Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beneath the Surface Show with Hamid Khan on May Day 2007 and State Violence 07/09/09 / Liberals and May Day 2007

The link to listen to the show Beneath the Surface with Hamid Khan of the South Asian Network on May Day 2007 and State Violence 07/09/09

John Imani wrote this piece after he listened to the show:

Liberals and May Day 2007

By John Imani

Carol Sobel (paraphrase): This occurred because of insufficient planning on the part of the police.


The police knew exactly what they were doing. And the police violence and intimidation began long before we got to the park.

They denied us the permit and thereby compelled us to break the law. It was a physical impossibility for the number of people attending to march down the sidewalk from 3rd and Vermont to the Park. They knew that this would happen.

They did this to project a political position on immigration. In this society the cops are held up as being above the politics of class. They will arrest just as quickly the rich man as the poor man for sleeping under the bridge on a rainy night. Or, so they say and so would have us believe those who foster the idea that insufficient planning and/or an insufficient number of cops led to the police riot in MacArthur Park.

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