Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Laker Victory Celebration and Rebellion June 14th, 2009



Many were quick to criticize the people that rioted after the Los Angeles Laker victory Sunday June 14th, 2009, but personally I don't blame the people for their anger and frustrations that were expressed that day.

I think as an organizer, the responsibility falls on us, all community organizations and revolutionary organizers, for not being able to provide an example and point the folks at our real enemies. We don't have a lot of victories in our struggle for liberation, or at least we are not able to publicize them to the people at this momen. So we are never able to celebrate something real, we just have a march or protest to invite the people to (speaking in terms of the mainstream mass movement, not all organizations). We have a lot more work to do, in terms of combatting the state.

Overall, the actions of the people that day will be used to justify the police state that we are living under, and the reason why more money needs to be put into law enforcement. When in reality, they are the problem.

There were mainly a lot of youth out there, and speaks to the rage of the people of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Lakers victory celebration was a way for them to vent. Hopefully we can turn this rage into revolutionary organization from the bottom to the left.

Note: 18 people were arrested that day, police are still looking for others that were involved.


Graffiti on the Blue Line



Armed Pigs



Pigs Arrest 18 people


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