Friday, February 4, 2011



In a free Puerto Rico

What was always ours will be returned at the point of a machete

Freedom will replace the resistance that filled the void of over 500 years

Our story will move beyond it's beginning

Machetes will finally be used for the fruits of labor

In a free Puerto Rico

A funeral dirge will be composed for imperialism

The only grounds for sexism will be in a graveyard

A requiem for racism will play

The last rites of homophobia will be read

In a free Puerto Rico

The individualism of capitalism will give way to collectivism

The paradigm that benefits the few will shift to benefit the many

Unemployment will dissipate into work

A living wage will be the minimum

In a free Puerto Rico

The children of workers will be cared for

Education will be an open road without a toll

Elders will be consulted for their wisdom

Youth will be encouraged for their brashness

In a free Puerto Rico

Poverty will atrophy

Hunger will starve

Homelessness will find no shelter

Illness & disease will find no host

In a free Puerto Rico

We will be governed by service to one another or not at all

Authority for authorities sake will choke its last breath

The voiceless will clear their throats to be heard

Decisions will be based on the impact of seven generations

In a free Puerto Rico

The people will police themselves

Responsibility will be to and for one another

Prisons will become unnecessary

Drug abuse will be kicked

In a free Puerto Rico

Pride will be wrung from shame

A noose will be fashioned for the neck of oppression

A grave dug for fascism

A gravestone carved for injustice

In a free Puerto Rico

The stench of a foreign domination will be rinsed away

We will not sit and ask what we will get but work to take what we want

The impossible will be dragged from the clutches of fear

The utopia that exists on the horizon will be pursued without pause

- vagabond

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