Friday, October 26, 2007

My Rendition of I am Joaquin

I'm a Rebel without pause! I sling rocks at cops Palestinian style. "I will not be ruled and I will not Rule." I love as passionately as I fight.

I am the vandal hidden in the shadows from sirens. I am the rebel who has no face. I am an exploited worker shutting down the factory. I am an Argentinian who doesn't need a boss to run the factory. I am the slave who burns the master's house down I am the Native American who resists the colonoizer and his way of life. I am the Palestinian youth fighting occupation. I am the Black Panther defending my community from the enforcers of the state, the police. I'm a Zapatista building autonomy. I am the political prisoner that cannot be silenced. "I am a housewife on any given night, in any part of the world." I am the woman who controls her own body. I am the person who loves without boundaries. I am the gay/lesbian person who fights for the right love whoever I the fuck I want. I am the revolutionary organizer who shuts down the streets, and takes them back -- even when ther are bullets flying. I am a campesino who fights corporate interests and the privatization of land. I the young who shuts down the campus against the administration, and war on youth. I am surviving genocide against people of color, women, youth, queer and transgendered people, the working class, homeless, and unemployed I am liberty. I am a revolutionary idea in practice. I am Free. I am the individual and the collective simultaneously. I am an Iraqi and Lebanese resistor. I am conscientious objector. I am those who choose to disobey injustice, oppression, and authority. I am everybody, and I am no one. I am you, whether you're conscious of it or not.

I am Joaquin

A rendition of "I am Joaquin" by Rodolfo Corky Gonzales

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