Saturday, February 20, 2016

Free the Land

This needs to be the starting point for any movement for liberation. We are on stolen land and should all go back to the indigenous people of the land.

How will this happen? It will not happen through the UN or the u.s. government's good will. When have they ever showed they are willing to reconcile? The state is going to fight to protect its illegal occupation until the end. Meaning that we cannot also end colonialism through their courts, or by working within this system.

Instead of arguing who is more oppressed than who, lets see we all have a common enemy as colonized people. If our true aim is freedom than that's what is needed. The land at the end of the day needs to go back to its rightful owners, at the end of the day. That should be part of any vision for liberation. Then we will all be free and the world will be in a better place, if we discuss our relationship to this land and the indigenous of these lands. These strategies and actions will happen outside of any colonial law or institutions. ‪#‎fuckthelaw‬

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