Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Arundhati Roy

"Eventually--on a smaller scale but more insidiously--the capital available to NGOs (non profits) plays the same role in alternative politics as the speculative capital that flows in and out of the economies of poor countries. It begins to dictate the agenda. It turns confrontation into negotiation. It depoliticizes ... See Moreresistance. It interferes with local peoples' movements that have traditionally been self-reliant. NGOs have funds that can employ local people who might otherwise be activists in resistance movements, but now can feel they are doing some immediate, creative good (and earning a living while they're at it). Real political resistance offers no such short cuts. The NGO-ization of politics threatens to turn resistance into a well-mannered, reasonable, salaried, 9-to-5 job, with a few perks thrown in. Real resistance has real consequences. And no salary."

-Arundhati Roy

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