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Support the Warrior Hip-Hop West Coast Tour -- Help connect Indigenous Communities in Resistance

Warrior Hip-Hop West Coast Tour: Building A Culture of Resistance

Zro Prophet of X Vandals  * Savage Family * Alas * Shining Soul
Welcome to the Warrior Hip-Hop Tour fundraising page! The purpose of this tour is to begin to build a culture of resistance through hip hop and art, and to inspire and educate others through hip hop all throughout Turtle Island. 
This tour is bringing together conscious rebel artists from areas now known as new york, washington, arizona and southern cali. There will be tour stops at reservations and illegally occupied cities up and down the West Coast. We are taking our music to the communities where it is most sought after.  We are definitely not going on this tour to get rich, but we would like to accomplish this without going into debt. If you are able to contribute to this crowd-funding initiative, we would like your help to bring our message of strength and dignity to communities that are underprivileged and ignored.

What We Need & What You Get

The artists and organizers on this tour are working class people with a vision. We are seeking the support of folks who  understand the need for artistic endeavors that focus on decolonization, autonomy, and uncompromising truth in an era of deception.
After Indiegogo takes 4% of $10,500, we are left with $9,765. Here is what we will use it for on the 20 day tour.
  • Reserving Venues & Renting Audio Equipment  ~ $3500
  • Production Costs and Travel Expenses ~ $2700
  • Food & Lodging ~ $2100
  • Promotional Material, Merch & Materials for Perks ~ $1465
In return, we've come up with some creative ways to show you our appreciation.
Check out our perks!              >>>------------------>  >>>------------------>  >>>------------------>

The Impact

We are revolutionary artists who choose to utilize our creativity to continue to build movement and solidarity across all sectors. Our music is crafted to educate and inform, to fight oppression and stand up for our rights, to inspire and fight back. This is not just a concert tour. It is a way to share our struggles and find strength amongst impacted communities who face similar realities.  We do not just make music that fills the air with noise, our songs are stories of  how we actively engage in social justice work in our  our daily lives. Our messages remember the importance of our planet and water. We understand that is up to us to create a vision for our future. 
Other Ways You Can Help
We know what it is to broke. Even though some of us don't have money, we still have a voice! So if you can't kick down, please share this campaign widely on your social media pages and join us when our tour stops in your town.
Tentative Tour Date Schedule:

Friday May 2 Neskonlith, Secwepemc Territory
Sat May 3 Kamloops, Secwepemc Territory
Sun May 4 Cheam, Stolo Territory
Mon May 5 Chuchua, Secwepemc Territory
Tues May 6 Bonapate, Secwemc Territory
Wed May 7 Lilloet, St'at'imc Territory
Thurs May 8 Victoria, unceded Lekwungen & Wsanec Territories
Fri May 9 Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories
Sat May 10 Duwamish Territory, Seattle
Sun May 11 Indigenous Community in the North West
Tues May 13 Arcata Hupa Territory
Wed May 14 Santa Barbara Chumash Territory
Thurs May 15 Modesto, Miwok Territory
Fri May 16 Oakland, Ohlone Territory
Sat May 17 Los Angeles, Tongva Territory
Sun May 18 Santa Ana, Tongva Territory
Mon May 19 Arizona
Tues May 20 Arizona
Check back for updates!
About the Artists
ZroProphet Afro-Taino/Borikwa by way of the Bronx and occupied Puerto Rico, MC and agitator, Not4Prophet, of X-Vandals (X-Vandals.com) and the AGIT Army (Agitarmy.org). Not4Prophet is on a West Coast speaking/reading/performing tour supporting the release of his new book of poetry, Last of the Po Ricans y Otros Afro Artifacts. Not4Prophet will also be conducting workshops on the use of music/art as a form of education/outreach/inspiration/resistance and movement building. 
Ant Loc is Nəxʷsƛ̕áy̕əm̕ and a member of the controversial and influential Indigenous hip hop/rap group Savage Family Seowa. He is from the illegally occupied territory now known as washington. His music is rooted in and influenced by the many lives that he has been touched by. His voice represents that of the oppressed, the have nots, the poor and unfortunate and the unmentionables of society. His gritty lyrical ability was forged in the streets and found further strength in the spiritual/cultural foundations of his ancestors.. He spits in an intelligent and precise manner that is rivaled by few. Ant Loc is mostly unheard of as of yet outside of Indigenous/Native communities but is now prepared to share the music that fulfills the prophecies of his people that will make the cities crumble.

Shining Soul Straight outta the desert borough, Arizona's premier Hip Hop duo Shining Soul, show that the element of rap still is a conduit for revolutionary change. Fronted by MCs Liaizon of Central Phoenix/Tohono O'odham Nation and Bronze Candidate of South Phoenix, Shining Soul bring to light the social injustices that attack their daily lives, such as the criminalization and militarization of indigenous and immigrant communities, while sharing and maintaining the essence of hip hop culture. Shining Soul's emphasis on skills, style, and substance, has made them a potent force in the Arizona Hip-Hop community, which is fully exhibited in their explosive live shows. Shining Soul's latest full-length release "SONIC SMASH" exemplifies their skills, diversity, subject matter, and overall commitment in carrying on the transformative art of Hip Hop through the element of rap. So stay tuned, keep your ears low to the ground, and check for SHINING SOUL in a big city, small town, native reservation, and protest near you...WE GOT THIS.

Alas makes music that braids her lived experience as an undocumented mujer subsisting on stolen land with the theories of rebellious decolonization. Her words pump from the raw heart of a living revolutionary to heal with her double hearted mujeres en la lucha while pushing resistance movements to sustain an effective level of militancy. She struggles for a better world on and off the mic – she co-hosts a mobile free zine library, organizes against police brutality, and treads the forest to protect endangered species. Liberation is her life's goal, brutal truth is her musics vow.  

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