Thursday, December 15, 2016

On Solidarity

In terms of building real solidarity and how that looks like, if we are going into a community or land that isn't ours or our ancestors' then we must take a step back and not impose our own ideas or ways of doing things,  but rely on revolutionary/ warrior elements that exist already within for leadership and allow for the natural internal struggle to be pushed forward.

Doesn't mean we can't have ideas or opinions,  we can and should,  in example, in my opinion regarding the Standing Rock struggle, I think if you look at history, the reason why the Lakota people exist today is because they fought and won battles. Obviously the colonizer doesn't forget either and has systematically oppressed indigenous nations in that region. In any popular uprising there will always be different agendas struggling for direction and influence.  As a supporter I hope to side with the radical elements that align with my own vision as well but don't want to impose or get in the way of the natural internal struggle that will and needs to take place within the nation for their overall  fight for land and freedom.

This is how I approach solidarity as I take the fight back to where I'm at and for decolonization as a whole.

My two cents