Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Modesto: Updates and General Bad Assery (A-Cafe and Caravan for Justice)

MAC has busted out of our lab and we've got a couple of monsters to unleash upon the world. We're writing this in order to update all our friends and comrades about the new issue of Modesto Anarcho, let people know about some recent interventions, entice you to come out to our speaking tour, and fenagale our way into getting your ass to come out to some upcoming events.

Modesto Anarcho #12

We're done. Stick a fork in this one. The best issue is now finished. Includes original articles, direct action reports, repression news, prisoner letters, and much more. Download

the PDF at:


MAC Speaking Tour

We're hitting the bricks on this won. We're speaking in Fresno (Cafe Infoshop), Berkeley (Long Haul Infoshop), and SF (Station 40), from October 2nd – 4th. For further wetting of appetites, we've produced this snazzy little flyer.


Upcoming Events

We won't mince words – here's what we got going on.

Friday, October 9th, 7pm. Firehouse 51, Downtown Modesto. Roldolfo from the Venezuelan publication, El Libertario is stopping by to discuss what's happening in Venezuela and show films from Chile.

Saturday, October 10th, 7pm. 10th and J Street, Downtown Modesto. We're having an Anarchist Cafe. Located outside, in soon to be charming ruins, we'll be having free food, literature tables, local speakers, and a collection of local MCs from the Modesto area out spit on the mike and occupy space.


Sunday, October 11th, 1pm – 8pm. 1739, Crows Landing Road, Deep South Side Modesto. The 'Keep Your Head Up Festival,' shall feature performances from anarchist MC Sherman Austin, local hip hop acts, and major labor artist, JT the Bigga Figga. Joaquin from Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC), will also be a main speaker. There will also be movie screenings, food, and literature tables from a variety of groups.


We realize that the above collection of events for the weekend look pretty bad ass. We know, we organized them. If you're interested in coming out, hit us up at: anarcho209{at]yahoo[dot]com.

Proletarian Hooliganism

So, some shit went down at the PRIDE Festival in Modesto. We made a video. There's a report back. In the Mo, fo sho.

To view video:

When We Ride On Our Enemies

We are hanging out together. Talking. Reading. Eating. Watching a movie. The door slams open. “Hey, I just drove by the PRIDE festival and there's a bunch of anti-gay Christian protesters out there with signs.” “Let's ride,” one of us replies. We do. We're off. Into a couple separate cars we drive to the festival. We get there and look around. The stage is being taken down. People are trickling out. Christian fascists stand around with signs screaming about sin and proclaiming that we are going to hell; reinforcing capitalist modes of sexual reproduction and patriarchal society. People stand around, just looking. Some of us yell at them. Security tells us to be quiet. One of them approaches and tells us in a hushed voice, “Just ignore them and they'll get the message.” One of us looks at them and replies, “That's what Hitler said. The only way he said that his enemies could have stopped him is if they would have fought them in the streets. Which is what we aren't doing right now.” The security guard looks down at the ground.

We are in the car again, driving. We arrive at our house. Our hands reach out for a blank banner, some spray paint, and video camera equipment. A text message is sent out to friends that reads, “Christians fascists at the park. Throw down. Tell friends.” Quickly a message upon the banner is written that reads: “Reclaim Pride - Bash Back!” We arrive again at the park. We approach our enemies and start chanting for them to get out. A buzz is spreading throughout the crowd. People shake hands, meet old friends, and rush in from elsewhere. The police look worried; more people are coming to meet the zealots head on.

“Why did they shut down PRIDE? Where's the party at? Get out of the park! Who's Park? Our Park!” The chants change, but the message remains the same: leave now, or we'll confront you. The police inform us that we are on the verge of starting a riot and to not confront the protesters. Others tell us we're as bad as the fascists. We smile and laugh. We've heard this before. No. Actually, we're worse, because we are prepared to stand and fight. The crowd continues to grow. The protesters look at each other nervously as they attempt to preach to us despite the fact that we're yelling so loud no one can hear what they're saying at all. The police stand around the zealots and protect them and the social peace that hides the everyday social war. The protesters look at each other. They pack up. They leave. We've won.

People smile and slap each other on the back. We've had a victory. We later learn from talking to friends who had already been at PRIDE that when the protesters first showed up, the event organizers responded by shutting the event down. We also heard rumors that before we arrived, people threw bottles and confronted those attacking them...But thanks to the organizers of the event, so much for PRIDE. “This is where you're liberal leaders lead you,” declares one rebel, as some of us make our rounds of the park after the fascists have left. Over 50 people participated in the confrontation. For these people, for a few moments they felt what it is like to come together as a group and push back not only against the police and our oppressors, but also experience something so much more than just listening to boring speakers and staring at the booths of non-profits and food vendors. They felt what it was like to win. To push back against what class society forces against us.

This is what it means to intervene. To stand up for ourselves. At work. In the streets. In our neighborhoods. Everywhere. To all the haters who are tripping off of everyday people bringing da ruckus – you're the ones that are just as bad. We see you, hi hater. We have begun, where you at? This is Modesto muthafucka. 209. Holla.

-Some of those accused of inciting a riot.

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