Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Voted to Strike by Tia Katrina Taruc Canlas

I Voted to Strike

On October 25, 2011, I biked from my office at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights to the Oakland Public Library to show my support for Occupy Oakland.
About four hours later, the Oakland Police Department attacked me (and other peaceful protesters) with tear-gas. Pissed off but resolved, we came back the next day and we voted[1] for a GENERAL STRIKE in Oakland on November 2, 2011.
Last night, Occupy Oakland split into groups to develop a strategy to organize the GENERAL STRIKE. I had to choose between four groups specializing in media, community/door-knocking, union organizing, and student-outreach. I chose media.
The media group split into “production” and “distribution.” I joined the “production” group and immediately started collecting pictures and reasons-to-strike. I had amazing conversations with teachers, attorneys, youth, and some Veterans for Peace. I am going back to the Oscar Grant Plaza later tonight to take more pictures and collect more comments.
If you would like to help us recruit strikers, please take a picture of yourself and send it with the reason why you are going on strike to Then, “like” OakStrikeMedia’s facebook page and find your picture posted to share with your friends and family.
As for me, I support the strike because my mom raised me to love other people.

[1] The voting process went like this:
  • Somebody went on stage and proposed a General Strike.
  • A group of about 1,500 amazing people split into groups of 20.
  • The groups of 20 discussed the pros and cons of a General Strike.
  • The group of about 1,500 amazing people reconvened.
  • The representatives of the groups of 20 declared their concerns.
  • The group of about 1,500 amazing people split into their groups of 20 again to vote on the amended proposal.
  • The group of 20 designated a voter counter.
  • The voter counter, counted the votes.
  • The voter counter brought their 20 votes to the stage.
  • 1,484 people voted “yes”
  • 76 people abstained from voting.
  • 46 people voted “no.”
  • With a 96.9% approval, Occupy Oakland decided to go on a General Strike on November 2, 2011.

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