Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Community Town Hall Forum: Concrete Solutions to Police Brutality


Concrete Solutions to Police Brutality-

Justice for Oscar Grant!

2pm, Sunday, April 18
Southern California Library
6120 Vermont Ave.

hosted by- Keishia Brunston

mc- Dedon Kamathi

poetry by- Lorenzo

Rachel Jackson- Oakland Assembly for Justice for Oscar Grant
Aidge Patterson- October 22 Coalition
Jubilee Shine- Coalition for Community Control Over the Police
Roland Freeman- original founding member, Black Panther Party, Southern California Chapter
Jack Bryson- father of 2 friends of Oscar who were with him on the train platfom.

representatives from:
Black Riders Liberation Party

trial begins June 7 for Killer Cop Mehserle
210 w. Temple

Los Angeles Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant 213.663.6316 Donations Welcome

unite the many,
defeat the few!

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