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X-Vandals are currently booking for their 2009 fall/winter College tour


X-Vandals are currently booking for their 2009 fall/winter College tour.

MC Not4Prophet of Ricanstruction and DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy are X-Vandals, and together they have rican-structed a truly incendiary and incite-full, dangerous and danceable, modern-day militant music made and played to move the Masses and mould minds..

Raised in the uptown slums of New York City, these two neo-school NuYoRicans now known collectively as X-Vandals have re-fashioned and fused all the fire, fury, filth and funk of the ghetto/barrio streets of their upbringing, with the creative calle cultures currently called hardcore Hip Hop and punk rock to spawn a brand new breed of rebel music for the underground and the under class.

The emcee/singer/graffiti writer/agitator known as Not4Prophet was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and came up on the streets of East Harlem and the South bronx, NYC. As a teen-ager he was homeless, and (then) a squatter, He went on to form(ulate) and front the underground anti-corporate political punk/hip hop/salsa/reggae fusion band known as RICANSTRUCTION, that ipropaganda magazine refered to as "the most dangerous band in the underground", Bad Azz Mofo magazine called "the official soundtrack for the revolution that's coming", and Frontera magazine called "a political timebomb", and later founded the art and agitation collective called RICANSTRUCTION NETWERK that has over the years organized and mobilized political rallys, demonstrations, benefits and fundraisers in support of worthy (and varied) political causes throughout the US, Latin America and other barrios, favelas, and ghettos around the world.

Johnny Juice was raised in the Bronx, NYC, and witnessed the birth of Hip Hop right on his doorstep. The boogie down bred Turntableist/B-Boy/Graffiti writer/producer, first displayed his break dancing skills at the age of 14 in the mid '80s classic Hip Hop film Beat Street, and by the time he was 16 he was working with the iconic instigators, Public Enemy as a member of the (in)famous Bomb Squad on PEs debut release Yo Bum Rush the Show and their classic album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back. Over the years the emmy award nominated DJ/producer has also lent his production and seditious scratching skills to projects by such legendary artists as Mavis Staples, Pete Cosey, Mandrill, KRS ONE, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, The Beastie Boys, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, LL Cool J, Rob Swift, and Leaders of the New School, to name but a few.

As X-Vandals, Not4Prophet and DJ Johnny Juice have electrified stages and edutained every audience, and have also conducted enlightening lectures and workshops in schools, University's and prisons on the politics of street survival and the war of art.

X-Vandals are looking to book at your school/university during the moths of September thru May.

As conscious, politically active, people (and artists) of color who have in the past (and present) build with youth and shape ideas and lives, thru the use of knowledge, culture art 9and having fun!), X-Vandals would undoubtedly be perfect for your school. X-Vandals is not just entertainment, it is an experience.

Here's what a few others have said about X-vandals:

" X-Vandals passion and commitment to the cause and the culture, and their ideologically intense level of knowledge, energy, skill and realism set a new and staunch standard for Hip Hop and its righteous quest black to the future. With their furious and uncompromising fusion of hardcore Rap, political punk rock, old school street salsa and what Motown founder Berry Gordy used to call "a combination of rats, roaches, soul, guts and love", X-Vandals will surely scare many lesser efforts and all challengers away from even attempting such a sonic social sabotage, and undoubtedly further frighten many a mainstream journalists from even attempting to define what these former vandals do so effectively and so well. X-Vandals are the truth. I hope you can handle it?" - Chuck D of Public Enemy

"X-Vandals are underground street soldiers battling for the very heart and soul of this upside down society. They're this generations guerrilla graffiti artists, spraying the stage with a wild style statement of purpose and bombing a multi-colored musical manifesto on all trains of thought in todays false representation of our Hip Hop culture. X-Vandals is simply reality's writing on the wall" - DMC of RUN DMC

Hip Hop without the spirit of revolution is like a body without a soul. The hardcore heartbeat rhythms of DJ Johnny Juice literally pump the lyrical blood and guts of Not4prophet's aural assaults. Together, they're like thunder and lightning, hache y machete, Chango and ellegua, a true from-the-tenements testament to the power of our illegalized legacy and Hip Hops cultural imperative. X-Vandals are pure, unapologetic "base in your face" underground and under class vibrations for all nations. 'Nuff respect to these brave warriors (who have come out to play) and defiant defenders of justice-for-the-people, who hold it down in the Hip Hop trenches. X-vandals will rock on till the break of dawn and beyond, if you can stay up that late. " - POPMASTER FABEL of Rock Steady Crew/Universal Zulu Nation

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Emily "Resister" Fernandez


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