Monday, January 19, 2009

Modesto Anarcho 10 Out Now: Includes Interview with Cop Watch LA Members

REPOST (In support of Modest Anarcho):

Modesto Anarcho number 10 is out now and is packed with more of the insurrectionary class struggle analysis and coverage you have come to expect and demand.
This issue is filled with direct action reports, repression news, articles on the election, the insurrection in Greece, and interview with Copwatch LA, analysis of the foreclosure housing crisis, and much more!

To download the publication, simply click on the image below and a PDF will come up. Feel free to make copies to share with co-workers, friends, class mates, neighbors, and cell mates.

If you want to make things more difficult for us and bombard us with more work than we probably need (just kidding but not really), please send a couple bucks to us for a hard copy at:

Modesto Anarcho

PO Box 3027

Modesto, CA 95353

For more info:

www. myspace. com/modanarcho



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