Friday, August 27, 2010

Frontlines and SB1070 from Tierra Y Libertad Organization - TYLO - SouthSide Tucson, AZ

Watch this video and check out some of the base-building grassroots all volunteer organizing work of Tierra Y Libertad Organization - TYLO over the last several months with families. The protection netowrks are a development we want to share across the nation.
TYLO - The work that we do together is critical, many of our community members suffer the real consequences of militarization policies and unjust laws like SB1070. Through our Protection Networks and our wonderful community support we have gotten one of our
community members out of ICE detention today. Thank you for your help with bail fundraising and for writing letters of support.
Watch the video. It details some of the hard work that Tierra Y Libertad Organization - TYLO and We Reject Racism have done over the last months with youth and families in Tucson.
Watch video:

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