Thursday, December 16, 2010

On Agents (Re: How to spot an Agent in your Organization?)

I liked the article and I agree with it, but I wanted to include my thoughts:

Snitch jacketing someone with out proof should be one of the main things that should be cause for suspicion.

This article can create unnecessary witch hunting but being prepared and cautious is important.

The level of security of an organization should depend on the work of the organization. If it's legal or extra-legal, above ground or otherwise.

I aways think we need a policy of criticize what people do not what you think they might do.

That will avoid exiting non agents. I think a lot of people in the movement might be weird, socially awkward, or have issues that also cause disruption might get confused for agents.

However, if they act and do the work of agents they should get treated as such.

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