Monday, July 20, 2009

Statement of Solidarity from L@s Partisan@s

The anarchist-communist collective of L@s Partisan@s stands firmly in solidarity with Joaquin Cienfuegos. We demand that his conviction be overturned and the he be paid reparations for his firearm, any legal fees (including impound), and for the pain and suffering that he was forced to endure. We ask that those who want to show solidarity distribute his statement and endorse the aforementioned demands (at a minimum). Indeed, if we thought it realistic that the state and their armed forces could abolish themselves then we would demand that.

We anarchists believe that direct action, solidarity, and a militant libertarian mass movement will bring about the dissolution of the state and private power. Carrying a weapon is not wrong by moral or legal standards. Joaquin has been targeted for extraordinary repression because of his political activity and his "race".

The state apparatus wants to assert that it has the sole monopoly on the use of force. This is a view that many capital "P" Pacifists and gun control advocates support, albeit sometimes subconsciously. These people should focus their attention on the state, with its sale of heavy weapon to other countries, huge military expenditures, militarization of the police, stockpiling of nuclear arms, and the genocide being waged against the Iraqi and Afghan peoples. To say that a real person (in contrast to an artificial nation-state) does not have the right to be ready to defend oneself is either taken from a position of privilege or suicidal.

The state apparatus wants to make an example out of Joaquin. It was not as successful as initially hoped and therefore they are continuing to harass him in hopes of being able to put him away on a technicality or invented charges. Joaquin should be an example; one of hope and the realization that repressive arm of the state is not as powerful as it pretends. L@s Partisan@s calls on all leftists and anarchists to support Joaquin because an injury to one is an injury to all. Let him know he does not have to be alone in this struggle.

Although we do not have much faith in the state, those who are far away can contact L.A. area politicians or sign petitions calling for an end to the harassment of him and others. Make his plight visible; pass on his story and how it is representative of the repression facing social movements everywhere. Struggle for direct democracy, militancy, and mutual aid within your own communities. Every bit of pressure will concretely show solidarity with Joaquin.

In Solidarity,
L@s Partisan@s

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