Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Native Youth Movement in solidarity with Tongva, Juaneno, and Luiseno Tribal Nations.

Native Youth Movement in solidarity with Tongva, Juaneno, and Luiseno Tribal Nations.

Native Youth Movement stands in solidarity with the Tongva, Juaneno and Luiseno nation in their struggle to stop the desecration of Tongva remains found at a Tongva burial ground which is now a construction site located in what is now know as Los Angeles California. The ancestrial remains of Tongva people was uncovered during excavation for a new building located literally in the heart of so called Los Angeles California (Which is really just occupied Tongva, Juaneno and Luiseno traditional land). The burial ground is located right next to a historical tourist attraction called Placita Olvera, Where tourist come and shop to buy mostly indigenious crafts and foods while watching Aztec Dance and ceromany as if at the fair. Our culture is more than something you see in a exhibit! The disrespect and disregaurd to Native culture is evident because excavation and construction is planning to continue, even though they have evidence that a Tongva cemetery is present. This treatment is nothing new to our people, since the arrival of European colonizers to our shores, we have only dealt with dishonesty, rape, murder and genocide. Tongva traditional territory has now become one of the most populated and polluted cities in Amerikkka. Indigenous communities make up most of the population in Los Angeles,but due to colonization most indigenous people in the area identify their race by the name of a government instead of the traditional name of their ancestors. The desecration of ancestral remains is just another way to erase the land of any evidence that proves that this is all native land and not America or California or Los Angeles.

Warriors Unite! We are still here!
Lets help Protect Those remains!

In Solidarity with the Tongva, Juaneno and Luiseno nations

Native Youth Movement

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