Friday, August 14, 2009

Interview with Revolutionary Artist Emory Douglas

Kasama Podcasts presents an interview with former Black Panther Minister of Culture Emory Douglas. The interview was conducted by Kazembe Balagun.

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Kazembe writes:

“Emory Douglas was the official artist of the Black Panther Party and for a time served as its Minister of Culture. His cartoons, illustrations and woodcuts graced the cover of the Black Panther newspaper and were revered internationally for its explosive content. Emory’s work served as a touchstone for revolutionary artists throughout the 1960s and 1970s and continue to inspire. “This month the New Museum in New York City will host a major retrospective of Emory Douglas’ work. “Emory Douglas” Black Panther” brings together the host of images Douglas created for the Black Panther Party. I had the privilege of talking with Emory Douglas at the New Museum on the eve of his exhibition opening.”

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Emory Douglas (photo: Jed Brandt)

Emory Douglas (photo: Jed Brandt)

Posters from the Black Panther newspaper:

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