Monday, November 23, 2009

Victory “A Day of Remembering”/L.A. Panther Marvin Jackson passed

Victory “A Day of Remembering”

Honors those who survived the December 8, 1969 LAPD SWAT Team attack against the HQ of The Southern California Chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

When: December 8, 2009
6:00pm – 10:00pm

Where: Southern California Library for Social Change and Research
6120 S. Vermont Avenue .

Viewing Documentary Film
“41st & Central”
Greg “G Bone” Everette

Eye Witness Accounts
Forum and Discussion

For more information
(323) 799-8409
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L.A. Panther Marvin Jackson passed

My People;
Today started out like any other day, until I found out that my friend had left me.

Many of you knew that Marvin Jackson and I were among the original Black Panthers from Southern California. This post is not just about a Panther, it is more about my brother and my friend who was a Panther.

Marvin My Brother - He was so considerate, kind and supportive of all my good times and bad times. We shared so much; we communicated often and sincerely cared about what each one was going through. No matter the situation, we were there for each other either in person, email or by phone. He is my brother, because he helped to shape me into the woman I am today. He is my brother, because he loved me without crossing the line that most male and female friends eventually cross, only to realize they have messed up a beautiful friendship. He is my brother because I was comforted by his faith in me.

Marvin became ill many years ago, I decided to organize an event so that he would know how many his comrades, friends and family members loved him unconditionally. The event was a great success, the one thing that I will always remember was my oldest daughter (The shy one) stepped into the circle with Marvin at the center and said, "I love you because you have always been here". Marvin participated in every phase of my children's lives.he is and will always be Uncle Marvin!

Marvin My Friend - I am guilty of adding gray to his hair, yet he never complained. I know I had a real friend in Marvin; he was always there for me, no matter the risk! I thank my God Allah, for blessing me with such a great friend, I pray that Allah will give him the greatest reward and bless him with paradise!

Marvin, I never thought that last night would have truly been your last night! I never thought that on this day, that you would leave me, I never thought that I could hurt so much as I do now, I am so lonely, I just never thought that I would not be able to speak with you, to share a joke, or plan with you. I miss you so much.

Marvin, I can still remember when you decided to ask Veronica to marry you, and how we ransacked my house, looking through my many crafts to make her something unique. I know it was a transaction for her to know the folks in our circle. You made a great choice, my brother and Veronica; I thank you so much for sharing him with us!

Marvin, we were family, we still had a lot of things to do... You haven't held my grandbaby yet! She needed to be blessed by your presence in her life. Rashida is presenting a paper in New York in the Spring; you are so supposed to be around to share this moment.

I am not ready for this.. It hurts so much....I know that you have been sick for some time, I know that I must let you make your transition... But brother please let me hold on to you just a little while longer.

I Love you my Brother, friend and Comrade

Talibah Shakir

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Garrit said...

Lovely comments about a great man and human being. He will always be remembered. - Keith