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[Guanaco's Angina] Joaquin Cienfuegos for Anti-President?


hi comrades,

thank you, i definitely appreciate the support, but i agree no one should be put up on a pedestal. I do struggle against that myself, I am only an individual, and am nothing without the people. I have dedicated myself to the revolutionary process and to the people.

I did find it funny however.

gracias compas, en lucha,


--- On Thu, 11/20/08, Carlos Antonio Rivas wrote:
From: Carlos Antonio Rivas
Subject: Re: [apoc] [Guanaco's Angina] Joaquin Cienfuegos for Anti-President

Date: Thursday, November 20, 2008, 9:07 AM

I agree 100% and was in no way trying to elevate the personality of Joaquin to anything more than a noteworthy individual who is at present in need of our support, as evidenced by news posted earlier this week on our list. My post was simply reactionary to his recent persecution, and a satirical anti-electioneering gesture. Of course we don't want to elevate personalities and then end up with new personalities (intentionally or inadvertently) exerting authority over the movement, and I'd imagine Joaquin himself would be quite opposed to him or anyone else having any sort of elevated status, but I would hope that he and others in the movement would appreciate the comedy in a campaign to elect him as Anti-President.

Carlos Antonio Rivas

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On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 11:57 AM, cesar lopez wrote:
i just read this and i want to comment on it. we should be careful about focusing on personalitiies. we should talk about what the solid work that people do and show evidence of it rather than focus on any personailties. any way here are these comments:
-Yes we should be proud of our own folks especially us as Xikan@s!
-Yes we need to work for folks to get out of prison! Yes Joaquin nees to be out of jail!
-Yes, I have read some of his interviews and writings, from him and RAC, and I appreciated them. But I did not think they were the end all in analysis and real action to build power
-Yes we should be careful not zero in on personalities and to continue the struggle and focus on power and base building


--- On Wed, 11/19/08, Carlos Antonio Rivas wrote:
From: Carlos Antonio Rivas
Subject: [apoc] [Guanaco's Angina] Joaquin Cienfuegos for Anti-President
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 4:21 PM

Joaquin Cienfuegos: First of all, that's a badass name. But just in case that isn't enough:

http://joaquincienf uegos.blogspot. com/http://www.pacifica foundation. org/elections/ joaquin-cienfueg os/joaquin- cienfuegos- candidate- statement. html

Joaquin Cienfuegos is a true man of the people. Joaquin Cienfuegos is the embodiment of change. Joaquin Cienfuegos doesn't talk about "hope" and "change", he creates it. Joaquin Cienfuegos is a man of our time, fighting, struggling. Joaquin Cienfuegos was recently harassed and withheld by the LAPD, with no grounds for his detention, and if we remain silent, the LAPD will continue to act with impunity.

Free Joaquin Cienfuegos. Stop the LAPD. Stop the Imperial US. Free yourself.

This is a post sponsored by Joaquin Cienfuegos for Anti-President

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