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Cop Watch Update -- Organize the Block!

Cop Watch Update -- by the Guerrilla Chapter of Cop Watch L.A.

Police murder is continuing on a daily basis from L.A. to Oakland, while bombs are dropping on Gaza.

The only way to hold the police accountable is to take back our neighborhoods and organize your block to observe the police and take direct action. We don't need a police state and their prison industrial complex. We need a Cop Watch culture, to stop police terrorism.

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Cop Watch LA Members Interviewed on the new issue of Modesto Anarcho:

18 year old salvador zepeda, was gunned down and tortured
4 houses away from his home
To the east not even 3 blocks away the CHP Station to the north less then 4 blocks
Central Station of the Great Empire Sheriffs Dept.
A small community stands alone surrounded by freeways and main streets eastern
And floral. As you drive by and blink you would miss it
Predominately Chicano Latino families.
The chilling story of a young man in his early
Thriving years of life are gone. Loved by many, known as a young man that was seen as a happy Go lucky kid, had no priors of violence.
I stop and wonder why was he killed so brutally
What could he have done? As the palabra went out into the streets and the community.
..."The neighborhood is hot, worse then a fire cracker". Don't go there!
The stories got worse as I attempted to find out who is this young man who are his
Parents and worse of all I felt in my gut a great injustice being committed. I wasted no
Time and began’ to call my sources many eager to find out and assist.
Nearly 2 weeks went by
I finally received some good leads and decided to go in myself...... ........
It was true and much more.
I saw the flowers and the love of a community standing in mourning for this young man. As I parked those standing near moved quickly and began walking away,
I called out and they kept moving fast,
I knew this was not a natural way to perceive someone asking them to come. So I followed them and said I want to help you, I am not your enemy here is my card I need to speak to the family.
Immediately after they opened up I was asked to come in.
I Felt the spirit of the young man and others about, but a peace that I had finally found
The place I had been looking for.
A beautiful family the room filled with young women and children, sad
And in question, their eyes red filled with tears mourning for their lost.
The mother I could see was strong and in pain full of questions and desperate
For answers. Others were not certain if I was a spy
Or if in fact I could assist. The stories that came to my ears were confirmed,
And horrifying
This community is under siege
And not by another gang. Nor is this place in another country of war this is here in the USA Califas. EAST LOS ANGELES
A small community in an unincorporated place.
The face of the children in fear, the women concerned and nearly paralyzed, fumed with anger of Injustice.
One young lady stated, " They Come Every Day with their helicopters and sweep the streets beat on our young People, we are all traumatized" .
The children once would say hello to the police are now in fear and you could see they
Are confused and do not trust them".
The East Los Angeles Sheriff Dept is holding this community hostage.
An unarmed young man had been harassed by one sheriff in particular,
Witness’s state that the young man was
Eventually gunned down, tortured and beat this young man Salvador Zepeda... eyewitness testify that 16 people were
Arrested as of today, on trumped up charges. Some cannot be located..... ..
This is an Urgent Call For Help" those of us that know of someone pls.
I need you to help us Help Them..... There have been continued sweeps,
Harassment, beatings and arrests to date.
Sheriffs continue to drive by and mock the death of the young man.
There is fear in the small streets
Of East Los Angeles. Not Iraq!!Our back yards.

To support and take action Contact:
Allegra Padilla
Amanda Perez aperez552003@
Joaquin Cienfuegos


PRESS RELEASE – Brown Berets de Aztlan, Riverside County CA. 1/27/09

On January 21, 2009, Annette Garcia, a mother of 6 and a member of the Brown Berets de Aztlan, was shot and killed by a Riverside County Sheriff's deputy in the presence of her children. Annette was born October 25th 1980, and was raised in Indio, California. She was well known throughout the Riverside County by the thousands of people her life touched, she will be deeply missed.

Annette was holding a knife but posed no imminent threat to anyone. She was shot from a short distance as she was walking away. Her husband and children were detained by the Sheriffs department trying to force a statement from them without the presence of their lawyer. Further details cannot be given until an official statement is released by the witnesses.

This is considered a wrongful death and is being protested by the Brown Berets as another senseless murder b y the Riverside County Sheriffs department. The Riverside County sheriffs have had a long history of abuse and officer involved shootings, this being their latest in a series of shootouts that have left many families mourning and asking why.

Annette joined the Brown Berets in 2008 seeking to better her life and serve in her community. The Brown Berets were created in 1967 in response to the widespread police abuse that was affecting the Chicano communities throughout the southwest. Education, ending gang violence, serving the community, and protecting the Chicano community are the main priorities of the Brown Berets. It is ironic how a member of an organization that is committed to fighting police abuse was killed by a police officer.

It has been over 35 years since any of our members have been killed by a police officer. We mourn the murder of such a notable member of our organization and for this cause we are announcing a candlelight vigil to be held on Thursday, January 29th beginning at the Bobby Bonds Park in Riverside, CA. at 5 pm and marching to the Riverside County jail in Downtown Riverside. A march and protest will be held on Saturday, January 31st in the same location starting at 10 am, with a press conference being held at 1 pm.

An account has been set up to help the family cover funeral expenses. Donations can be sent to: First National Bank of Southern California
Routing # 122240751
Checking20acct # 002126443

Any support you can give, whether volunteering your time or monetary support, will be greatly appreciated.

Candlelight vigil and Press Conference at Cesar Chavez Community Center in Riverside (University Ave., two blocks west of Iowa Ave.

All actions have been called by Brown Berets de Aztlan, Riverside Chapter.

Rally and Protest at Cesar Chavez Community Center at 10m

1pm (same day) Press Conference.

March route not determined yet, possibly will meet at 10m, march downtown to police station, with press conference there at 1pm.

Contact Number: David 619-886-5334


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The Oscar Grant interview with his cousin

The Donte Story interview with his uncle

The Minister of Information JR
POCC Block Report Radio


Southern California Immigration Coalition

Immediate End to the Raids!
Full Legalization for the undocumented!

The Southern California Immigration Coalition is unified to bring an end to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's raids of communities and workplaces. We believe in Full Legalization for the undocumented and their right to live in liberty—an unalienable right. People should live free from persecution by enforcement of a broken immigration system. We come together to demand an end to the raids that torment our communities from living freely. Children fear that their parents will not come home from work or even the standard trip to the grocery. People open their door to police who claim to be looking for a missing person, but in fact are ICE agents. At work people fear an ICE raid because they don't know what will happen to their families. Once in custody, people are detained in facilities that are not intended for long-term use and legal representation is almost impossible for their or their family's budget. We stand with those people who have fallen victim to a broken immigration system and demand an end to ICE raids.

As a solution, we call for Full Legalization. While trade agreements in North America have allowed for goods and money to flow freely, the policies have restricted the legal migration of labor and all people in general. Aggressive foreign policies and intervention in countries around the world have caused patterns of migration—especially in the Western hemisphere. This country has enjoyed many years of economic prosperity on the backs of immigrants: The boom of industries such as the Service industry has been supplied with the labor of immigrant workers. Some of the brightest minds are AB 540 students at colleges and universities who work 40-hour weeks and fight for the passage of the DREAM Act. We realize that the immigrant struggle is a fight for equality and justice.

Join us:

What: General So.CA Immigration Coalition meeting

Who: ALL honest people and organizations are invited to this meeting!

When: Sunday, Feb. 1st, 2009. 11:00AM

Where: Centro Cultural Francisco Villa
2100 Maple Ave. LA, CA 90011 (Corner of 21st & Maple: in front of Santee Education Complex)

Items to be discussed:

1. Report-back/Debrief on the Jan. 21st action in front of the Federal Building
2. Report-back from Jan. 25th meeting at Senor Fish
3. Strategizing on how to widen the SCIC
4. Planning for the Feb. 14th action at Disneyland
5. Planning for the March 28th march in LA
6. Planning for the May 1st march in LA
7. Committee Reports


Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times *SHOOTING:* Investigators in August examine the scene where Inglewood police killed a homeless man after a witness reported seeing him with a gun. It turned out to be a toy. A TIMES INVESTIGATION Inglewood police have repeatedly resorted to deadly force [image: Shooting scene] Email Picture Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times *SHOOTING:* Investigators in August examine the scene where Inglewood police killed a homeless man after a witness reported seeing him with a gun. It turned out to be a toy. A Times investigation shows that the problem of Inglewood police officers shooting unarmed suspects isn't new. By Jack Leonard and Victoria Kim December 28, 2008 One summer evening in 2005, an Inglewood police officer stood with his gun aimed at a schizophrenic man who had been stopped for drinking beer in public. The officer ordered Jule Dexter to put his hands on the hood of the police car, but Dexter's baggy pants started slipping.
Three officer-involved shootings in L.A. County this weekend

A suspected gang member is killed in Compton after allegedly pointing a gun at deputies, and two people are wounded in other incidents.

By Ari B. Bloomekatz

January 26 2009

Three officer-involved shootings in Los Angeles County left one man dead and two suspects injured this weekend, authorities said Sunday.

The complete article can be viewed at:,0,6246662.story


Long Beach Police Shoot Armed Man During Traffic Stop
January 19, 2009
LONG BEACH -- Long Beach police shot a man Monday after he brandished a weapon and fled on foot from a traffic stop.
The man was driving on Studebaker Road north of East Second Street around 1 p.m. when officers pulled him over, said Long Beach police spokesperson Sgt. Dina Zapalski.
The man "got out with a weapon" and ran, Zapalski said. Officers gave chase, and ultimately fired and wounded the man.
He was taken to a hospital, but no report on his condition was immediately available. His name has not been released.
The police are now conducting an internal investigation.


Second SJPD Officer Involved Shooting In 3 Days

A San Jose Police Officer shot and wounded a man who attacked him, the second officer-involved shooting by San Jose police in three days.

Related Stories
Gunman Dies In Bloody SJ Police Standoff (1/17/2009)
A person was transported to a hospital after being shot by a police officer early Sunday morning following an altercation near a local nightclub, according to the San Jose Police Department.

At about 12:50 a.m., an officer patrolling the downtown area of South Second and San Fernando streets was notified by security and management staff of Loft Bar and Bistro, located at 90 S. Second St., about a group of people walking away from the area who were making threats and assaulting employees inside the nightclub, according to police.

The officer attempted to stop the group about three buildings down from the nightclub, and a confrontation followed involving two members of the group, police said.

According to witnesses, the officer Tasered one of the suspects during the confrontation, and another suspect started to attack the officer, police said.

The officer shot the alleged attacker, who was transported to a hospital with injuries that did not appear to be life threatening, police said.


Upland officials and residents concerned over day labor site
Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Created: 01/14/2009 05:18:53 PM PST
UPLAND - Day laborers waiting to be picked up for various odd jobs outside of the Home Depot on Mountain Avenue may not be able to do so for much longer.
The small group of workers has drawn the attention of activist groups, local residents and, recently, Mayor John Pomierski as well as council members.
"What happens with day-labor sites is they congregate every day," said Raymond Herrera, member of the Minuteman Project based in Laguna Hills. "They end up drinking, urinating and we have seen them flash us and grab their crotch and things of that nature."
Herrera and fellow activist Robin Hvidston, an Upland resident, have been tracking day-labor sites forming throughout Southern California.
A few weeks ago, Hvidston said she initially noticed the day-labor site outside the Home Depot at 250 S. Mountain Ave.
"Upland already had one very established day-labor site on Grove Avenue," Hvidston said.
"We've got new homes in our city that don't seem to be selling. If we're a town with two day-labor sites, the homebuyer can go down the road and buy a comparable house in a town that doesn't have day-labor sites."
Herrera and Hvidston addressed the issue at Monday's City Council meeting.
"I believe the entire council shares my concerns, and I would venture to say they were as surprised as I was to hear that was happening at Home Depot," Pomierski said.
"I can't speak for everybody, but I can anticipate that we're all very concerned about this, and we're not going to mess with it very long."
During the council meeting, Pomierski and council members expressed interest in an ordinance that was passed in Lake Forest that allows private-property owners to be able to request loiterers be removed by police.
Residents can expect to see an item addressing the presence of day laborers on a future agenda for a council meeting, Pomierski said.
Home Depot maintains a policy of non-solicitation at its stores by people and organizations not affiliated with the company, said Kathryn Gallagher, senior manager of communications for The Home Depot, in an e-mail.
"In the interest of safety and convenience, our policy prohibits people from loitering or otherwise creating or causing safety risks to our associates or customers," Gallagher said.
"The Home Depot continues to work with local governments as they lead in the development of enforcement policies to address violations of non-solicitation policies that protect the business community."
Day laborers have congregated for a few years at the intersection of Grove and Arrow Route on the border of Upland and Rancho Cucamonga.
Herrera and Hvidston have been monitoring the site and are concerned that another site in Upland would have a negative impact on the city.
"If you go to Rancho Cucamonga on Grove and Arrow, you will see the day labor site, you will see what is coming to Mountain Avenue. We have seen many cities like this," Herrera said. "At the Rancho Cucamonga site, we've found broken crack pipes, syringes and there are beer bottles everywhere."


Call for Maliki Shakur Latine! End medical neglect!
* Black Panther * Community Activist * Muslim * Prison Organizer * Prisoner of War

Demand from state officials,
In regard to inmate Maliki Latine #81-A-4469
at Great Meadow Correctional Facility,
Maliki Latine's diet must be corrected immediately! He is not diabetic but he has life-long multiple food allergies which require a very specific diet as documented and mandated by the doctors in NY State Department of Corrections since 1983. I am deeply concerned about his health at this time.
518-474-8390 NY Governor David Paterson
518-457-7072 NY DOCS Deputy Commissioner/Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lester Wright
Maliki Shakur Latine- 81-A-4469 - has long-standing dietary needs that have been well-documented by doctors, medical staff, Department of Corrections officers, and a multitude of concerned outside observers since 1983. The sustained incapacity of Great Meadows to provide a humane and healthy diet for Mr. Latine, who is highly allergic to many common foods, is troubling.
Who is Maliki Shakur Latine?
Maliki Shakur Latine is a Bronx-born community activist who has served in organizations such as the Nation of Islam and the Black Panther Party. Latine was driven underground by repeated arrests and FBI repression, including the infamous Panther 21 frame-up, until charged with wounding a police officer in a Harlem shoot-out. Latine is currently serving 25-to-life as a Prisoner of War in Great Meadow Correctional Facility where he serves as Secretary of the Inmate Liaison Committee and helps to represent the concerns of prisoners to the administration. His role in raising concerns as well as in helping to plan a Family Day helped to land him in Segregated Housing Unit (SHU) where he is on a harmful and inappropriate diet pending a transfer to a Medium security facility.
Background on the dietary needs and negligence. . .
Mr. Maliki Latine has been put on a "Controlled B" limited-carbohydrate diet requested on August 26, 2008. This particular therapeutic diet would be appropriate for a patient with diabetes but it is inappropriate and harmful for Latine who does not have diabetes but rather, multiple food allergies. In efforts to address this problem, Mr. Latine has complained to medical staff, "sick-call" nurse, and filed three grievances with no response. Latine has a life-long history of allergic urticaria associated with various foods (high titers of IgE antibodies against foods).
He is allergic to:
peas, peanuts, beans, soybeans, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, oranges, peaches, strawberries, black pepper, mustard, wheat, pork, and coffee.
Numerous doctors working in NY Department of Corrections have recommended that these foods be avoided, that a special meal plan be followed, that Latine receive vitamin supplements, and that he be allowed to prepare his own food. His restrictive diet has included Ensure supplements, goats' milk, tuna, rice, potatoes, and bananas. This diet was instituted successfully at Clinton Correctional Facility by allowing Mr. Latine to prepare his own food under the instruction of Food Service Administrator John T McCloud. A facility such as Downstate or Sing Sing should be able to accommodate Mr. Latine's needs without a problem.
Mr. Latine's dietary needs have been documented in the following correspondences available upon request if not on file in your office:
December 19, 1983 recommendation to Clinton Correctional Facility by Dr. James A Phills / August 26, 1986 memorandum to Auburn Correctional Facility by Dr. Raymond Broadus/ July 15, 1993 NY DOCS Therapeutic Diet Order Form by Dr. Recht/ July 17, 1993 Memorandum to Clinton Correctional Facility from John T McCloud, Food Service Administrator/ February 16, 1999 Clinton Correctional Facility Allergy Evaluation by Dr. Jocelyn Celestin/ August 2, 2000 Clinton Correctional Facility Interdepartmental Communication by John T McCloud, Food Service Administrator/ September 28, 2001 and November 20, 2001 Interdepartmental Communications to Great Meadow Correctional Facility by Dr. Albert Paolano/ November 29, 2001 Letter to Mr. Maliki Latine from Lucien J Leclaire Jr, Deputy Commissioner, NY DOCS
In Solidarity,
local contact-

Contact: Rebecca Robles
Angela Mooney D'Arcy
PANHE, San Clemente, CA—Members of the Acjachemen Nation, the United Coalition to Protect Panhe (UCPP), and our allies in the environmental and social justice movements celebrate a tremendous victory today. The Native American sacred site Panhe and San Onofre State Park will remain protected thanks to a decision from the U.S. Department of Commerce issued earlier this morning. The Secretary of Commerce upheld the California Coastal Commission decision regarding the Transportation Corridor Agency's proposal to build a six-lane toll road in a popular state park and camp ground and one of the most historically significant sacred sites of the Acjachemen people.
"Our hearts are filled with gratitude today. I am grateful for the support of UCPP members and our allies. This victory would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of our tribal community members, Tribal Nations, and our allies such as the Native American Heritage Commission, The City Project, the Sierra Club, California State Parks Foundation and others," said Rebecca Robles, UCPP co-founder and co-director.
Angela Mooney D'Arcy, co-director for UCPP said, "Today is a significant day for Panhe, the Ancestors, the Acjachemen people, San Onofre, and the millions of people who enjoy this state park and camp ground every year. However, this process is not over. On behalf of the United Coalition to Protect Panhe, we call upon the TCA to suspend all litigation and federal lobbying activities and instead focus its resources on studying reasonable alternatives to the toll road."
Louis Robles, Jr., Acjachemen tribal member said of the decision, "The voices of our Ancestors have been heard. This is an incredible victory for Panhe and for Indigenous peoples everywhere."
UCPP is a grassroots coalition of Acjachemen people dedicated to the protection of our sacred sites. Panhe is an Acjachemen sacred site and is listed on the California Sacred Lands Inventory maintained by the Native American Heritage Commission, is eligible for listing as a Traditional Cultural Property, and is part of the San Mateo Archaeological District which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. San Onofre remains one of the most popular state parks and is visited by nearly 2.5 million people every year. The toll road would have devastated Panhe and San Onofre. In February 2008, the California Coastal Commission voted 8-2 to block a toll road that would have caused severe and irreparable harm to Panhe and destroyed San Onofre, the fifth-most visited park in California. When explaining her decision before the crowd of over 3,000, Coastal Commissioner Mary Shallenberger said that the impacts of the proposed toll road on the Acjachemen people were reason enough to deny the road.
To obtain a copy of NOAA's press release on the Commerce Department Decision go to

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