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Primer Festival Mundial de la Digna Rabia


[No Thanks, No Giving!] Parent Faces Racist Backlash for Standing Up to Stereotypes
National Day of Mourning Speech, 1970 by Wampsutta, an Aquinnah Wampanoag elder and Native American activist.

Claremont Unified School District

Superintendent's Office

Dr. David Cash,

Supterintendent: (909) 398-0609 x.70101

Condit Elementary School

Tim Northrop, Principal


Phone: (909) 398-0609 x. 66001

CNN: Parents divided over costumes

A kindergarten Thanksgiving celebration is causing some controversy in one California community. Affiliate KCAL reports.

ABC NEWS: Thanksgiving costumes banned at school

DAILY BULLETIN: Thanksgiving feast draws protesters to Condit Elementary School

Wes Woods II, Staff Writer

Created: 11/25/2008 10:13:15 PM PST


Thanksgiving feast draws protesters to Condit Elementary School

Wes Woods II, Staff Writer

Created: 11/25/2008 10:13:15 PM PST

CLAREMONT - Both sides involved in Tuesday's protest over the Thanksgiving feast at Condit Elementary School claimed to be there for the children.

But with the heavy media attention, the children did not seem to be taking it all too seriously.

Claremont police Lt. Dennis Smith said Tuesday afternoon that children at the school kept running up to the fence, saying, "Put me on TV. Take my picture."

The protest started after parent and UC Riverside instructor Michelle Raheja wrote a letter to the Claremont Unified School District, upset about the holiday feast that has been held for decades.

The feast involves kindergartners at Mountain View and Condit elementary schools dressing up in costumes and taking turns visiting each other's schools.

Raheja took issue with the costumes, which she and other protesters believed to be perpetuating stereotypes about American Indians.

The protesters also objected to the celebration of Thanksgiving because the event glosses over the uglier parts of America's colonization.

Parents who came out in opposition to the protest said they believe Raheja and her supporters are trying to push a "liberal agenda" on the children.

Raheja and parents on both sides of the issue loudly expressed their opinions at Thursday's school board meeting.

After the volatile three-hour meeting, district Superintendent David Cash said the principals of both schools tentatively had decided to hold the feast without costumes.

The media on Tuesday followed parents who walked with their children from Mountain View to Condit wearing headdresses and American Indian-styled vests to protest the decision.

When parents and children arrived at Condit, there was another group of protesters, many younger and of American Indian descent.

They carried signs that said "Racism," "No Thanks No Giving," "Respect" and "Don't Celebrate Genocide."

The children then entered Condit Elementary and prepared for their feast as the smell of turkey wafted through the air.

Despite the relative peacefulness of the event, Smith said there was "some concern" from school officials, and police were called about 10 a.m. to the scene.

"Reportedly, there was foul language being exchanged," Smith said.

He said he had not seen any nasty verbal confrontations.

The group representing American Indians voluntarily moved across the street, Smith said.

There were about 10 protesters on each side in front of the school, Smith said.

At one point, some parents, dressed as the Pilgrims, handed the anti-costume group a plate stacked with Thanksgiving food in an effort to make peace.

Protester Klee Benally of Navajo nation descent said, "We've seen this trick before. Our people were massacred."

The opposing side groaned.



The arrival of Europeans on the east cost of North America occurred not in 1620, but well before. French and Dutch fishermen and settlers had been in the area as early as 1614, and had been responsible for kidnapping Indians, selling them into slavery, and maliciously infecting them with smallpox.

In 1620 the pilgrims arrived on the east coast and within two days they had received assistance from the local Wampanoag Indian tribe: The pilgrims stole their stored crops, dug up graves for dishes and pots, and took many native people as prisoners and forced them to teach crop planting and survival techniques to the colonists in their new environment. Luckily, for the colonists, an ex-slave named Squanto had recently escaped slavery in England, spoke English fluently and was able to instruct the pilgrims in crop planting, fishing, and hunting. Squanto not only escaped from slavery, he was also one of the only survivors of his tribe, the rest had been wiped out from the European smallpox plagues years before. When it came to helping the rag-tag team of colonists, Squanto, not only was able to put aside his personal differences with the people who had enslaved him and killed off his entire tribe, but also helped make the colonists self-sufficient, and aided in brokering a treaty with the Wampanoag tribe. In 1621 Massasoit, the chief of the Wampanoags, signed a "treaty of friendship" giving the English permission to occupy 12,000 acres of land.

In 1621 the myth of thanksgiving was born. The colonists invited Massasoit, chief of the Wampanoags, to their first feast as a follow up to their recent land deal. Massasoit in turn invited 90 of his men, much to the chagrin of the colonists. Two years later the English invited a number of tribes to a feast "symbolizing eternal friendship." The English offered food and drink, and two hundred Indians dropped dead from unknown poison.

The first day of thanksgiving took place in 1637 amidst the war against the Pequots. 700 men, women, and children of the Pequot tribe were gathered for their annual green corn dance on what is now Groton, Connecticut. Dutch and English mercenaries surrounded the camp and proceeded to shoot, stab, butcher and burn alive all 700 people. The next day the Massachusetts Bay Colony held a feast in celebration and the governor declared "a day of thanksgiving."

In the ensuing madness of the Indian extermination, natives were scalped, burned, mutilated and sold into slavery, and a feast was held in celebration every time a successful massacre took place. The killing frenzy got so bad that even the Churches of Manhattan announced a day of "thanksgiving" to celebrate victory over the "heathen savages," and many celebrated by kicking the severed heads of Pequot people through the streets like soccer balls.

The proclamation of 1676 announced the first national day of thanksgiving with the onset of the Wampanoag war, the very people who helped the original colonists survive on their arrival.

Massasoit, the chief invited to eat with the puritans in 1621, died in 1661. His son Metacomet, later to be known by the English as King Phillip, originally honored the treaties made by his father with the colonists, but after years of further encroachment and destruction of the land, slave trade, and slaughter, Metacomet changed his mind. In 1675 "King Phillip" called upon all natives to unite to defend their homelands from the English. For the next year the bloody conflict went on non-stop, until Metacomet was captured, murdered, quartered, his hands were cut off and sent to Boston, his head was impaled on a pike in the town square of Plymouth for the next 25 years, and his nine-year-old son was shipped to the Caribbean to be a slave for the rest of his life. On June 20, 1676 Edward Rawson was unanimously voted by the governing council of Charlestown, Massachusetts, to proclaim June 29th as the first day of thanksgiving. The proclamation reads in part: "The Holy God having by a long and Continual Series of his Afflictive dispensations in and by the present War with the Heathen Natives of this land, written and brought to pass bitter things against his own Covenant people in this wilderness, yet so that we evidently discern that in the midst of his judgments he hath remembered mercy… The council has thought meet to appoint and set apart the 29th day of this instant June, as a day of solemn Thanksgiving and praise to God for such his Goodness and Favor…"

It was not until 1863 that Abe Lincoln, needing a wave of patriotism to hold the country together, that Thanksgiving was nationally and officially declared and set forth to this day. At the time, two days were announced as days to give thanks, the first was a celebration of the victory at Gettysburg on August 6th, and the second one became the Thursday in November that we know now.

The most interesting part of thanksgiving is the propaganda that has been put out surrounding it. During the 19th century thanksgiving traditions consisted of turkey and family reunions. Whenever popular art contained both pilgrims and Indians, the scene was usually characterized by violent confrontations between the two groups, not a multi-cultural/multi-racial dinner. In 1914 artist Jennie Brownscombe created the vision of thanksgiving that we see today: community, religion, racial harmony and tolerance, after her notorious painting reached wide circulation in Life magazine.

Adamant protests to the celebration of thanksgiving have taken place over the years. As early as 1863 Pequot Indian Minister William Apess urged "every man of color" to mourn the day of the landing, and bury Plymouth Rock in protest. In 1970 Apess got his way. 1970 was the "350th" anniversary of thanksgiving, and became the first proclaimed national day of mourning for American Indians. State officials of Massachusetts asked Frank B. James, President of the federated Eastern Indian League, to speak at the thanksgiving celebration. The speech he submitted read: "Today is a time of celebrating for you… but it is not a time of celebrating for me. It is with heavy heart that I look back upon what happened to my people… The pilgrims had hardly explored the shores of Cape Cod… before they had robbed the graves of my ancestors, and stolen their corn, wheat, and beans… Massasoit, the great leader of the Wampanoag, knew these facts; yet he and his people welcomed and befriended the settlers…, little knowing that… before 50 years were to pass, the Wampanoags… and other Indians living near the settlers would be killed by their guns or dead from diseases that we caught from them… Although our way of life is almost gone and our language is almost extinct, we the Wampanoags still walk the lands of Massachusetts. What has happened cannot be changed, but today we work toward a better America, a more Indian America where people and nature once again are important."

James was subsequently barred from speaking. As a result, hundreds of people from around the country came to support him by gathering around the statue of Massasoit that had been erected in town. The protesters buried Plymouth Rock twice that day. For the next 24 years, American Indians staged protest every thanksgiving, in 1996 the United American Indians of New England put a stop the annual pilgrim parade and forced the marchers to turn around and head back toward the seaside. In 1997 the peaceful protestors were assaulted by members of the Plymouth police, the county sheriffs department, and state troopers on horseback in full riot gear. Men, women, children, and elders were beaten, pepper sprayed and gassed. Twenty-Five people were arrested; blacks, whites, latinos, Indians, and even a 67-year-old Penobscot elder were taken to jail. Videotape was later produced to confirm the assault and ensuing police brutality. Plymouth is known as "Americas Hometown."

Finally in 1999 plaques were approved and dedicated to commemorate "genocide" and other crimes against indigenous peoples of the Americas. The plaque at Coles Hill, where the statue of Massasoit is reads: "Native Americans do not celebrate the arrival of the pilgrims and other European settlers… To them, thanksgiving day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of their people, the theft of their lands, and the relentless assault on their culture." The second plaque in the towns post office square honors "King Phillip", Massasoits son.


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A Brief Note

This is a compilation of different "Truths" about thanksgiving. While many of the sources used were originally culled from internet resources and many of those sources pulled from actual books, use your head before believing everything. Again this is a COMPILATION of truths. Everyone says they have the truth about thanksgiving, so be careful what you believe since theres probably only one; and since everyones dead or just plain not talking about what really happened all anyone has to go on is research. Conclusion: be careful what you put in your head.

One More Note

This article has appeared under a variety of different titles. I prefer to call it "Thanksgiving", or if you really want to add flare, "A Truth about Thanksgiving". If you must go with the latter, dont forget the "A". Also, if you do decide to put this on your website or email this out, all I ask is you link the original article to this page. Thanks.

Klee Benally

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APOC Social in Los Ángeles on Dec. 6th at 6PM

(En Español) [English version follows below]

Para todxs lxs que se consideran Gente Anarquista de Color
Para todxs lxs que han tenido curiosidad sobre el praxis Anti-autoritario & Gente Anarquista de Color
Para toda la Gente Anarquista de Color que se han estado preguntando que honda con Los Ángeles

Están invitadxs a una reunión social informal para conocer, comer, hablar, conectarse y planear con Gente de Color Anarquista de la localidad. Nos gustaría que este fuese un espacio cómodo exclusivamente para la Gente de Color con políticas e intereses situados dentro de una política anti-autoritaria. Juntamente con esto, queremos darle prioridad a las mujeres, queers, trans, inmigrantes, gente con desabilidades y gente de la clase trabajadora. No tenemos una agenda pre-formada, pero nos gustaría discutir nuestro rol como Gente Anarquista de Color en la Feria del Libro Anarquista de Los Ángeles que se aproxima este Diciembre 13 del 2008. Se ha designado un espacio solamente para que la Gente Anarquista de Color, de la área y de fueras, se reúnan y tengan platicas. También habrá un panel para ser presentado a todxs lxs que atiendan la feria, lo cual seria un buen tema a discutir cuando nos reunamos en este primer encuentro. Hemos esta en contacto con otrxs Gentes Anarquistas de Color, especialmente aquellxs del Sur Oeste de los Estados Unidos, y se están haciendo esfuerzos para organizar una reunión regional de Gente Anarquista de Color en el futuro. Por favor vengan, comamos y platiquemos sobres estas cosas y sobre otros temas que nos interesen como Gente Anarquista de Color!

(English Version)
To all those who consider themselves Anarchist People of Color,
To all POC who have been curious about Anti-authoritarian praxis & APOC,
To all APOC who have been wondering what is up in Los Ángeles,

You are invited to an informal, social get-together to meet, eat, talk, connect & plan with other local APOC. We would like this to be a safe space exclusively for people of color, whose politics and interests lie within anti-authoritarian politics. Along with that is our simultaneous prioritizing of women, queer, trans, immigrants, people with disabilities and from the working class. We have no pre-formatted agenda but would like to discuss our role as APOC in the upcoming Los Ángeles Anarchist Bookfair taking place on December 13th, 2008. An APOC-only caucus segment has been reserved for local and out-of-town APOC to gather and hold discussions. There is also an open panel for all LA Anarchist Book fair attendees and this may be a good topic to discuss when we meet. We have been in touch with other APOC, especially those from the US SouthWest and there is an effort to organize a regional APOC gathering at some point. Please do come, let's eat and chat about all this stuff and other APOC matters!

Saludos libertarios,
Gente Anarquista de Color viviendo en Los Ángeles
Anarchist People Of Color living in Los Angeles

Cuando / When: Sabado / Saturday, Dic. / Dec. 6th, 2008 6:00PM
Donde / Where: Los Ángeles, location to be determined, please email us for details.
Los Ángeles, lugar a ser determinado, por favor manda un correo electrónico para mas detalles.
Contacto / Contact:

Para mas información sobre GAC vean estas links (si, desgraciadamente todo en Ingles):
For more APOC background information check out:

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[Guanaco's Angina] Joaquin Cienfuegos for Anti-President?


hi comrades,

thank you, i definitely appreciate the support, but i agree no one should be put up on a pedestal. I do struggle against that myself, I am only an individual, and am nothing without the people. I have dedicated myself to the revolutionary process and to the people.

I did find it funny however.

gracias compas, en lucha,


--- On Thu, 11/20/08, Carlos Antonio Rivas wrote:
From: Carlos Antonio Rivas
Subject: Re: [apoc] [Guanaco's Angina] Joaquin Cienfuegos for Anti-President

Date: Thursday, November 20, 2008, 9:07 AM

I agree 100% and was in no way trying to elevate the personality of Joaquin to anything more than a noteworthy individual who is at present in need of our support, as evidenced by news posted earlier this week on our list. My post was simply reactionary to his recent persecution, and a satirical anti-electioneering gesture. Of course we don't want to elevate personalities and then end up with new personalities (intentionally or inadvertently) exerting authority over the movement, and I'd imagine Joaquin himself would be quite opposed to him or anyone else having any sort of elevated status, but I would hope that he and others in the movement would appreciate the comedy in a campaign to elect him as Anti-President.

Carlos Antonio Rivas

Think Global. Act Local.
Cuba's Cure: http://www.yesmagaz asp?ID=1733

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 11:57 AM, cesar lopez wrote:
i just read this and i want to comment on it. we should be careful about focusing on personalitiies. we should talk about what the solid work that people do and show evidence of it rather than focus on any personailties. any way here are these comments:
-Yes we should be proud of our own folks especially us as Xikan@s!
-Yes we need to work for folks to get out of prison! Yes Joaquin nees to be out of jail!
-Yes, I have read some of his interviews and writings, from him and RAC, and I appreciated them. But I did not think they were the end all in analysis and real action to build power
-Yes we should be careful not zero in on personalities and to continue the struggle and focus on power and base building


--- On Wed, 11/19/08, Carlos Antonio Rivas wrote:
From: Carlos Antonio Rivas
Subject: [apoc] [Guanaco's Angina] Joaquin Cienfuegos for Anti-President
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 4:21 PM

Joaquin Cienfuegos: First of all, that's a badass name. But just in case that isn't enough:

http://joaquincienf uegos.blogspot. com/http://www.pacifica foundation. org/elections/ joaquin-cienfueg os/joaquin- cienfuegos- candidate- statement. html

Joaquin Cienfuegos is a true man of the people. Joaquin Cienfuegos is the embodiment of change. Joaquin Cienfuegos doesn't talk about "hope" and "change", he creates it. Joaquin Cienfuegos is a man of our time, fighting, struggling. Joaquin Cienfuegos was recently harassed and withheld by the LAPD, with no grounds for his detention, and if we remain silent, the LAPD will continue to act with impunity.

Free Joaquin Cienfuegos. Stop the LAPD. Stop the Imperial US. Free yourself.

This is a post sponsored by Joaquin Cienfuegos for Anti-President

Posted By Guanaco to Guanaco's Angina at 11/19/2008 05:54:00 PM

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[EUA] El imperio está perdiendo su control: una entrevista con Joaquin Cienfuegos

[EUA] El imperio está perdiendo su control: una entrevista con Joaquin Cienfuegos

[EUA] El imperio está perdiendo su control: una entrevista con Joaquin Cienfuegos

Free Joaquin[Joaquin Cienfuegos, 25 años, es un Chicano, militante anarquista desde hace tiempo, miembro del Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (Comunidades Autónomas Revolucionarias - RAC), Cop Watch de Los Angeles, Anarchist People of Color (Personas de Color Anarquistas - APOC), y uno de los organizadores de la primera y anual Feria de Libro Anarquista de Los Angeles, la cual se llevará a cabo el 13 de diciembre de 2008. La entrevista a continuación fue conducida por el compañero estadunidense Chuck Morse, en ella, El Cienfuegos habla sobre sus recientes conflictos judiciales y su activismo en general en Estados Unidos.]

¿Puedes hablar sobre tu prisión en julio y sobre que situación está ahora tu caso?

El 27 de junio, la policía arrinconó el coche que yo conducía mientras daba una vuelta con un compañero hasta su casa. Ellos escudriñaron mi maletero y encontraron folletos del Festival de Solidaridad de Verano referentes a los 3 Caballeros Negros (tres prisioneros políticos detenidos bajo una conspiración diseñada y acusados de portar armas), y entonces arrancaron una caja negra cogiendo mi AIRE-15 legalmente obtenido. Ellos inmediatamente me llevaron bajo custodia y me acusaron por posesión ilegal de un rifle de asalto.

Esta no es la primera vez que tengo que lidiar con represiones políticas o con acoso policial. Ese tipo de cosas son bien comunes para un Chicano que creció en las nuevas-colonias de Fresno y en el Sur de Los Angeles. Con certeza, el Estado quiere tener monopolio sobre las armas y la violencia, y vé a todo el mundo en nuestra comunidad como criminales. Esa es la razón por la cual ellos se relacionan con nosotros de la manera que lo hacen, y no dudan en matar personas inocentes en nuestros vecindarios.

Estoy luchando en mi caso. Mi próximo día en el tribunal es 6 de noviembre. Guillermo Suarez, un abogado de derechos civiles radical, me está representando. Y personas en el movimiento en general, y anarquista alrededor del mundo en particular, me han apoyado, a mi familia y a mi organización.

¿Qué puede hacer la gente para apoyarte?

Cualquier apoyo es bien venido. Fui afianzado gracias a la ayuda de las personas, mis amigos/as y compañeros/as, y nosotros queremos devolverles ese dinero. Tenemos una web donde las personas pueden contribuir: www.diyzine.con/freejoaquin.

También, las Comunidades Autónomas Revolucionarias (RAC), junto con las Personas Negras Anarquistas (APOC), están construyendo un fondo de defensa, entonces estaremos preparados para cuando alguna cosa como estas suceda. Sabemos que esta no es la primera ni la última vez que habrá represión política.

Eres activo en un vasto abanico de actividades locales. Por favor, hablanos un poco sobre eso.

Llevo involucrado en el Cop Watch de Los Angeles desde casi tres años. Nosotros vinimos de la Coalización STOP (Fin del Terrorismo y Opresión de la Policía), de la Sede Local de Los Angeles de la Federación Anarquista del Sur de California (SCAF), de la Red de Acción Directa Levanta el Puño, y de la juventud involucrada en la defensa del Jardín Comunitario del Sur de Los Angeles.

Cop Watch es una táctica y un brazo de un ancho y multifacetico movimiento, con diversas estrategias. Es un camino para que las personas comiencen a resistir, hacer acciones directas, combatir el terrorismo de estado, y construir comunidades autónomas y liberadas. Específicamente, cada semana un grupo organizado de tres a cinco personas patrulla, con cámaras, las comunidades en las cuáles viven. Cada uno tiene un papel en la patrulla (como, por ejemplo, uno toma notas, otro se queda con la primera cámara, otro con la segunda cámara, otro queda responsable de la coordinación policial, otro de la conexión con la comunidad). Animamos a las personas para echar un vistazo a nuestra web:

Soy miembro del Club Guerrilla del Cop Watch de Los Angeles, el cuál está formado por individuos venidos de diferentes comunidades que se comprometieron a construir un movimiento masivo contra el terrorismo policial. Este es uno de los programas comunitarios de las Comunidades Autónomas Revolucionarias (RAC). El RAC fue formado después de que el SCAF de Los Angeles se hubiese dispersado entre la juventud de color y de clase trabajadora que continúa colectivamente luchando por una organización, visión y estrategia revolucionaria. Somos una federación horizontal de personas indígenas (personas de color) viviendo en nuevas-colonias, que creen que necesitamos crear nuestra propia visión de las cosas y volver hacia nuestras raíces, donde sentimos que el anarquismo y/o el anarco-comunismo viven. Entonces, nosotros absorbemos muchos de los principios anarquistas, zapatistas y magonistas, y al mismo tiempo nosotros queremos crear algo que sea relevante para nuestras propias condiciones y experiencias únicas.

El RAC ha creado también un programa de alimentación en el Parque McArthur, en Pico Union. Durante todos los domingos del año pasado, el RAC y solidarios/as han alimentado a cerca de 200 personas. Recibimos donaciones de comida, se distribuyen frutas y vegetales saludables. Recibimos donaciones monetarias, entonces cada persona puede coger su bolsa de judías cada semana. Esto creció gracias a las ideas de las personas que llevaron el programa. Nuestra meta es conectar esa historia con la lucha más amplia de tierra y libertad. El RAC comenzó el programa de alimentación después de la represión que hubo en la marcha de los derechos a los inmigrantes en el Primero de Mayo de 2007, para construir una base de apoyo y establecer confianza mutua. Estamos haciendo eso en una comunidad en que la policía, después de la rebelión de 1992 en Los Angeles, describió de esa forma: "Si esto fue una insurrección, Pico Union sería considerado territorio enemigo". Esta es una comunidad que ha sido aterrada por la policía, pero también es una comunidad que cuenta con experiencias de rebelión y guerra civil en América Central, y tiene un odio por el imperialismo estadounidense. Sentimos que el programa de alimentación y el Cop Watch de Los Angeles están solamente comenzando. Esperamos esparcir esos programas y apoyar otros que desean hacer lo mismo.

El RAC también produjo una película llamada "Nunca nos fuimos, todavía estamos aquí" (trailer)(descarga de la película completa en castellano), en el cual exponen la represión policial en el Primero de Mayo de 2007. Realmente queremos que las personas lo vean. Para obtener una copia o hacer una exhibición/discusión de la película, por favor, escribir a:

También formo parte del colectivo que está organizando el primera y anual Feria de Libros Anarquistas de Los Angeles, que se llevará a cabo el 13 de diciembre del 2008, en la cual esperamos conseguir dinero para nuestro fondo de defensa y para el encuentro regional del APOC del Suroeste. Para más información, visitar:

También formo parte del APOC, que está creciendo y haciéndose una red viva, y tiene el potencial para convertirse en un movimiento revolucionario y transformarse en una fuerza intercomunalista dentro del imperio y a pesar de él. Recientemente, se están realizando encuentros regionales y locales de las Personas de Color Anarquistas (APOC) para construir un encuentro inter-regional. También hemos discutido sobre lo que significa el APOC y como eso no involucra solamente a Personas Negras Anarquistas, también a Personas de Color Rabiosas y Autónomas, y por lo tanto hemos discutido sobre como todas estas cosas son únicas y tienen su propia definición. Echad un Vistazo:

¿En tu opinión, cuáles son los mayores desafíos que el movimiento anarquista tiene que encarar en este preciso momento?

Muchos/as anarquistas se centran en el trabajo de solidaridad, que es una parte del apoyo a la revolución por todo el mundo, pero tenemos que ir más allá de la solidaridad y redefinir lo que esto significa. Solidaridad significa que nosotros luchamos al lado de compañero/a y de las personas oprimidas en todos los lugares, que construimos el proceso revolucionario dentro del imperio, mientras compartimos unas con otras todos los recursos que tenemos. En Estados Unidos, los/as anarquistas tienen que comenzar a asegurar la responsabilidad de unos con otros, así como desafiar los privilegios entre sí. Tenemos que comenzar a irrumpir con nuestra sub-cultura. Como revolucionarios/as tenemos que integrarnos en nuestras comunidades y plantar raíces profundas entre las personas; tenemos que darnos cuenta de que nuestros principios e ideas tienen que ser popularizadas entre las personas, entonces ellas pueden levantarlas y realizarlas por sí mismas. Tenemos muchas más cosas que aprender que las que tenemos que enseñar, y no todo el mundo se identificará cómo uno/a anarquista. Los/as anarquistas dentro del imperio tienen que percibir que hay mucho privilegio aquí, pero también existe lo que Huey Newton llamó de tercero-mundo-interior –personas colonizadas luchando dentro del imperio– y su autonomía y autodeterminación deben ser apoyadas.

Para acabar, si todos tus mayores sueños y expectativas para el movimiento fueran hacerse realidad en, vamos a decir, veinte años, ¿cómo sería entonces el movimiento? ¿se parecería con qué?

Pienso que hay dos partes en esta cuestión: donde las personas estarían de aquí a veinte años y donde el sistema imperialista-capitalista, supremacía blanca, y patriarcal estaría en esos momentos?

Puedo responder a la segunda parte rápidamente, porque no pienso que el sistema dure mucho tiempo. El imperio está perdiendo su control sobre el mundo y sobre las nuevas-colonias, y las personas irán liberandose de estas horribles formas de vida. Con certeza nada es seguro, pero nosotros tenemos que hacer el trabajo. Mi visión de comunas liberadas sería de personas viviendo sus vidas y realizando sus potenciales humanos íntegramente; donde vivimos en armonía con el planeta y todos los seres; donde una federación de comunas comparte los recursos, la comida, las ideas, y otras cosas unas con las otras, donde las personas están reconstruyendo y curándose de años de relaciones sociales opresivas y sus efectos sobre nosotros y sobre la Tierra; donde la tecnología sea usada sin destruir las personas y el medio ambiente. En veinte años, las fronteras comenzarían a caerse al suelo, y la rebelión liberaría a las personas y a sus tierras. Sueño con este mundo todos los días, donde la opresión sufrida a causa del color de su piel, su clase, su género, su sexualidad, y por ahí, no sean toleradas y donde las personas comprendan que ellas tienen el poder de lidiar con todos estos problemas por sí mismas. Tal vez el mundo no se presente de esta manera dentro de veinte años, pero sé que estaremos más cerca de esta realidad de lo que estamos ahora. Este mundo es posible. Este mundo es necesario.

Blog de Joaquin Cienfuegos:

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Friday, November 21, 2008

1st Annual Los (A)ngeles Anarchist Bookfair Flier and Scheduled Workshops




This is the schedule for the bookfair, we're sending it out so people can get a sense of how the day will look like but we will send out the program soon.

Main Room

Reading Room





Opening/Aztec Danzers





Local Histories [Souther California Library by Staff, Urban Zapatismo by Sirena Pellarolo, Los Angeles Anarchism by Shawn McDougal, Hector, Chimatli, El Chavo]

Anarchism & Marxist Econ./ Current Economic Crisis [John Imani, and Hector]

Militarizing the Border [Jose Palafox & Budge]

Sustainable Architecture



Latin American Movements [Sara Galindo, Pedro, Sirena Pellarolo and Others]

Copwatch / Film: Todavia Estamos Aqui We Never Left [Copwatch-LA GC]

Experiences of the Asian Hardcore

[Mo Nishida]

East Side Café/Son Jarocho [Las Cafeteras]


FNB – Los Angeles , 30 min. / Animal Liberation Press (15 min)

APOC caucus [APOC only]

Creating Your Own Media/Open Source Software [IndyMedia- Los Angeles , Josh]

Games/Dating Game/Chess

Lunch—Santa Ana FNB


ABCs of Anarchism/Anarchist Tendencies Panel

Creating Anarchist Think tank/ Radical Publishing [Hector/ Jose Palafox & Victoria]

Rethinking Natl. Liberation-Punjab as Case Analysis [Harjit Singh Gill]

Chess Tournament 4 Anarchists



Queer Communities of Color [Q-Team, Lylliam Posadas]

Indigenous Resistance [Klee]

Puerto Rican Liberation Update [Lawrence Reyes]

Non-Violent Anti-Authoritarian Parenting [To Be Confirmed]


Anarcha-Feminism/ Women’s Health / Riot Grrl [Liz, Pati and Shannon ]

Know Your Rights, FBI Survaillance & Intelligence Gathering [Frente Contra Las Redadas, Shahid Buttar]

Art & Resistance/Puppets/

Stencils [Ami Motisvelli, Mauricio, Sergio]



Panthers and Anarchism Discussion [Black Riders Liberation Party, Ashanti Alston, Elder Freeman, Wayne Pharr]

Creating Healthy Relationships [Christine] / Sex Radicalism [To Be Confirmed]

Reserved for last-minute needs



APOC in practice [TBD] /

Ending Coalitions, Building Communities/ Human Rights Day [Michael Novick and Jericho Coalition]

Classical Anarchism

[Dana Ward- (A) Archives at Pitzer]


Dinner—LA FNB


Popular Assembly [Todxs!]




Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anything We Do is A Threat: Account of the Police Raid on Sunday Nov. 16

On Sunday 11/16/08 the Hip-Hop duo know as X-VANDALS (MC Not4Prophet of RICANSTRUCTION and DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy) was scheduled to do a benefit show for RAC (Revolutionary Autonomous Communities) a dirt roots anarchist organization doing work in the communities that they work and live in...

The show was to be a benefit for an Anarchist Book-fair that RAC is planning...

The LAPD had other plans.... click on the link for the full story... com/watch? v=p7WaTPGhPLA

www.x-vandals. com
www.myspace. com/xvandalsbori cuas

Anything We Do is a Threat to the System
Account of the Police Raid on Sunday Nov. 16, 2008
by Joaquin Cienfuegos
"It's a war between city blocks and cops." -Psycho Realm
I was released on Tuesday November 18th after spending about 3 days in police custody for "resisting/obstructing police." First I want to start by apologizing, because I feel like the police caught us off guard on Sunday November 16, and I personally could have been more prepared or should not have put myself in that type of situation. This political repression was made clear to me when the arresting officers were cracking jokes to the "watch commander" about how thy had "shut down an anarchist party."
The event was a fundraiser for the first ever Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair (, the Revolutionary Autonomous Communities' Defense Fund, and to support a traveling revolutionary hip hop group from New York called the X-Vandals, held at a warehouse space collectively rented out to artists from Los Angeles. Part of the problem is that this space is isolated in an industrial part of the city with no traffic, so it made it is easy for the police to surround us there. Their intentions were clear, they wanted to shut down the event, and according to several accounts, it seemed like they had specific targets for arrest. Their main excuse was that some youth allegedly stole beer from a liqour store, but they were also asking people to show them proof that we weren't "trespassing." They were also saying that they needed to go in because they "smelled something."
The police had been patroling and watching the event. People say they thought there might have been undercover police there as well. I was walking outside to talk to some of the artists who needed directions and I was waiting for some sound equipment. Inside we had a DJ spinning some hip hop, but we hadn't even started the show. The police pulled up and ask me to go talk to them. People who were outside were walking into the show. The police asked to speak to the person in charge of the event, I walk in to find someone to talk to them. I was telling someone to find one of the people in charge of the space when the police kick the door open and tell me to go over to them, they then grabbed me and pull me to the outside. They try to push my head into some steel bars outside while they put handcuffs on me, but I held my head back, so I wouldn't get my head smashed. At this point there were over 10 cop cars filling 6th street, and a helicopter circleling the warehouse, which included more than 15 cops (high ranking officers as well).
Someone talked to the police from behind the door. People stuck out some cameras from the doorway to film my wrongful arrest and detention. While the arresting officers Cervantes and Cho were yelling at me and putting their hands into my pockets, I told them I did not consent to my pockets being searched. Cho (39259) told me I didn't have a choice, and that they didn't need a warrant to go into the warehouse, that we were trespassing. They draw their guns and grabbed one of my comrades who was filming, and continue to try to push the door to the warehouse open. They told me I was being arrested bor 148 (A) (1) PC Resisting/Obstructing a Police Investigation. One of the arresting officers, Cervantes was upset because I was letting them know that they were breaking an entry and told me that we didn't know the law, and pushed me into a police car.
The Black Riders Liberation Party came out from inside along with other people who just wanted to leave the scene, and told the police that they did not do anything and that they wanted to leave. The police then put handcuffs on Comrades Nadia and Kambui and started to put everyone from inside the warehouse onto the wall. They also spotted two people on the rooftop of the warehouse and arrested them as well, along with Nadia, Kambui, Ulises from Los Angeles Food Not Bombs who tried talking to the police about the space, and one young person who was id'd for allegedly stealing some beer from a liqour store.
We were taken to Central Division on 6th and Wall in Downtown L.A., where we were booked, and taken to Parker Center. The white artists bailed out that same night. My main concerns were the Riders who I felt were targeted because they wanted to get them back into the system to do some time for their organizing. They are now out on bail and pending their court case on December 6th at Bouchet St. Court. Our charges were reduced to infractions (equivalent to a ticket) "disturbing the peace." When I talked to the public defender he told me the police didn't have a case and the police report didn't make sense and was full of holes and lies. We pleaded No Contest, to be released that day, and fines were waived due to time served. What upset me was the waste of time, and I felt bad for all the people who were arrested on Sunday as well. I'll repeat what I told the pigs Cervantes and Cho, "this isn't over."
While in jail we talked to many people and we definitely had an effect on people in custody. We told everyone we talked to that we were in there because of our politics and that we were revolutionaries. Many people were surprised at the real Black and Brown unity and solidarity, but also were inspired by the work that is being done in the community, and wanted to support some of the community programs in Los Angeles. I would say 99% of people in custody were people of color, and felt they were there because of the injustice system. We have to continue to fight off these attacks on our people and our communities.
The show before it was raided was a rare mix of people, which I think is why it was shut down as well. There were punks, hip hop heads, revolutionaries, artists, and others. The police attack serves as a learning experience for me. Anything we do is a threat to the police and to the state as a whole, so if we don't take our enemies seriously then we are going to suffer defeats constantly. We have to know when to strategically retreat and have protocols in place to deal with state repression. We have to understand that the reason they are attacking us is because they take us seriously. They also wanted to scare the youth that were there, so they won't come out to any political events. It is our responsibility to let youth and other community members know about the seriousness of these events, and defend our people as well.
This will not stop us, or intimidate us. We will continue to fight, and be strategic at all times.
As always, in struggle,
Joaquin Cienfuegos
Power Through the People!

Police Raid of Anarchist Event
by m and johnaimani Monday, Nov. 17, 2008 at 5:35 PM

Joaquin Cienfuegos, a member of RAC and Copwatch LA Guerrilla chapter was targeted by the police and pulled out from the space. When folks inside the space heard what was going on in front they went over to observe and document what was going on. Joaquin asked why he was being detained and they told him to "Shut up" and "Do as he's told". He was handcuffed and searched without his permission. While he was being searched Joaquin stated loud and clear that he did not consent to their search and once again asked to please be told why he was being detained.

While I was at the door way observing I could see the the street was blocked off and there were about 12 police cars on 6th street and about 30 or more Deputies/Depupigs. As we tried to get cameras to document what was going on the police rushed the door again and I was pulled outside by 4 police officers. They pushed me against the wall and made me place my hands on top of my head and searched me. I asked the Officer why i was being detained and he said, "A crime had been committed a few blocks away and they were going to bring the victim to identify the person."

As I was pulled out, the folks inside closed the door to prevent the rush the cops into the property. They began to kick the door and yell at the folks inside to get out. Not once did they announce themselves as the Police Department or why they were there or to let peple know that they wanted folks to exit the show. Police officers were outside making jokes;" Do you smell that? I think its weed, we should go inside and find out", and "This is some kind of illegal rave or show or what do we call it?". Clearly unable to choose a reason why they were trying to raid the space they made up whatever we want.

After i had been searched, a female officer came over and I asked once again why I was being detained. She stated that this was an illegal gathering and they wanted to figure it all out. Officers were walking all over the front in very confused manner having to be told by other officers to
move out of the way. I could see the shadows on the officers behind me and Joaquin who continued to hold their hands on their weapons while we were handcuffed with our hands behind our backs.

After the police ignored the request by the owner of the space to present a search warrant or leave the private property, the comrades from the Black Liberation Party that were there in part to perform for the fundraiser exited the building and were immediately detained and sister Nadia and Kambui were placed in handcuffs and the rest of the the Black Riders where made to face the wall. The police then rushed inside and pulled everyone out. They had us right in front of the space and then made me walk down the block as they lined everyone up against the wall. They pull more than 60 people out from the space and had them with their hands against their back facing the wall. They separted the women from the men and began to search everyone.

A police officer that searched me came and asked for my ID. They said they were going to check me for warrants or any priors. He pulled out my ID and pulled out a card that he began to fill in with all my personal information. I asked what that card was for but I was not given an answer. My ID was returned but the card with my information was kept by them.

After they searched everyone's belongings they lined up all the males and females and said that this was going to be a line-up and they were going to bring the the victim of the crime to identify the perpetrator. When asked what crime (had been committed) an officer told another brother
that they had had a crime committed a few blocks away and some beer was stolen from a liquor store. When asked why so many officers where there for stolen beer the officer said, "He didnt know", that they just felt that whoever committed the crime was in the space.

A police helicopter was circling and made the announcement after everyone was removed that they were the LAPD. Two people from Food Not Bombs who were in the premise were pulled out and placed in handcuffs.

A police car with 2 Officers in the front and a woman in the back seat drove by slowly. The officers proceeded to tell people to look into the light and not look at the car. Everyone said they couldn't look at the light because it hurt their eyes but the officers from inside continued to shine the light into people's eyes. As this was going on, officers continued to line up and make jokes about "overtime" and the way different folks were dressed. For one officer in particular he lamented his rookie friend, "was off tonight because he would have loved to have been a part of this!" As the police car made its way down the street they stopped and singled out one youth . He was immediately arrested. They drove back again slowly and continued to point the light in people's face. My handcuffs were removed but i was not allowed to leave. I was made to remain facing the fence with my hands behind my back.

After a police officer from some other car came with a piece of paper and pointed to Nadia and Kambui from the black Riders Liberation Party and said they were being detained for "148"- interfering with a police officer. When people asked why they were being detained or singled out police officers told them to shut up. They placed them both in cuffs and removed all their belongings and put them into plastic bags. They were then placed into the backseat of a police car.

Another police officer came and then annonced that the party was over and people needed to leave. People still had equipment inside and were made to line up and escorted inside to get thier belongings. While inside I noticed that money from the fundraiser was missing and according to folks inside the money was there before the police ran inside to pull everyone out. We got out all the groups' equipment and waited for someone to come close the space. They continued to harass people and tried to intimidate many of the youth to leave and to learn their lesson. Besides the one youth that was arrested for supposedly stealing beer, everyone was arrested for interfering with a police officer when all they asked was why they were being detained.

The officers were congragulating themselves and laughing at everyone. Many of the officers were staring down many of the sisters that were there and making sexist jokes about he'd rather be home with his wife than there. Then he proceeded to make a hand gesture to 2 sisters who were standing near by. No one but the other officers were amused by these pigs but they continued to talk shit and tell people to leave. The majority officers left smiling and staring at folks in attempts to instigate some incident to lead to further arrest.

While we were waiting the final officer drove by and rolled down his window. He stated" Im sorry we had to shut down your party but you have to keep the youngsters in check and can't be letting them go anywhere stealing beer. If they hadn't stolen the beer we wouldnt have canceled your show"
Everyone was pissed as this provacateur behavior which is being utilized as the excuse to enter into private property and raid a peaceful gathering. The police looked for whatever excuse to shut the show down.

Joaquin is currently being held for misdemeanor . He has not been taken to jail and is still being held by Central Division. He will probably be going to court tomorrow or Wednesday. Please spread the word.Help support Joaquin and the Black Riders Liberation Party and Food Not Bombs folks to get out.

This is a quick report trying to include as many of the important details as possible but I'm sure I might have overlooked other important details from last night that other folks who were also there can maybe share and i will try and write more about last night later tonight and will follow up with more details.

Free ALL Political Prisoners.Organize Organize Organize

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

[EUA] O império está perdendo seu controle: uma entrevista com Joaquin Cienfuegos

[EUA] O império está perdendo seu controle: uma entrevista com Joaquin Cienfuegos

[Joaquin Cienfuegos, 25 anos, é um Chicano, militante anarquista de longa data, membro do Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (Comunidades Autônomas Revolucionárias - RAC), Cop Watch de Los Angeles, Anarchist People of Color (Pessoas de Cor Anarquistas - APOC), e um dos organizadores da primeira e anual Feira de Livros Anarquistas de Los Angeles, na qual irá acontecer em 13 de dezembro de 2008. A entrevista a seguir foi conduzida pelo companheiro estadunidense Chuck Morse com o Cienfuegos, que nela fala sobre seus recentes conflitos judiciais e seu ativismo em geral nos Estados Unidos.]

Pode nos falar sobre sua prisão em julho e sobre em que pé anda seu caso no momento?

Em 27 de junho, a polícia encostou o carro que eu estava dirigindo enquanto dava uma carona para um companheiro até sua casa. Eles vasculharam meu porta-malas e encontram folhetos do Festival de Solidariedade de Verão referentes aos 3 Cavaleiros Negros (três prisioneiros políticos detidos sob uma conspiração arquitetada e acusados de porte de armas), e então arrancaram uma caixa preta segurando meu AR-15 legalmente obtido. Eles imediatamente me levaram sob custódia e me acusaram por posse ilegal de um rifle de assalto.

Esta não foi a primeira vez que eu tive de lidar com repressões políticas ou com achaque policial. Esses tipos de coisas são bem comuns para um Chicano que cresceu nas novas-colônias de Fresno e no Sul de Los Angeles. Com certeza, o Estado quer ter monopólio sobre as armas e a violência, e enxerga todo mundo em nossa comunidade como criminosos. Essa é a razão pela qual eles se relacionam com nós da maneira que eles fazem, e não hesitam em matar pessoas inocentes em nossas vizinhanças.

Estou lutando no meu caso. Meu próximo dia no tribunal é 6 de novembro. Guillermo Suarez, um advogado de direitos civis radical, está me representando. E pessoas no movimento em geral, e anarquista ao redor do mundo em particular, têm apoiado a mim, à minha família e à minha organização.

O que as pessoas podem fazer para te apoiar?

Qualquer apoio é muito bem vindo. Fui afiançado graças à ajuda das pessoas, meus amigo/as e companheiro/as, e nós queremos devolver esse dinheiro para ele/as. Temos um sítio na internet onde as pessoas podem contribuir:

Também, o Comunidades Autônomas Revolucionárias (RAC), juntamente com o Pessoas Negras Anarquistas (APOC), estão construindo um fundo de defesa, então estaremos preparados para quando alguma coisa como estas acontecerem novamente no futuro. Sabemos que esta não é a primeira nem a última vez que haverá repressão política.

Você é ativo em um vasto leque de atividades locais. Por favor, nos fale um pouco sobre isso.

Estou envolvido no Cop Watch de Los Angeles por quase já três anos. Nós viemos da Coalização STOP (Fim ao Terrorismo e Opressão da Polícia), da Sede Local de Los Angeles da Federação Anarquista do Sul da Califórnia (SCAF), da Rede de Ação Direta Levante o Punho, e da juventude envolvida na defesa do Jardim Comunitário do Sul de Los Angeles.

Cop Watch é uma tática e um braço de um largo e multifacetado movimento, com diversas estratégias. É um caminho para as pessoas começarem a resistir, fazer ações diretas, combater o terrorismo de estado, e construir comunidades autônomas e liberadas. Especificamente, toda semana um grupo organizado de três a cinco pessoas patrulha, com câmeras, as vizinhanças nas quais vivem. Cada um tem um papel na patrulha (como, por exemplo, um toma notas, outro fica com a primeira câmera, outro com a segunda câmera, outro fica responsável com a coordenação policial, outro com a conexão com a comunidade). Encorajamos as pessoas para dar uma conferida no nosso sítio da internet:

Sou um membro do Guerrilha Clube do Cop Watch de Los Angeles, no qual é formado por indivíduos vindos de diferentes comunidades que se comprometeram a construir um movimento massivo contra o terrorismo policial. Este é um dos programas comunitários do Comunidades Autônomas Revolucionárias (RAC). O RAC foi formado após o SCAF de Los Angeles ter se dispersado pela juventude de cor da classe trabalhadora que continua a coletivamente lutar por uma organização, visão e estratégia revolucionária. Somos uma federação horizontal de pessoas indígenas (pessoas de cor) vivendo em novas-colônias, que acreditam que precisamos criar nossa própria visão das coisas e voltar para nossas raízes, onde sentimos que o anarquismo e/ou anarco-comunismo já são vividos. Então, nós absorvemos um monte dos princípios anarquistas, zapatistas e magonistas, e ao mesmo tempo nós queremos criar algo que seja relevante para nossas próprias condições e experiências únicas.

O RAC tem também criado um programa de alimentação no Parque McArthur, em Pico Union. Durante todos os domingos do ano passado, o RAC e apoiadore/as têm alimentado cerca de 200 pessoas. Recebemos doações de comida, e as pessoas ensacam e distribuem frutas e vegetais saudáveis. Recebemos doações financeira, então cada pessoa pode pegar sua sacola de feijão toda semana. Isto cresceu graças às idéias das pessoas que tomaram a posse do programa. Nossa meta é conectar essa história com a luta mais ampla pela terra e liberdade. O RAC começou o programa de alimentação após a repressão que houve na marcha dos direitos dos imigrantes no Primeiro de Maio de 2007, para construir uma base de apoio e estabelecer confiança mútua. Estamos fazendo isso numa comunidade em que a polícia, após a rebelião de 1992 em Los Angeles, descreveu dessa forma: “Se isto foi uma insurreição, Pico Union seria considerado território inimigo”. Esta é uma comunidade que tem sido aterrorizada pela polícia, mas também é uma comunidade que conta com experiências de rebelião e guerra civil na América Central, e tem um ódio pelo imperialismo estadunidense. Sentimos que o programa de alimentação e o Cop Watch de Los Angeles estão somente começando. Esperamos espalhar esses programas e apoiar outros que desejam fazer o mesmo.

O RAC também produziu um filme chamado “Nós Ainda Estamos Aqui e Nunca Sairemos”, no qual expõem a repressão policial de Primeiro de Maio de 2007. Realmente queremos que as pessoas o vejam. Para obter uma cópia ou fazer uma exibição/discussão do filme, por favor, escreva para:

Também faço parte do coletivo que está organizando a primeira e anual Feira de Livros Anarquistas de Los Angeles, a ser realizada em 13 de dezembro de 2008, na qual ajudará a levantar um dinheiro para o nosso fundo de defesa e para o encontro regional do APOC do Sudoeste. Para mais informações, visite:

Também faço parte do APOC, na qual está crescendo e se tornando uma rede viva, e tem o potencial para crescer em um movimento revolucionário e se tornar uma força intercomunalista dentro do império e além dele. Recentemente, estão acontecendo encontros regionais e locais do Pessoas de Cor Anarquistas (APOC) para construir um encontro inter-regional. Também temos discutido sobre o que significa o APOC e como isso não sustenta somente o Pessoas de Cor Anarquistas, mas também o Pessoas de Cor Raivosas e Autônomas, e portanto temos discutido sobre como todas essas coisas são únicas e tem suas próprias definições. Dêem uma olhada:

Em sua opinião, quais são os maiores desafios que o movimento anarquista tem que encarar neste exato momento?

Muito/as anarquistas se focam no trabalho de solidariedade, que é uma parte do apoio à revolução por todo o mundo, mas temos que nos mover para além da solidariedade e redefinir o que isto significa. Solidariedade significa que nós lutamos ao lado de companheiro/as e pessoas oprimidas em todos os lugares, que construímos o processo revolucionário dentro do império, enquanto compartilhamos umas com as outras todos os recursos que tivermos. Nos Estados Unidos, o/as anarquistas têm que começar a assegurar a responsabilidade um com os outros, assim como desafiar os privilégios entre si. Temos que começar a irromper de nossa sub-cultura. Como revolucionário/as temos que nos integrar em nossas comunidades e plantar raízes profundas entre as pessoas; temos que nos dar conta de que nossos princípios e idéias têm que ser popularizadas entre as pessoas, então elas podem levantá-las e realizá-las por si próprias. Temos muito mais coisas a aprender do que temos para ensinar, e nem todo mundo irá se identificar como um/a anarquista. Anarquistas dentro do império têm que perceber que há muito privilégio aqui, mas também existe o que Huey Newton chamou de terceiro-mundo-interior – pessoas colonizadas lutando dentro do império – e sua autonomia e autodeterminação devem ser apoiadas.

Finalmente, se todos os seus maiores sonhos e expectativas para o movimento fossem se tornar realidade em, vamos dizer, vinte anos, o que então o movimento seria? Se pareceria com o que?

Penso que há duas partes para esta questão: onde as pessoas estariam daqui a vinte anos e onde o sistema de imperialismo-capitalista, supremacia branca, e patriarcal estaria por estes tempos?

Posso responder a segunda parte rapidamente, porque não penso que o sistema durará muito tempo. O império está perdendo seu controle sobre o mundo e sobre as novas-colônias, e as pessoas irão se libertar destas horríveis formas de vida. Com certeza nada é certo, mas nós temos de fazer o trabalho. Minha visão de comunas liberadas seria de pessoas vivendo suas vidas e realizando seus potenciais humanos integralmente; onde vivemos em harmonia com o planeta e todos os seres; onde uma federação de comunas compartilha os recursos, a comida, as idéias, e outras coisas umas com as outras, onde as pessoas estão reconstruindo e se curando de anos de relações sociais opressivas e seus efeitos sobre nós e sobre a Terra; onde a tecnologia seja usada sem destruir as pessoas e o meio ambiente. Em vinte anos, as fronteiras começariam a cair por terra, e a rebelião libertará as pessoas e suas terras. Sonho com este mundo todos os dias, onde a opressão sofrida por causa da cor de sua pele, sua classe, seu gênero, sua sexualidade, e por aí vai, não sejam toleradas e onde as pessoas compreendam que elas têm o poder de lidar com todos estes problemas por si mesmas. Talvez o mundo não se apresente desta maneira dentro de vinte anos, mas sei que estaremos mais pertos desta realidade do que estamos agora. Este mundo é possível. Este mundo é necessário.

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