Thursday, April 2, 2015

Support Indigenous Life School

Indigenous Life School Planting Project & Cultural Exchange.

The Indigenous Life School is a family based Indigenous homeschooling program born out of the Native Youth Movement (NYM). It is a Land and Water based curriculum that differs in each Territory and season according to each Nation in which the schools exist.

One of the Secwepemc Life Schools is currently fundraising to do a cultural exchange and planting project with the Taino Life School, (Orocovis, Borike).
This cultural exchange will include the planting of over 20 types of Indigenous fruit trees to the Carribean jungle which has been getting choked out with the european couch grass, among many other invasive plant species. 

There is also the increasing threat of Monsantos GMO food on the island which is devastating the Indigenous plants and foods of Taino Territory.

The Indigenous Life Schools believe in cultural exchanges not just to share songs and dances, but to also share in the labor and help that other Life School projects need to help their Lands and Waters as well as the Indigenous people who depend on them.

There will also be workshops on Indigenous forms of traditional healing and networks established with local Indigenous health practitioners.

Our objective in theses cultural exchanges is to help each other build capacity and strength in re-building our Indigenous Nations.

Thank you for your help and support of Indigenous youth.

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