Thursday, July 7, 2016

As police shootings continue, bystanders get more sophisticated at filming altercations

They asked me my thoughts, I gave some tips based on CWLA's experiences, I said much more, but it wasn't in the article.

What I really wanted to get out, was that we need to continue to take direct action and confront police terrorism.

We need to stop police murder before it happens, and abolish the police and their system, they will not stop until their is consequences for police terrorism.

We need to raise the level of resistance.

Cop Watching is just one tactic, but organization is what deters police violence, but we need to get rid of the police and the system as a whole.

With that, if people are interested in taking direct action and organize a cop watch organization in your neighborhood, hit CWLA up, get some training, and lets build our fighting capacity and organization, one of the first steps in a revolutionary movement.

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