves. There are some who do not wish to change, or is not doing so at this moment, and we have to figure out how to deal with them if they come from our communities as well. So this is where we have to work with our people where they're at not where we want them to be, otherwise we will be isolated from those we really have to reach right now.

This on the other hand does not mean we allow oppressive behavior to happen in our organizations and in our communities. We should try to build safe spaces, where all oppressed have collective ownership, are autonomous, and the state is not welcomed. These do not happen just in theory or just in our own activist circles, the community has to be brought into this process as well. It's a matter of how we work with people, when we know they will make mistakes. Does it mean we push them away when they make mistakes or say something wrong (this also depends if they're willing to work on themselves or not)? No one is exempt from criticism and from continuous growth, not even revolutionaries.

Combating and Eliminating Liberalism Today

It was in 1937 when communist in China wrote about "Combating Liberalism," and all of us, including anarchists can learn from the writings to identify liberal behavior and consciously struggle against it. The difference however is how we would approach it in a horizontalist way, not in a hierarchical, vanguard partyist way.

Liberalism, Mao Tse-Tung wrote in "Combating Liberalism," "stands for unprincipled let things slide for the sake of peace and friendship when a person has clearly gone say nothing to people to their faces but to gossip behind their say as little as possible while knowing perfectly well what is wrong."

This is all still relevant today, where the behavior I hate the most is when people try to act like they are neutral when something wrong has happened. It could have been someone giving up information to the state, or someone creating divisions in an organization, and people saying that they're neutral because it is a personal matter. The personal is political in a sense, but we cannot be neutral when the system is waging war on us. These also manifests itself today in people not calling out oppressive behavior when it happens and not challenging opportunists when they come into our communities and try to use us.

The difference though is the approach, do we just do a Stalinist purge of people who are liberal (well this also depends if they are agents of the state or not), or do we engage in some dialogue over this behavior in our organizations. I am not part of a party, and do not agree with the vanguard party model, so we do not have or need a chairman to tell us how to deal with our problems. We need to figure out for ourselves how we can work with each other, and challenge each other out of love, to help each other grow.

White Left Vanguard Parties

In my opinion, the White-Left Vanguard Party is becoming more and more insignificant today, because of the non-profit industrial complex, and working class people of color's self-organization, but the behavior of the White-Left Vanguard Party still exists today and we should challenge it. What I mean by the White-Left Vanguard Party, is the white-left organization who survived the 60's (after the truly revolutionary organizations were defeated) or who is new, and think that they need to lead the struggle and impose themselves on oppressed communities and communities of color.

This behavior also comes from socialization of the white-settler, who feels entitled to lead in the struggle because they are trained, giving the skills and resources to lead in society as a whole. So they have the white savior complex, and feel that they need to speak for the oppressed. This does not just exist in the authoritarian left, but also within the anarchist circles. This is something that is prevalent in all of the white left, and we should rely on other white leftists to challenge. Oppressed people however, should never allow them to come into our communities and impose their programs on us, where they see only other whites being fit to lead us.

There are also Marxist-Leninist organizations made up of oppressed nations who follow a similar model but believe in the self-determination of the oppressed. I personally have taken a different approach towards them because I believe that people have to figure things out for themselves sometimes. This does not mean we as anti-authoritarians don't organize, we should insert ourselves in our own communities and build the autonomous people's councils and the foundation of a popular movement. Some of these organizations will take part of the popular movement and are part of our communities. Many times we will need to enter into strategic alliances with them.

We need to be organizing under our principles and popularizing our ideas, the people will decide and know what is in their best interests in the long run. In the Third World today people are organizing more in a horizontalist and autonomous ways in the communities because the state is not providing for them, and they build up the mutual-aid relationships out of their need for survival. Many have found out this way of building is the only way to build something fundamentally new.

On Informal Hierarchies and Illegitimate Leadership

To me the overall question of leadership is one that comes down to collective responsibility and revolutionaries taking initiative. There is however, in my opinion, legitimate and illegitimate leadership.

Legitimate leadership is a revolutionaries organizing and taking the initiative to build up the collective ownership of the community, redistribute resources, and building the organization of the people. It is revolutionary individuals and collectives organizing to where there is no difference between them and the rest of the community, because they are one in the same.

The illegitimate leadership today can manifest itself in many ways: the people who do no work but want all the credit, sideline haters (who basically criticize from the sidelines of the movement but are not willing to fight with the people, or who intend to make poster children out of the youth and let them catch all the heat from the state and will not defend them), opportunists, people who wish to co-opt the movement or organizations that they had nothing to do in building (a form of opportunism), and ofcourse the state and organizations with deep ties to the state. The Non-Profit Industrial Complex now represents a form of illegitimate leadership in our communities and do many of the things mentioned, many of them have also deep ties to the state but act as the representatives for our communities.

We should not allow this to happen anymore, we shouldn't give them any power.


I will first like to start to explain the role of academia in society. For many oppressed people what we get told is the only way, "we can make it out, or make it" is to go to school and graduate from college, that for us this is the only legitimate form of struggle is in their universities. The university, however, is a bourgeois/capitalist institution, a lot of the research that comes from it feeds the war machine, so how can this be a revolutionary institution, it is not. Its role is to act as training for the people who will become the new middle class and upper middle class, fundamentally this is the role of the university.

Throughout time the oppressed have fought and students have waged important struggles in history. They've made many gains (that are now being taken away), including Ethnic Studies programs, where people can learn about their history, culture, and to think critically, of course in a way that is not threatning to the state (even though many professors connected to the community and revolutionary organizations have slipped through and teach what is needed to be taught in these schools). After many students graduate from universities the only jobs that are available to them for the most part is in the Non-Profit Sector, which also promote the idea that the ones with a university education are the best qualified to lead. I do think that if our people decide to attend a university, they should come back into their communities and democratize what their knowledge, this is a view also promoted by Chicano organizer and revolutionary Rodolf "Corky" Gonzales, in a speech given to students decades ago. They shouldn't come back and expect a leadership positionh however, just because they attended a university. They should work with the community and stand side by side with other organizers already there.

Also Academia and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex has attempted to hijack the revolution, take credit for, change the language, and again be the "legitimate" forms to struggle. Academia takes folks away from their communities if they're people of color and oppressed. They attempt to define the struggle for the people from the ivory tower, and they have a monopoly on book knowledge inaccessible to the majority of society.

Looking at the education model within academia, where you have an expert on a subject talk to you for hours and you expected to regurjitate what they tell you in a test or essay. Do people really learn this way? We need to look at forms of popular education. Just because you are not a professor does not mean you do not have things to teach, based on your experiences. You probably have many things to teach your professors, there is a lot of value in your life experiences and they are valid.

Note: There are many people inside academia challenging it from the inside, who support the community struggles.

Movement VS. Scenes and Cliques

This should come without saying that what we need to build is a movement, not a scene. In the anarchist circles today, we have to be honest with ourselves and others, we cannot call what we have a movement. We have to be relevant to the most oppressed and our communities. We cannot build organizations and events just for us, but where non-activists feel that they can relate to and think is interesting. I think in Los Angeles, we are attempting to do this and we are conscious of this at anarchist events and gatherings, there are always topics covered on all local struggles people can connect to.

We need a movement, we do not need a scene or activist cliques. Social gatherings are important but we need to go beyond the activist scene.


We need Revolution, the sooner begun, the sooner done!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



El Yaqui, la Rarámuri, el Triqui, el Binnizá, la Wixárika, el Tenek , la Nahua, el Purhépecha, el Ñha Ñhu, la Mazahua, la Coca, el Amuzgo, el Tlapaneco, el Mixteco, el Cuicateco, unimos nuestras voces, pensamientos y corazones en esta Asamblea Nacional del Congreso Nacional Indígena bajo el resguardo de nuestra madre tierra en este lugar y territorio recuperado de los y las hermanas nahuas de la costa de Michoacán, para decir a los indígenas de México y del mundo y a la sociedad civil nacional e internacional nuestra palabra:

Que el capitalismo mundial y neoliberalismo, bajo distintos ropajes, en distintos momentos de nuestra historia, desde los inicios de la denominada colonización, cuando los frailes y obispos de la inquisición torturaran e incineraran el vivo testimonio y pensamiento de nuestros pueblos hasta hoy cuando empresas transnacionales, programas gubernamentales, partidos políticos, religiones diversas, continúan incesantes con la destrucción y despojo de nuestros pueblos; este capitalismo se comporta ahora con la mayor saña que no se haya visto en la historia en una empecinada voracidad por nuestros recursos, agua, viento, vidas, tierras y territorios, no lo toleraremos, consideramos que al igual que en 1994, esta asamblea encuentra este momento como una situación de emergencia para nuestros pueblos, un momento para seguir diciendo ¡¡ basta¡¡ .

Hoy como ayer, nuestros pueblos, naciones, tribus y comunidades enfrentamos en todo el continente la violencia sistemática, traducida en despojos, desalojos, asesinatos, cárceles, desaparecidos, exiliados y represión; esta situación no puede continuar, nuestros pueblos no estamos dispuestos a seguir sintiendo la zozobra, la desesperación, el desgaste y a veces el terror propiciado por el Estado y todo esto que ha implicado hasta ahora la defensa y existencia de nuestros pueblos. Exigimos la libertad inmediata e incondicional de los 12 presos políticos de Atenco, los 5 presos políticos de Candelaria Campeche demandados por la CFE, así como la libertad inmediata e incondicional de todos y todas las presos políticos indígenas y no indígenas del país, alto al hostigamiento, amenazas y ordenes de aprehensión contra los dirigentes de las comunidades, pueblos naciones, tribus y organizaciones sociales del país. Exigimos al gobierno federal y al del estado de Oaxaca poner fin a la persecución desatada en contra del Consejo Indígena y Popular de Oaxaca-Ricardo Flores Magón y en contra del hermano Miguel Cruz Moreno, así como la cancelación de la orden de aprehensión que existe en contra del último al ser involucrado dolosamente en el caso Brad Will. Exigimos el respeto irrestricto a las radios indígenas comunitarias que actualmente operan en el país y el inmediato cese de los operativos gubernamentales encaminados a su desmantelamiento.

Para nosotros la resistencia es la otra política, es el fortalecimiento de la comunalidad, de la autonomía de la integración del pensamiento y del sentimiento de identidad de nuestro ser indígena, es nuestra alternativa histórica, es el camino que nos queda, es resultado de nuestra historia, siempre resistir es conservarnos, cuidarnos, permaneciendo, hablando nuestras lenguas, cuidando a nuestros hijos, nuestros maíces, cuidando nuestra manera de enseñar, nuestra manera de cuidar nuestra madre tierra, esa es la otra política que ahora juntos mexicanos y mexicanas indígenas y no indígenas honestas debemos buscar para que permanezca el ser y el espíritu de nuestros pueblos .

Nuestro modo de cómo somos en la comunidad es otro gobierno también donde hay mucho que aprender mucho que retomar y practicar, para nuestro Congreso Nacional Indígena, la Casa de todos los pueblos indios de México, reiteramos nuestra práctica y principios como los principios que deben orientar esa otra nueva política anticapitalista de todos los mexicanos desde abajo y a la izquierda:

1. Obedecer y no mandar
2. Bajar y no subir
3. Representar y no suplantar
4. Proponer y no imponer
5. Convencer y no vencer
6. Construir y no destruir
7. Servir y no servirse.
Defender el territorio es defender el pueblo.

La autodefensa de nuestros pueblos es un modo de organización y acción que estamos buscando y ejerciendo como un paso necesario para defender y proteger nuestra autonomía, nuestra vida, nuestros pueblos, naciones, comunidades, tribus y barrios. Nuestra autodefensa no está sujeta a ningún tipo de negociación inter o para gubernamental, es un recurso de vida para lograr un buen vivir en equilibrio en nuestras comunidades ante el resquebrajamiento y corrupción del entorno y de las instancias irresponsables de la seguridad estatal, nacional e internacional. Nuestra autodefensa es un buen gobierno por nosotros mismos nombrado, reconocido y respetado en el ejercicio de nuestro derecho a la libre determinación como pueblos que somos.

Ostula, Coire y Pomaro, tres comunidades del pueblo nahua de la costa de Michoacán han sido durante estos días la casa y ejemplo de autonomía de nuestro Congreso Nacional Indígena, vemos como pueblos que somos en ellos un ejemplo que debe mantener la fuerza que da la comunidad. Los pueblos indígenas del país participantes en el Congreso Nacional Indígena expresamos nuestra solidaridad y apoyo incondicional en este proceso y lucha por su autonomía como pueblo.

Exigimos a los gobiernos estatal de Michoacán y federal el respeto y las garantías necesarias para el funcionamiento de la policía comunitaria tradicional del pueblo indígena nahua de la Costa de Michoacán y su guardia comunal que resguarda el territorio y las vidas de las comunidades de dicho pueblo. Los participantes en esta asamblea nos pronunciamos en contra de cualquier operativo e incursión policiaca, militar o paramilitar en el territorio y comunidades de los pueblos de la costa sierra nahua de Michoacán.

Hacemos un llamado a todas y todos los hermanos de la Otra Campaña Nacional e Internacional y a la sociedad civil nacional e internacional a estar atentos a los procesos y luchas contra el neoliberalismo que los pueblos indígenas en todo el país estamos implementando. En esta ocasión los pueblos y participantes en esta Asamblea rechazamos el proyecto carretero Coahuayana Lázaro Cárdenas, así como el Plan Regional de Desarrollo Turístico Integral para la Costa de Michoacán, impulsado por los gobiernos federal y estatal y empresas transnacionales.

‘Antes como Antes ahora como ahora’



Reunidos en Xayakalan

Tribu YaquiPueblo NahuaPueblo Ñha ÑhuPueblo Purhèpecha

Pueblo BinnizáPueblo TriquiPueblo AmuzgoPueblo Coca

Pueblo MixtecoPueblo TlapanecoPueblo WixárikaPueblo Cuicateco

Pueblo Mazahua

Dado en Xayakalan, Ostula, Michoacán a 9 de agosto de 2009.

Free Cristian Cancino! Libertad para Cristian Cancino! (Llamado de solidaridad/Call for solidarity)


Carta de Cristian Cancino desde penal Santiago 1

Keridos kompas

Esta carta es principalmente para agradecer todo el apoyo que me han dado, en esta situación tan difícil para mí. Desde aki, de esta celda, hago un llamado a ke continúen denunciando el atropello de la prensa burguesa, de la policía y todo el aparato del estado, con sus montajes y persecuciones en kontra de nosotrxs, por el hecho de Okupar espacios, solidarizar con los presos y luchar por nuestra idea de libertad.

En kuanto a mí, en el penal santiago 1, he sido recibido de buena manera por los demás internos, sigo en la espera de que se esclarezcan los hechos, y se termine esta mentira, aki he conocido todo el mal que hacen las karceles de los rikos, a nosotrxs, los pobres, los maltratos, golpes e insultos de parte de los cerdos gendarme.Your browser may not support display of this image.

Hay presos con problemas mentales, ke estando en este lugar terminan deteriorando mas su mente. Acá hay muchas personas recluidas por ser pobres, y han sido acusados de delitos que no han cometido, en algunos casos les han aumentando los cargos injustamente con mentiras, pero esto krea mucho más odio a este sistema karcelario que sin duda hay ke abolirlo.

Me despido de todos y todas, esperando ke este kamino de lucha kontinue, ke el miedo, los montajes y mentiras no nos paralicen, por el kontrario seguir adelante con mas fuerza, frente a todo lo ke pueda venir.

Un fuerte abrazo para kienes apoyan y solidarizan en cada actividad y manifestación Por mi libertad y la de todos los presxs.





Cristian Cancino Carrasco Sgto. 27 de junio 2009

English Translation

Cristián Cancino’s letter from Santiago 1 State Prison. Dear comrades,

This letter is principally in appreciation for all of the support that you´ve given me, in this so difficult situation for me. From here, from this cell, I make a call out to continue denouncing the violation of the bourgeois press, of the police and the whole device of the State, with their setups and persecutions against us, for the act of occupying spaces, solidarity with the prisoners and fighting for our ideas of freedom.

As for me, in the Santiago 1 State Prison, I´ve been received well by other inmates, I continue to wait for them to clarify the facts, and for the end to this lie, here I´ve seen all of the evil that goes on in the prisons of the rich, to us, the poor, the mistreatments, blows and insults from the pig policeman.

There are prisoners with mental problems, that being in this place they end up deteriorating their mind more. Here there are many people imprisoned for being poor, and they have been accused of crimes that they haven’t committed, in some cases they are increasing the charges unjustly with lies, but this creates much more hatred towards this prison system and, undoubtedly, it´s necessary to abolish it.Your browser may not support display of this image.

I say goodbye to all of you, hoping that this way of fight continues, that the fear, the set-ups and lies don´t paralyze us, on the contrary, continuing forward with more force, to face everything that may come.

A strong hug for all who support and are in solidarity in every activity and manifestation for my freedom and for all the prisoners.

No more government setups!!!

Prisoners to the street!!!

From the center of extermination, SANTIAGO 1 MODULO 35.

(Translation of Cristián Cancino’s letter from spanish to english

by Ricardo Mancilla, Chili).

Subject: desde la okupa la idea ($hile) Llamado de solidaridad internacional para Cristian Cancino !!!
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 00:06:03 +0000

Hacemos un llamado de solidaridad internacional para nuestro compañero Cristian
Cancino, quien este miércoles 24 de junio será formalizado bajo la ley antiterrorista, siendo este el primer caso en Santiago de Chile .A nuestro compañero aparte de ser acusado de porte y tenencia ilegal de material para la fabricación de explosivos, también se le quiere adjudicar la colocación de un artefacto explosivo fuera de una farmacia el 27 de marzo pasado.

Llamamos a solidarizar con nuestro compañero manifestándose fuera de la embajada de Chile en cualquier parte del mundo, colapsando líneas telefónicas, fax, como así también apoyamos la acción directa por quien / es la tomen en sus manos.

Exigimos su libertad, dejando al descubierto el montaje policial y mediático que esta llevando acabo el estado chileno de la mano de la prensa del capital.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Cristian Cancino a la calle!!!

C. social okupado " LA IDE(A) ".
Call for international solidarity with Cristian Cancino. Wednesday morning finalized under the State anti-terrorism law (traduccion)
C. Social squatted "The Ide (A)" /, at war
Tuesday June 23 2009 by.

We call for international solidarity for our comrade Cristian Cancino, who on Wednesday June 24 will be charged under the terrorism law, which is the first case in Santiago de Chile. Our comrade, besides being charged with illegal possession and carrying of material for the manufacture of explosives, is also being charged with the placement of an explosive device outside a pharmacy last March 27th.
We make a call to solidarity with our comrade demonstrating outside the Embassy of Chile in any part of the world, collapsing telephone, fax, and also we support direct action for whom/is taking it in their own hands. Your browser may not support display of this image.
We demand their freedom leaving uncovered police and media framing that is leading the state out of the hands of the Chilean press of the capital.
Cristian Cancino the street!
C. Social squatted "The Ide (A).

........................ .
Support Atack
The deadlines imposed by the Government to meet: Someone has to fall.

Last December 31 when three squats were raided looking for a guy who had stabbed his girlfriend, seizing computers and other items made it clear that the least interest to the police was finding the aggressor. The year 2009 was anticipated as a tough year, where without doubt they were going to be busting squats, coming from the mouth of the government itself, through the then Minister (s) of the Interior, Patricio Rosende, are interviewed to ensure that the national tax Chahuán Sabas, to demand to be put deadlines for results. According to El Mercurio that January 17, Rosende allegedly said: "A couple of months." Said and done. Among the houses raided that December 31 was "The Idea", which was not found nothing "suspicious" but many things were confiscated. Since that time it was understood that the house would be under constant surveillance, any matter that could logically lead to make this place a sort of central storage and distribution of elements in the manufacture of explosives became quite laughable as police acknowledged the same thoroughness and security measures that the authors of the direct action taken. Your browser may not support display of this image.
They had suspected but had no evidence. It’s to say, they had nothing. The term is beginning to fulfill itself. Then happened what happened a month ago, the tragic death of Punkie Maury. According to police, was being investigated. According to police lived in the house "the Idea", a fact completely untrue. Perhaps this will catch our attention as if he was investigated because no one understands that busted squat. Maybe the police there managed to cross data with names and imagination: a piece found in a pay settlement of a person who worked at a company subcontracted to a mining company. His name was Cristian Cancino. There was the opportunity. Mining = black powder. Unlike 2006, when the raids consisted of talks of "manufactured molotovs" a reason that in that context was the most commonly used tool, the series of bombings in which black powder was used, to find this became necessary. Not enough "expertise chemicals" as a cop stated at the beginning. Homemade black powder involves too many components that are found anywhere, and other crude invention would not be very useful. Cristian Cancino was "unlucky" to work where the police needed someone to work. The data thus could be crossed. (What happened in that raid read it here)
Despite that he was charged with possession of explosives (he slept with them according to police under his mattress was found 474.1 grams of black powder. But he was released. It took a few days to overturn the decision and when this was not delivered to further complicate their situation, being in Rondizzoni in front of the courts, waiting for his lawyers (read what happened and reported the false recapture), arrives and kidnaps the PDI. The press said " recapture the "squatter" that had gunpowder in his bedroom. "The release said:" We received an order from the 8th Juzgado Assurance and relocate to stop him. Police work allowed us to locate the suspect in the Rondizzoni sector, "said the head of the BIPE, deputy Adolfo Rocco. A “fugitive” recaptured in front of the courts… curious .... consistent with what the comrades at la Idea related had occurred. Your browser may not support display of this image.
Now, almost by magic, the prosecutors were decreed to give a signal. Who? The big businesses that order the precious and non-alteration of anything that might expose the vulnerability of the institutions that protect their interests. Thus, in an election year, and the logical necessity of applying a few million to fund campaigns, the government decided to comply with the law to capital: implement anti terrorist law. But how? Is not that "supplier"? Another strange fact. According to the spokesman for the prosecutor East Mario Schilling, the couple was also investigated!. A strange case was that when Cristian was in the first drawing, is only formally illegal possession of explosives. He was released and revoked freedom. The Canadian returned to June 9. During that time, a magical way, the research that he, a mutual dramatically: now he would be the author of the installation of an explosive device in units of the Green Cross pharmacy in Alcantara with Columbus Avenue, Las Condes, last March 26th.
Pick: Mario Schilling said he was under investigation. The accusation of participating in an attack on March 26 comes from ... where? An investigation that they bring after he is captured? From where do they get these new piece of information for the new charges? We talked from March to late May there was no arrest warrant or anything. In a few weeks magically supposed that such investigations take time, give the result needed by the prosecution. The 20 days were sufficient to charge him jailed while the investigation of months did not incriminate or even detain a person for the direct action in march. This accusation comes in the last few days, or when it was first being charged by the pigs of the prosecution source that threw in one more charge.
Has the witch hunt ever caught a witch?
In an interview today in "El Mercurio" seems to be an attempt to close the topic bombings. " This is closely related to the title of this reflection (the media demanded compliance with deadlines in early years), trying to prove that it yes works correctly, the pigs prosecution source cops justify their pay and try to exhibit that power "always wins." But oh, surprise. Today in an interview shown to the Assistant Secretary of the Interior reported happily that the technical administration of the model could have been at peace before this "unpleasant" problem being added to the struggles that are more frequent and diverse sectors of the proletariat. Assured that with this had already given "finally" with those responsible. But the interview was 21 in the afternoon, not expecting that night clashed with the reality. Your browser may not support display of this image.
Journalist: Behind the "squatters" and stopped bombing. ¿Case clarified?
Rosende Patricio, Assistant Secretary of the Interior: "Yes, we had a very noticeable decrease in these events. This tells us that he had a good direction. The police investigations, the capture and death of some people hit the nail on who was placing explosives in different places. We are facing a very marginal group, very refractory in society, but the police work that had been doing was the right path. The death of Mauricio Morales Duarte reflects that research was correct and that these anarchists have no limits, not only against society, but have no limits for themselves. "
The Mercury June 22, C Body
Unlike the "good police work order" which suggests a way of legitimizing Rosende whoever they feel like in jail, luckily for the capital, an explosive failed to explode in front of the Edwards-City Bank of Apumanque
Apparently the house of the witches did not give the results that they had expected until the investigation that gave the nail on the head "is in jail in one of the perpetrators of the bombings, as well as supplier of gunpowder, and watched curiously squat houses ... with all this surveillance, warning of a guard (not intelligence police) prevented the explosion of the rotten place of legal robbery. The best response to the State is to continue on the offensive, to completely bare the power in the ineffectiveness and vulnerability to desperately try to shit on anybody.

Your browser may not support display of this image.


--- El lun 20-jul-09, Freddy y Marcelo Libres .com> escribió:

Your browser may not support display of this image. Your browser may not support display of this image. - Show quoted text -

De: Freddy y Marcelo Libres .com>
Asunto: Manifestacion a la casa de Neuquen este jueves.
Fecha: lunes, 20 de julio de 2009, 5:07 pmEl martes 14 de julio pasado, tras una visita a los compañerxs anticapitalistas Freddy Fuentevilla y Marcelo Villarroel, prisioneros del Estado argentino en el penal Nº 11 de Neuquen, fueron detenidxs cuatro compañerxs (de Chile, Francia y Argentina) amenazadxs y torturadxs por personal de la comisaría Nº 20 de dicha provincia.
Sometidxs a un intenso interrogatorio, debiendo soportar insultos racistas y amenazas de fusilamiento y de violacion en el caso de los compañeras, hasta que por fin lxs dejaron partir, no sin antes advertirles que no volvieran a visitar a los presos o lxs fusilarian. La hostilidad de los carceleros y la policia no termino alli, y en los dias posteriores otrxs compañerxs solidarixs recibieron en sus barrios amenazas de muerte y demas intimidaciones.
Sabemos que lo que los sirvientes del Estado y el capital persiguen con este accionar es frenar la creciente solidaridad con los compañeros Marcelo y Freddy, solidaridad que no entiende de fronteras ni de conveniencias politicas. No vemos este hecho como una situacion aislada de lo que hoy se vive en esa provincia, sino que por el contrario es la continuidad de una politica de terror y represion, que tiene en su historia el fusilamiento a manos de gendarmeria del docente Carlos Fuentealba, bajo el gobierno de Sobisch, y que hoy continua, bajo el mando de Sarpag, dirigentes verdugos del mismo partido (MPN).
Entendiendo ademas que lo que se vive en la provincia de Neuquen es lo mismo que se padece en toda la Argentina, con cientos de asesinadxs desde el restablecimiento de la Democracia, con la desaparicion de Luciano Arruga y de tantxs otrxs, con las carceles atestadas de presxs sometidos a las constantes vejaciones de los guardianes de turno. Aun mas, sabemos que todo Estado necesita de la violencia para mantener su existencia, y que toda disidencia real sera reprimida y castigada. Sin animos de victimismo, y atentos la guerra social en la cual nos toca actuar, solidarizando con los compañeros amenazados y torturados, extendiendo el pedido de Freddy y Marcelo, por su no expulsion a Chile y el refugio politico en la Argentina, convocamos el jueves 23 de julio a las 18 hs a la casa de Neuquén, Maipú 48, Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Your browser may not support display of this image.
Más información:

Your browser may not support display of this image. Atentado explosivo contra consulado $hileno en Grecia

El grupo anarquistas “Conspiración de las Células del Fuego” se responsabilizó del atentado con un artefacto explosivo contra el consulado de Chile en la ciudad griega de Tesalónica, el pasado miércoles 22 de Julio.

A través de un comunicado difundido por internet, el grupo, se refiere a las luchas llevadas a cabo en Latina América y justifican el atentado “como un gesto de honor mínimo… en memoria del compañero Mauricio Morales”.

El pasado miércoles, el grupo “Conspiración de las Células del Fuego” realizo un llamado de advertencia a un cuartel de la policía con 20 minutos de anticipación y avisando sobre una bomba colocada en el consulado.

Funcionarios expertos en explosivos desactivaron el artefacto casero compuesto por un tubo metálico relleno de explosivos y un sistema de relojería colocado en la puerta de las oficinas del consulado en un octavo piso.

En el comunicado advierten de futuros atentados incluso contra “los policías que están fuera de turno” y declaran que “ahora cambian las condiciones de la batalla y muy pronto se darán cuenta de ello”. También explican que en el atentado avisaron a la policía para darles tiempo para “evitar víctimas”.

Sin embargo, alertan que conocen “la técnica de llamadas a horas engañosas respecto a la explosión” donde la policía puede ser el próximo objetivo de ataque.

La “Conspiración de las Células del Fuego” fue responsable hace una semana de una explosión en las afueras de la residencia del almirante retirado Panos Jinofotis, ex ministro del interior, en Atenas, que causó sólo daños materiales.

También son responsables de atentados con bombas contra 2 comisarías en construcción en Atenas y Tesalónica, en Mayo pasado. Dicho atentado fue en memoria de Zoe (Your browser may not support display of this image. compañera anarquista que resulto muerta al manipular un artefacto explosivo en Francia) y Mauricio Morales.

A esto se suma también el ataque con bombas molotov contra una sucursal de Eurobank reivindicado por el “Comando Mauricio Morales Duarte. Chile 22-5-09″.

En tanto, el Gobierno pidió información a través de la embajada de Chile en Grecia, respecto a estos atentados pero con una completa discreción sobre el tema.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Urgente: Muere Comunero Mapuche en Toma de Fundo

Asesinan a Mapuche en una Toma de Predios

A tempranas horas de hoy miércoles 12 de agosto, un grupo aproximado de 80
comuneros, pertenecientes a la Comunidad Mapuche Rayén Pillán, ocupó el
Fundo San Sebastián. El empresario Sergio Gonzalez Jarpa, quien figura como
“propietario” del Fundo, reclamó la inmediata intervención de la policía
militarizada chilena, quienes raudos obtuvieron la orden judicial y
procedieron al operativo de desalojo con el apoyo de personal del GOPE.

Los hechos, en los que resultó asesinado el COmunero Mapuche, habrían
ocurrido alrededor de las 15 hrs., en el Fundo que se encuentra ubicado en
el límite de las comunas de Angol y Collipulli, en el sector conocido como
Bajo Malleco, cuando personal policial de Fuerzas « Especiales » de la
policía militarizada chilena (dotación Santiago) procedía al desalojo, con
la habitual violencia que emplean en el Territorio Mapuche.

El Weichafe asesinado, del que se desconoce aun su identidad, habría
recibido un proyectil 9mm en su costado, disparado casi a quemarropa por el
funcionario, un Cabo o Cabo Primero, que se encuentra entregando su versión
al Fiscal Militar en el lugar, para luego ser « evacuado de la zona, por su
seguridad »declaró el jefe policial. Por su parte el gobierno, los
tribunales, la fiscalía militar y las policías afinan la que será la versión
oficial sobre lo ocurrido. Según información que se ha podido filtrar, la
policía prepara la « tesis » de la « legitima defensa », argumento utilizado
ya en otras oportunidades para encubrir la responsabilidad directa de los
funcionarios policiales involucrados en estos hechos criminales. En el
"operativo" de desalojo habrían resultado detenidas 8 personas, de las que
se desconoce su suerte, si están lesionados y cual será su suerte o si serán
víctimas de un nuevo montaje político-mediático-judicia
l, a los que nos
tiene habituados el Estado de Chile. (NOTICIA EN DESARROLLO...)





Friday, August 14, 2009

X-Vandals are currently booking for their 2009 fall/winter College tour


X-Vandals are currently booking for their 2009 fall/winter College tour.

MC Not4Prophet of Ricanstruction and DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy are X-Vandals, and together they have rican-structed a truly incendiary and incite-full, dangerous and danceable, modern-day militant music made and played to move the Masses and mould minds..

Raised in the uptown slums of New York City, these two neo-school NuYoRicans now known collectively as X-Vandals have re-fashioned and fused all the fire, fury, filth and funk of the ghetto/barrio streets of their upbringing, with the creative calle cultures currently called hardcore Hip Hop and punk rock to spawn a brand new breed of rebel music for the underground and the under class.

The emcee/singer/graffiti writer/agitator known as Not4Prophet was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and came up on the streets of East Harlem and the South bronx, NYC. As a teen-ager he was homeless, and (then) a squatter, He went on to form(ulate) and front the underground anti-corporate political punk/hip hop/salsa/reggae fusion band known as RICANSTRUCTION, that ipropaganda magazine refered to as "the most dangerous band in the underground", Bad Azz Mofo magazine called "the official soundtrack for the revolution that's coming", and Frontera magazine called "a political timebomb", and later founded the art and agitation collective called RICANSTRUCTION NETWERK that has over the years organized and mobilized political rallys, demonstrations, benefits and fundraisers in support of worthy (and varied) political causes throughout the US, Latin America and other barrios, favelas, and ghettos around the world.

Johnny Juice was raised in the Bronx, NYC, and witnessed the birth of Hip Hop right on his doorstep. The boogie down bred Turntableist/B-Boy/Graffiti writer/producer, first displayed his break dancing skills at the age of 14 in the mid '80s classic Hip Hop film Beat Street, and by the time he was 16 he was working with the iconic instigators, Public Enemy as a member of the (in)famous Bomb Squad on PEs debut release Yo Bum Rush the Show and their classic album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back. Over the years the emmy award nominated DJ/producer has also lent his production and seditious scratching skills to projects by such legendary artists as Mavis Staples, Pete Cosey, Mandrill, KRS ONE, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, The Beastie Boys, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, LL Cool J, Rob Swift, and Leaders of the New School, to name but a few.

As X-Vandals, Not4Prophet and DJ Johnny Juice have electrified stages and edutained every audience, and have also conducted enlightening lectures and workshops in schools, University's and prisons on the politics of street survival and the war of art.

X-Vandals are looking to book at your school/university during the moths of September thru May.

As conscious, politically active, people (and artists) of color who have in the past (and present) build with youth and shape ideas and lives, thru the use of knowledge, culture art 9and having fun!), X-Vandals would undoubtedly be perfect for your school. X-Vandals is not just entertainment, it is an experience.

Here's what a few others have said about X-vandals:

" X-Vandals passion and commitment to the cause and the culture, and their ideologically intense level of knowledge, energy, skill and realism set a new and staunch standard for Hip Hop and its righteous quest black to the future. With their furious and uncompromising fusion of hardcore Rap, political punk rock, old school street salsa and what Motown founder Berry Gordy used to call "a combination of rats, roaches, soul, guts and love", X-Vandals will surely scare many lesser efforts and all challengers away from even attempting such a sonic social sabotage, and undoubtedly further frighten many a mainstream journalists from even attempting to define what these former vandals do so effectively and so well. X-Vandals are the truth. I hope you can handle it?" - Chuck D of Public Enemy

"X-Vandals are underground street soldiers battling for the very heart and soul of this upside down society. They're this generations guerrilla graffiti artists, spraying the stage with a wild style statement of purpose and bombing a multi-colored musical manifesto on all trains of thought in todays false representation of our Hip Hop culture. X-Vandals is simply reality's writing on the wall" - DMC of RUN DMC

Hip Hop without the spirit of revolution is like a body without a soul. The hardcore heartbeat rhythms of DJ Johnny Juice literally pump the lyrical blood and guts of Not4prophet's aural assaults. Together, they're like thunder and lightning, hache y machete, Chango and ellegua, a true from-the-tenements testament to the power of our illegalized legacy and Hip Hops cultural imperative. X-Vandals are pure, unapologetic "base in your face" underground and under class vibrations for all nations. 'Nuff respect to these brave warriors (who have come out to play) and defiant defenders of justice-for-the-people, who hold it down in the Hip Hop trenches. X-vandals will rock on till the break of dawn and beyond, if you can stay up that late. " - POPMASTER FABEL of Rock Steady Crew/Universal Zulu Nation

Below is more info on X-vandals. A full press kit can be provided upon request by writing us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Emily "Resister" Fernandez


Interview with Revolutionary Artist Emory Douglas

Kasama Podcasts presents an interview with former Black Panther Minister of Culture Emory Douglas. The interview was conducted by Kazembe Balagun.

Listen to this interview

Subscribe to Kasama podcasts

Visit our Kasama podcast archive [1]

Kazembe writes:

“Emory Douglas was the official artist of the Black Panther Party and for a time served as its Minister of Culture. His cartoons, illustrations and woodcuts graced the cover of the Black Panther newspaper and were revered internationally for its explosive content. Emory’s work served as a touchstone for revolutionary artists throughout the 1960s and 1970s and continue to inspire. “This month the New Museum in New York City will host a major retrospective of Emory Douglas’ work. “Emory Douglas” Black Panther” brings together the host of images Douglas created for the Black Panther Party. I had the privilege of talking with Emory Douglas at the New Museum on the eve of his exhibition opening.”

Click for examples of Emory’s revolutionary art >

Emory Douglas (photo: Jed Brandt)

Emory Douglas (photo: Jed Brandt)

Posters from the Black Panther newspaper:

Click to enlarge >









Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anderson Silva is the new Bruce Lee in my opinion,1796.0.html

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Black August Los Angeles Events

WEEK OF AUGUST 9th (Sun.) thru AUGUST 15 (Sat.)

August 9, Sunday @ 9 am
Black Panther Alumni Assoc. Breakfast
Mama's House, 3864 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles 90008
Contact Roland Freeman

August 9, Sunday @ Noon
Van pool to San Francisco for SF8 Court Hrg
of Francisco Torres (thru August 10, Mon).
Contact Deacon Alexander 213.985.8770

August 10, Monday @ 7pm - 8:30pm
Capoeira Angola de Sao Bento Grande
Urban Contemporary Dance Center
2920 1/2 W. Florence Ave.
Los Angeles 90043. Walk through the driveway to back of the building.
Class fee is waived for Black August (donations accepted).
Contact Professor Jahsun - 619.218.9521

August 10, Monday - August 18, Saturday
Black Karate Federation, Boxing, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Submission Wrestling, MMA, Aikido
The Academy of Martial Arts.US, 3403 W.43rd St, Los Angeles 90008..
No payment required when you mention Black August for new student (donations accepted).
Contact Brother Ahmad - 323.296.5778

August 13 Thursday @ 7pm
Report on status of San Francisco 8 Case
AFIBA Center, 5730 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043

August 15, Saturday @ 3 pm
Police Encounters - Know Your Rights
Human Rights Advocacy
AFIBA Center, 5730 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043


Letter Writing to Political Prisoners
The Baobab Project of Black August Los Angeles is intended to provide a bridge to connect those behind the walls with those outside. Postcards and addresses of our political prisoners will be provided at each BALA event.

Collective Breaking of Daylight Fast
For those who want to end the daylight fast with healthy food, the comrades at Vegi Soul are offering one free lemonade or tea with purchase of a meal and mention of Black August.
Vegi Soul, 1436 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 323-731-8344


The calendar for Black August Los Angeles is attached as a pdf file.

For more info call James at 424-200-4968

Black August Los Angeles

"Settle your quarrles, come together,
understand the reality of our situation,
understand that fascism is already here,
that people are dying who could be saved,
that generations more will die or live poor
butchered half-lives if you fail to act.
Do what must be done, discover your
humanity and your love in revolution.
Pass on the torch. Join us..."
"The sooner begun, the sooner done."
Comrade George Jackson

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Re: APOC Philly Slap a White Boy Action Against Crimethinc

I feel that folks here in L.A. have been trying to focus on organizing our own communities for a coupe of years now, learning from our own experiences in the movement in general.

We understand that the white left isn't where it should be, but we shouldn't make it about them. That is never our responsibility, we're wasting time, energy, and resources on them instead of building in our own communities: building autonomous people's councils, "people's institutions," and revolutionary base areas.

Really, sometimes we do have to slap a white boy, that's real. That's if they're attacking our communities or disrespecting, sometimes you have to do that. From what I hear though, those Crimethinc folks were having dialogue on gentrification (challenging it) and how they could be better allies, even though I disagree with their politics and their approach.

We should be conscious that there is a "left-wing white supremacy" (as Lorenzo Komboa Ervin pointed out) in the forms of white left vanguard parties and also within the anarchist "scene" but how do we challenge that? Do we go to their gatherings and disrupt their events? What for? To me it shows that maybe that is where the folks that did this action are at, and what they see more important, self-gratification vs. the needs of the people. We should challenge the ideas that come from Crimethinc and the left-wing white supremacists, more so in the realm of theory, practice, and praxis. Let's not make it about what they're doing, that is for them to figure out.

I applaud the work of folks in Philly in the sense that they're creating a space for queer, trans, and non-men-identifying folks of color. I support that just like I support people of color creating their own vision, strategy, space etc. I was never opposed to that. My concerns were the approach of some of the folks that identify as APOC as a whole. In general, again, my people are my responsibility, and we have to work with each other where we're at.

I feel that the Crimethinc actions were reactionary, in all meanings of the word reactionary.

We don't have any real political, theoretical, and/or tactical unity at this point within APOC, and I feel this is where all these disagreements stem from. However, I hope if someone does an an action in the name of APOC that can jeopardize the group, that we hold them accountable.

I do think we should all put out a statement or at least different APOC collectives put out different statements publicly. Since the majority of people think that the Crimethinc "Slap a White Boy" action was endorsed by all of APOC.

Jordan spoke about Philly folks building autonomy, we should all get into what that really means. Having my own understanding of autonomy, learning from the indigenous communities down south in Mexico, it does not mean we go into communities that are not our own and tell people how they should organize, or imposing our vision on others. It does not mean building a click or a scene, it means building dual power and confronting the state, the settler-colonial institutions and creating the councils of the people that are the foundation for the new world we are trying to build.