Monday, November 26, 2018

That's just bad analysis and politics, in my opinion

I'm not one to "call out" people online but do think we should call out wack analysis and bad politics.

Blaming another oppressed people for your own oppression is just lazy. Yea there are fucked up thinking in all our communities but not putting the blame on imperialism will not only not get us where we need to be it can make matters worst. Narrow nationalism on all parts is not revolutionary,  and is liberal and opportunist in the end.

While there are internal contractions in our communities that we should address daily, we need to work towards uniting to get rid of all oppression once and for all.

Mexico is a colonial state with puppet regimes that serve only u.s. interests, as Central American governments that create the conditions where our families and people have to flee our homelands, lets start from there and build. If we can.

Now more than ever we can unite and build real solidarity  as oppressed people (indigenous and other oppressed allies) to bring down not just borders but the systems that keep them in place.



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You’re a fake ass “revolutionary” who’s only contribution to life is posting shitty memes.

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