Saturday, August 21, 2010

Black August Event for George Jackson Day

Cop Watch LA members will be doing a presentation on Black And Brown unity

August 21 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Location Rahmann's Art Gallery
122 N. Market St
Inglewood, CA
Created By
Rykiell Rhea-Turner
More Info Join Sons & Daughters of Sankofa for a night filled with history, culture and action!
Learn the TRUE history of Black August. Connect with others, expand your political knowledge, meet with knowledgeable leaders and share your ideas, thoughts and actions.
We will enjoy spoken word, video clips, speakers, visual arts and more!
Speakers & Performers:
Kumasi – Historian* Grasshoppa – Host Tha Cold Soulja *Lorenzo - Poet
Brandi Kane – Rap *Aqebi – Libation *Jabari – Health Tip with Q&A
Dojah – Poet *Sadiki – Poet* Kaleid – Rap *Agustus “Final Poet” – Poem
Jitu War Control *Kumasi – Rap *Food 4 Thought - Poet
George Jackson *Jonathan Jackson* William Christmas *James Mc Clain * Russell Mc Gee* H Rap Brown and Much more….
Huey P. Newton: Rally Speech* Malcolm X: Speech in LA on Ronald Stokes
**Food will be Provided**
"The Struggle for Human Rights and Dignity Against Torture"