Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Police beat man unconscious across the street from MacArthur Park

Police beat man unconscious across the street from MacArthur Park

Today July 31,2011
as we were leaving the park at approximately 7:43pm (timestamp on video file)we witnessed the LAPD attack a man on the corner of 7th st and S GrandView in the parking lot of the restaurant, while he was restrained. I recorded as much as i could on camera phone but its from across the street and it was after the man was already unconscious.I gave my info to someone who recorded from the same side an the video clearly shows man with hands behind his back being hit with baton on back of head and head shoved into concrete.I tried unsuccessfully to request ID and Badge number according to CA penal code, but was ignored by majority of officers. The one who did respond asked if "I was trying to interfere with his investigation?"I responded that no i just wanted him to identify himself as according to CA penal code and he said to go to police station. I tried again but no avail.They continued to ignore request to provide info . No one knew the man or what he did although some folks made comments but the beating he received while restrained drew a lot of attention and the usual police disregard for community concerns and assistance from LAFD in obstructing the filming.

Several people had there camera phones out and recorded what happened and many said would post on youtube.

Fwd msg to lawyers for more info to see if they can find out who officers involved are and who the person is and what is going to happen to him.


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