Friday, October 7, 2016

"Itsïri K´uinchekua" New Documentary about Purépecha Water Ceremonies.

New Documentary about Purépecha Water Ceremonies.

by Juan Jose Estrada Serafin

"Itsïri K´uinchekua"

A documentary about the water festivals and rituals, which has a very high cultural value for the inhabitants of Purépecha indigenous communities, just because there is a very scarce resource, but because it is sacred and divine character is reflected in myths, rituals and existing celebrations. In addition use practices and water management reflect this worldview, water is life.

Juan Jose Estrada Serafin
Indigenous Purhépecha photojournalist specializing in media. He has also worked in photography for documentary; graphic reports and graphic chronicles. His video work has revolved around social events, political, cultural and documentation; It has deepened in the Purepecha communities of Michoacán and in other indigenous regions such as the Coastal Region Nahua, Lakeside, East Michoacan and has fully covered the region of Tierra Caliente. He has worked as a correspondent for Cuartoscuro Agency and worked on national reporting process and international magazines such as Vice News Latin America. His photographic work on violence, indigenous groups and social movements discussed about the Mexican republic in different printed news agencies and online.

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