Greetings All,

MACHETERO is back in NYC after the Irish premiere and award last month. It will be playing as a part of the New York International Independent Film And Video Festival Thursday, October 29th @ 8PM.

i just received word that if we sell out the MACHETERO screening on Thurs. Oct. 29th @ 8PM we will get a 2nd screening. However we need to sell out the theater by this Fri. Oct. 9th. The theater seats 150 people... Can we do it?

Let's try! Buy your tickets now to this 1st screening and let's gets a 2nd screening of MACHETERO scheduled! Let's show and prove NYC that self-financed, independent, artistic, politically minded films about the de-colonization of a Latin American nation has an audience in NYC...

If 75 people could step up and bring someone else with them to the screening... (who likes going to the movies alone?) we could make this goal of selling out this screening (150 seats) of MACHETERO before Friday the 9th.

The image above is linked to the website that is selling tickets... click on it to take you to the page... or

Much thanx for all of your support in the past and for the support of the present and for the support i know i will receive from all of you in the future...

All the best,