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The Taala Hooghan Infoshop & Youth Media Arts Center is very excited
to present our 2nd Annual Liberate Earth Day Event!
Join us for this educational and active event for an end to corporate
greenwashing & "green" capitalism!

Taala Hooghan is also seeking volunteers to help us build and sustain
this community space! More info at
Spread the word!


Join us for a FREE FREE MARKET! before Liberate Earth Day at 11AM-2PM
- Bring something, take something! Nothing bought or sold.

An anti-capitalist/anti-colonial event for healthy and sustainable communities!

2nd Annual
End Corporate Greenwashing & "Green" Capitalism!

Sunday, April 25th
3:00PM - 10:00PM - FREE
At Taala Hooghan Infoshop
New Location: 1700 N. 2nd St. East Flagstaff

Workshops and discussions on:
• Abolish Profit Farming & the Importance of Autonomous Agriculture
• Green Consumerism: The Misguided Discourse on Sustainability
• Eco-Feminism
• Derrick Jensen: The Problem of Civilization and Resistance
(online video discussion)
• Defending Sacred Lands - Intersections of environmental and
social struggles for justice
• Direct Action: Tactical training and discussion

Free food by
Flagstaff Food Not Bombs


Abolish Profit Farming & the Importance of Autonomous Agriculture
Facilitated by FARM
Come learn about decentralized urban-agricultre and the importance of
abolish-profit farming models. This workshop will cover local
agricultural plans and how FARM is taking a proactive step to address
insatiable consumerism and food dependency. After a short discussion,
we will work in the Infoshop backyard; planting seed starts, preparing
and planting raised beds, and more!

Flagstaff Agricultural Revitalization Movement (FARM) is a
non-hierarchal, volunteer collective committed to the cultivation of a
decentralized, urban-farm network. We believe in food-autonomous
communities, knowledge revitalization, profit abolition, and the
transformation of urban space.

Facilitated by Carly Long, Katie Curran, & Margo Nelson

Green Consumerism: The Misguided Discourse on Sustainability
Facilitated by Kyle Boggs

This workshop will take a critical look at advertising that uses
terminology we’re all used to by now: green, eco-friendly, sustainability,
MORE eco-friendly…it goes on and on. But the truth is, these words have no
working standard industry definition. The bottom line is their bottom line
– to keep us buying rather than asking meaningful questions. By taking
advantage of a growing concern about the dominant culture’s effect on the
planet, green consumerism actually promotes a mindset that is harmful,
while at the same time reinforces false virtues of capitalism.

This mindset is harmful because not only does it undermine the scope of
the problems we face, but it promotes an immature, and frankly,
irresponsible fantasy that everything can be made sustainable, that
nothing fundamental about the way we live on the planet has to change as
long as we “green up” everything we buy. This also places the focus on
sustainable production and development, rather than de-development and
de-industrialism through dismantling inherently unsustainable and
oppressive systems.

Derrick Jensen: The Problem of Civilization and Resistance
An online discussion with Derrick Jensen on the problem of
civilization, rethinking pacifism, and
meaningful environmental activism.

Defending Sacred Lands: Intersections of Environmental & Social Justice
Facilitated by Dr. Jennefifer Dennetdale (Diné historian), Alex Soto
(O'odham Solidarity Across Borders), Supai Waters (Grand Canyon
uranium mining), Francis Tso (Big Mountain), Snowbowl issue (TBD).

Direct Action: Tactical training and discussion
Facilitated by Garrick Ruiz

Strikes, bus boycotts, street protests, defying eviction. Direct
action has been used in countless struggles to create change and
improve people's lives. This workshop will explore direct action and
the possibilities of its application today. The training will include
practical skills such as action planning, de-escalation techniques and
blockades. Folks with or without direct action experience are

Garrick Ruiz has been involved in a wide variety of social justice
organizing over the last 15 years. He's been involved in many
different types of direct action both in the U.S. and internationally
through work with the anti-corporate globalization movement, the
environmental justice movement and international and local solidarity


Taala Hooghan - Infoshop & Youth Media Arts Center


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