Thursday, November 26, 2009

End the Torture of Oso Blanco



Sisters and Brothers,

Indigenous Political Prisoner Oso Blaco has been beaten, tortured, and had his native rights broken. Oso Blaco (along with his cellmate) was humiliated in an unprovoked act of terrorism, carried out by prison authority.


-Sinapu, Arcata Anarchist Black Cross

-Mapache, Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross



On November seventh, two thousand nine (11.07.09) at the hour of 11:00am myself and my cellmate were assaulted by Lt. Galletta and Lt. Sassaman and many staff (at Lewisburg Prison). We were shot and gassed with a Rapid Fire pepper-ball gun – same as a paint ball gun but with pepper agent powder inside not paint. Then we were sprayed with oc agent a lot. I cuffed up and was being shot and gassed anyway. My cellie Coyote hardly had time to cuff up and they started shooting us in the cell. It was very painful then they stopped shooting so my cellie came to the door and cuffed up. They put us in a freezing cold cell and they then came and rushed in (goon squad) the cell and took us to a mop closet where they forced my head back as the guard was digging his fingers under my side jaw bone, pulling my head back, and 7 or 8 were holding my arms and legs – they squirted hot water on my face and up my nose. I let out a native war cry scream and yelled to all the men here to stay strong! This was all on camera. They then took me on camera to the four point cell where it’s very cold and stripped me naked and put very, very, very tight restraints on me. Locking the belly chain and black box cuffs down to the bone. I told Lt. Sassamen what, “What you're doing to me is a violation of the U.S. Constitution, a violation of my human rights! It's wrong and evil what you are doing to me!” All on Camera. Sovereign Cherokee Nation citizen have the full protection of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Then they held me down on the cement table and PA Potter cut off 4 inches of my ponytail braid. This is and illegal act and crime committed against an enrolled Native American! To cut off part of my ponytail. And a great insult!

We were left in separate freezing cold cells in tight restraints cutting into our wrists for 9 hours. After the 4th hour a dark Lt. A Spanish Lt. came and told my cellie across the hall we were being charged with assaulting Lt. Galletta, that he was in the hospital and the FBI would be coming to see us. And he gave me a false charge – write-up for a weapon.

The sun went down and the cold cell had its large window 2 feet by 3 feet wide open and its Nov in PA. I was laying on the floor with these cuffs and belly chain and shackles cutting into me. So I prayed in Cherokee – “CREATOR why is this happening? I have done nothing! Why are you letting my oppressor hurt me with out cause and torture me?" A few minutes later, they came and let me out of restraints, and told me I was going back to the cell. It was full of about 50 pepper-ball rounds and OC Agent. One young guard said in a low voice, “They messed up doing this to you guys.” He said he is tired of this place and he is going to quit his job. The next shift staff who took our cuffs and restraints off 9 hours later looked at my hands ballooned up and looked at each other – with a shake of the head and one said, “Who did Chubbuck piss off?” asking the other guard. The guard just looked away shaking his head. I have at least 20 witnesses. It was unprovoked 100 percent. I have statements.

-Oso Blanco

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