Friday, November 27, 2009

X-Vandals needs you!!!! (for real)!!!!

"In the same way that we refuse to sell our land to the foreigners, even though they offer a good price; we refuse to sell our creativity to the colonialist, no matter what they pay" - Filiberto Ojeda Rios

"the guerrilla fighter needs full help from the people of the area. This is an indispensable condition" - Che Guevara

X-Vandals has joined this (inter)net thing called Sellaband as an X-periment to see if a legitimately underground/anti-corporate/revolutionary/conscious people of Color band/group/collective can make a (real) dent on the currently (still) corporate controlled music-industrial-complex, and perhaps even help to hasten it's downfall/demise.....

The way it (basically) works is that X-Vandals has set an amount/budget that we need to reach to not only record/mix/master/manufacture/release our next full length record/CD, but ALSO to promote/push (the hell out of ) it in a "competitive" way..... Remember, we are STILL battling them mega-million/billion-dollar-major-label-machines that rule the radio/tv/media/etc!!!!!

And anyone who is interested in helping us reach our goal (and join us in fighting our battle!) contributes money/dinero (from $10 up) to "the X-Vandal cause" on Sellaband:

Remember, we are not just tryna promote/push our MUSIC (or our band), but also our MESSAGE (to the masses/massive)!

i think that all the folks/compas/peeps who "love" Hip Hop and want Hip Hop (and music in general) to be revolucionario (and really real) again, gotta be willing to put their money where their mouth(s) is in terms of supporting legitimately INDEPENDENT/ANTI-CORPORATE/UNDERGROUND/CONSCIOUS/RADICAL HIP HOP (and music in general) that want's nothing and ask nothing of the corporate culture vultures..... and is seeking to make (a) real change.... from the bottom up!

Obviously, nobody has to do/give anything (if they don't want to), but if, by chance, you DO want to, then, straight up, now's the time!


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