Monday, March 27, 2017

Statement on My Arrest March 25th

Statement on my arrest

On March 25th,

A group of about 100 or more pro-trump demonstrators marched down Hollywood Blvd, with no counter-demonstration whatsoever.

After a confrontation, the police came and detained me and a trump supporter.

They arrested me after finding brass knuckles in my pocket, then releasing the trump supporter and shaking his hand. Even through it didn't surprise me, it still angered me.

They took me to Wilcox Station and charged me with possession of Brass knuckles, which is a felony.

My bail was set at 20,000 (2,000) and ended up bailing myself out because of responsibilities like work, son, and thinking I had to move my car before it got towed, on an instalment plan. Luckily, a close comrade and other comrades had my car towed to safe place so it wouldn't get towed and accumulate charges.

My court date is on April 19th.

Honestly, what went through my mind the whole time, was these racists cannot march down Hollywood in Los Angeles, without anyone challenging them. I wasn't planning to get arrested, and wasn't planning to do anything, until I was attacked by the trump supporter who claimed I took his "Make America Great Again" Hat, so I defended myself against him and two other trump supporters who hid behind their protectors the Los Angeles Police Department.

I just wanted to put my story out to friends, comrades and family.